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Annabeth Chase
Daughter of Athena
I hope you're having a good day, heroes x

I'm so!! Excited to cosplay PJO stuff w @lilhal.jpg !! I know I have a lot of other stuff to do but theres a big storm today so I had to stay home :( but I hope everyone has had a good start to the week!
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Comment cosplay ideas since it's SUMMER.
Also idk why i look like a baby here ok

Sorry that all I do is post old cosplay photos but I'm really optimistic about my cosplays for 2017! Each year I say I'm going to take it more seriously, but this time, I'm not going to take it seriously at all! Cosplay is all for fun and that's what I hope to do this upcoming year.

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another old annabeth cosplay 💕 i promise ill work on new cosplay soon. comment suggestions? (keep in mind my hair is currently brown)

Happy birthday Percy-seaweed brain-Jackson!
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Collin wanted me to do a makeup test for Annabeth.
I'll probably wear eyeliner next time I wear her cause I feel like I look bad without it lmao (we plan on doing Percy and Annabeth at Heroes)
Also my eyebrows are too dark but I didn't have my lighter eyebrow pencil with me
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when I think about it, percy jackson & the olympians was a starting point for a lot of things in my life that have become a huge part of who I am. I was introduced to the series in middle school, and ended up joining a fansite where I met some people I'm still friends with today. through that website, not only was I able to share my love of the pjo series with dozens of people who felt the same, but I also discovered a love for graphic design, became a more experienced writer, and even came across some movies that changed my life. howl's moving castle is the movie that made me want to cosplay. hugo is a film that I consider a massive push towards my wanting to make movies for a living. I've been cosplaying for four years; today is the first day of my junior year in college where I'm studying film; and when work is slow, I like to pull out a percy jackson book to read over and over again. 💕 (also, I'd totally be an apollo kid ^^)
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While I was gone on a cruise to Alaska with all 15 members of my family I finished high school- a year early. But before I left my wonderful Percy planned a surprise graduation ceremony for me, and my other pjo cosplay friends joined in on his plan to surprise me. It was so special and I'm still in awe that they did this. 💕

I can finally wear Annabeth!!! <3 <3 <3 *__*
With some of the greatest people I know!! #cosplay #percyjackson #percyjacksoncosplay #heroesoftheolympus #annabethchase #annabethchasecosplay #camphalfblood #cosplayselfie

What do y'all think this Annabeth cosplay? #annabethchasecosplay

💙🌊Happy Birthday Percy Jackson!!🌊💙

Aaa I've been into PJO/HoO for a looongg time so it's rlly lovely seeing the characters grow old bless :') tbh they are still one of my favorite book series heck I love the characters wayy too much, plus cosplaying them is fun aF (appreciate this rad shot omg)) (((also ik his birthday was yesterday I forgot 2 post it lmao)))

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