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What are your favourite classic anime?

Check out the first trailer for the live action film GINTAMA - link in my bio! #gintama #gintoki #gintama2015 #animerecap

What a bad ass villain!! What do you think of Stain?

Who still remembers this show?! Check out the new article for some really good news about this show! Link in my bio! #fullmetalpanic #fmp #fullmetalpanicfumoffu #animerecap

Thank you for the 30k likes! #animerecap

LOL! Always on the losing end? #dbz #dragonballsuper #dragonballz #animememes #animerecap

If you haven't already, make sure to check out the new article about what a Japanese convenience store is like! Link in my bio!

Don't fall for it! It's a trap!


What are your favourite classic anime?

What a bad ass villain!! What do you think of Stain?

Have you felt this way??

Another great anime series this season! Have you seen it? #vaticankisekichousakan

Whose eyes would YOU want?

How much do you think this room cost??

A live action Bleach MOVIE has been announced! Check out the trailer - link in my bio!
#ichigo #ichigokurosaki #bleachanime #animerecap #zanpakuto #soulreaper

Have YOU seen the trailer for the #nogamenolife MOVIE? Check it out - link in my bio!!

Want to watch a psychological thriller anime like #DeathNote or #CodeGeass ? Check out my blog post for this new anime - link in my bio!

One of the more interesting anime series airing this season!

One of the best psychological thriller anime series out there! Have you seen this show? [Kaiji]

Do YOU agree??

Probably one of the most ridiculous sports anime I've ever seen!

Whose eyes would YOU want?

Black Clover is set to have a TV anime adaptation! For more info, check out my new article - link in my bio! This series has been compared to Naruto, Fairy Tail and Bleach! Here's to hoping it's going to be good!

Bgeekyblog is back with another Attack on Titan season 2 recap by @xxeternalangelxx This recap is for episode 10 of season 2 named Children. 👉 link is in the bio.
#anime #attackontitan #attackontitanseason2 #animerecap #ymir #christalenz #historiareiss #bgeekyblog

What's the first anime you've ever watched?

Watch Anime Till You're Dead #cantstopwontstop

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