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Recovery in progress.👍


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Paciente Masculino de 38 años, con sobre peso, antecedente de fractura distal de tibia hace 6 años tratada mediante osteosíntesis percutánea. Con dolor incipiente y progresivo que limita la movilidad de el tobillo, y que actualmente limita de forma la deambulación cotidina.

A la exploración con datos de pinzamiento anterior de tobillo, con dolor a la movilidad forzada, y con limitación para la dorsiflexión logrando 80º, flexión plantar la logra y tolera.

Se realiza artroscopía anterior de tobillo encontrando sinovial abundante y redundante, así como un pinzamiento anterior óseo, que corresponde con las imagenes radiográficas y de RM, la cual se reseca mediante fresado artroscópico y se extraen cuerpos anteriores, logrando adecuada movilidad de tobillo, posterior a este procedimiento.

Se realiza estabilización termoplástica de los elementos condrales inestables.
#footandankle #pieytobillo #artroscopia #pinzamiento #artrosis #anklearthroscopy #anklearthritis

Good Morning, Monday!

I Ice Bathed like a champion yesterday. I Stretched and Self Massaged like my life depended on it. And my Elevation game was strong.

Today... yup, I’m sore 🤷🏼‍♀️ But that’s expected!

And I have coffee (& Ibuprofen) to get me through. Not to mention another add to my collection...

The things we do for love. Happy #medalmonday y’all!

Hollywood Sign Trail Run

Not my best idea, but the views were pretty amazing.

Plan: Run as much as I could, hit 4 Miles and walk the rest.

Reality: Run/Hike all uphill to Mile 3.5. Take pictures (casually bring my heart rate back down). Turn around, realize it’s all downhill on back... so, ya. I blew my Plan & Ran most of the way back... 💁🏼‍♀️

I see an Ice Bath in my near future

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عمليه منظار للكاحل بسبب إصابات الملاعب.
#anklearthroscopy #sportinjuries #osteochondritisdissecans

4 Miles (3 x’s this week!!) 🎉

I did this two weeks ago, but then my legs were just toast. So, I took my Recovery Week (well, and Ran a Race 🤦🏼‍♀️)... but the knocked back Mileage seemed to help (plus Rolling, Icing & Stretching).

But this week! 4 Miles, 3 times (+ a 3 Miler in my week)... totaling 15 Miles... do you know what that means??? I’m technically 1 Mile away from my Goal! I’m pretty blown away by this!!! 😳😳😳

I still have a ways to go. My forecast to hit 4 x 4 isn’t until March. This month’s Goal is to hold steady at 4 Miles, 3 Times a week, with the last week being my Recovery Week.

Planning and replanning. Honestly, I do enjoy it.

W39D6: 3 Miles

Grandma: “You know, when I was nineteen, Grandpa took me on a roller coaster.

Up, down, up, down. Oh, what a ride!

I always wanted to go again. You know, it was just so interesting to me that a ride could make me so frightened, so scared, so sick, so excited, and so thrilled all together!

Some didn't like it. They went on the merry-go-round. That just goes around. Nothing.

I like the roller coaster. You get more out of it.”

~ Parenthood (movie not show)

FriYay! 🎉

January Miles 59.5 🎉

I missed 60 Miles by a Half Mile, but I purposely left it that way. Earlier in the month I took an unplanned Day Off. It was after my first Trail Run back and my legs were not having it. So, I left some on the table.

That .5 means I’m getting smarter. Learning to listen to my body and respect it. Learning to hold back even though my OCD would love a nice rounded off number. Learning to let it go and celebrate what I finished with. Which... let me remind you was pretty kick ass this month!

✅ 59.5 Miles total for January
✅ The Most Mileage in a month for me!
✅ Ran OC Chili Trail Race
✅ First Trail Run in 2 years
✅ Fun Runs galore with @oc.craft.runners (+ Beer)

Oh... and #GTQ wanted me to remind you she jumped in the lake 😒🐶🦆... er... ✅?

Squatting isn’t just for lower limb strength in the quads, here we are undertaking post-op Ankle Rehab aiming to restore correct alignment of the ankle to prevent pronation and internal rotation of the knee! Everything is connected, look above and below the injury!
#anklearthroscopy #anklerehab #alignment #rehab #exercisephysiology #exercisephysiologist #walkingtall #football

Cases like today give you a great feeling when you know the patients are going to have a significant improvement in their lifestyle. One of which was an ankle arthroscopy with repair of osteochondral lesion. The pictures on the right shows the lesions and then the severe synovitis which commonly comes from trauma such as ankle fractures or even ankle sprains. #footandanklesurgery #anklearthroscopy

Tratamento cirúrgico de instabilidade do tornozelo por via artroscopica. Na literatura, cercar de 15% dos pacientes com entorse de tornozelo acabam no tratamento cirúrgico. E atualmente não tem mais porque submeter o paciente a cirurgias abertas com ampla exposição e agressão cirúrgica.
Na imagem vê-se o tálus embaixo, a tibia em cima e o posicionamento da âncora de sutura na fíbula na esquerda.
Esse paciente ainda tinha uma lesão de cartilagem (osteocondral) do tálus associada que também foi tratada no mesmo tempo cirúrgico.
#artroscopia #artroscopiadetornozelo #instabilidade #ligamentos #anklearthroscopy #ankle #entorsedetornozelo #barradatijuca #ortopedia #drtiagodoyle

Finally had ankle op after 2 years now to start the road too recovery 💪🏻 #anklearthroscopy #only30

I don’t understand when people say Running is boring

Every Run, everyday offers a new challenge. I mean... are you just starting? Or are you working on a comeback? Are you just trying to keep up with your Running Partners? Or trying to work on your Speed? Is today the day you build up your Miles? Or attempt to break a PR? Maybe you want to just beat that dang hill at Mile 2? Or, are you just trying to make it not suck so much? Perhaps, trying to make it suck more?

So many ways to keep us challenged. Endless options to make the Run interesting.

Oh, and we haven’t even talked about the scenery and the places your Running Shoes can take you.

Ya, I just don’t get it. I just don’t see how something so “boring” can make me so energized

I decided to showcase my pair of fat legs 👣 to jot down on my recovery phase..Today is post op day 9 and this foto was taken on my wound inspection day on post op day 6.. I'm thankful to Dr Tay for telling me I dun need a cast in view of e advancement in technology of surgery letting e implant be more stable now than before.. And bcos he knows girls wanna be pretty so he kept e incision as small as possible!!
Not forgetting the OT nurses in OT 10 and the doctors and anaethetist assisting Dr Tay for my surgery.. Of cos not forgetting the anaethetist on-call Dr Ang for e nerve block.. Knowing I'm in pain, he tried his best to give e nerve block as fast as possible and causing e least pain to me he could.. Im grateful to be painfree after e nerve block for more than a day!!
Lets not forget my mom👵 and my "bf" for 28yrs, @mao_square👦
for being there waiting for 6hrs plus (though u all dump me and went to eat @haidilao_singapore). And thank u to those who send words of concern to me.. I'm getting better each day!!💪💪 Just cant wait to walk again!!👠
Lets jus hope the STO on coming thursday would be painfree too! And hoping Dr Tay can give me more gd news!!
P.S. sorry to those who think these fotos make it sick😵😵
#postsurgery #anklearthroscopy #ligamentreconstruction #thankful #cherishmylegsmorenow

I have no structure to my Runs, I’m just Running.

No Long, Speed, Hill, Recovery Runs. Just Running.

Also, I only recently came up with a reason for tracking my Weeks/Days of Running. I decided to use it to see how long it’d take to hit my Goal: 4x4. As of today I’m at W37D6. (Add that onto the year and a half that I could not do any high impact sports - including Running- and you can say I’ve mastered patience since 2015 😒)

When I started this Running IG Account I saw so many of you calling out your Weeks/Days on your posts, I jumped on the bandwagon too. But, you all do it to track with your training schedules (I realized later 😂🤣😂)

I’m such a follower! And, I just Run. 🤗

Heather's table looked so good, I needed a picture. #scrubtechs #surgicaltechnologist #orthopedicsurgery #anklearthroscopy #backtableasthetic

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