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Someone is clearly up to mischief.... #maksa and #Viktor
#maksa is one of our fox Ambassadors. She is a Russian domesticated fox, Georgian White with Red color- and absolutely sweet!! #viktor is also one of our #foxambassadors. He is also a #russiandomesticatedfox, but red color. He is #confident #cheeky and #fun.
Both love #bellyrubs.
Want to meet the Ambassadors? Contact us at foxes siberiancupcakes.com
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Peace and kindness begins on your plate. ➡️ ChooseVeg.com

Animals delivered from lifelong suffering experience freedom for the first time. Watch as they feel the Earth beneath their feet, the wind beating beneath their wings, the sunshine on their backs and the joy of love from gentle humans for the first time in their entire lives. One day we will look back upon this time period and see the barbarism with which we treated our fellow Earthlings for so many years. Which side of history are you on? (Video via @animalsaustralia Facebook)

Remember our post on Ibu Iin? Today we returned another dog to her fully neutered, vaccinated & dewormed. The dogs Ibu Iin is taking care of are free roaming & very hard to catch, but our team will keep on driving up & down until we've neutered all of them! Thank you Monique for donating dog food. You can also contribute by making a donation. So we can keep on helping people like Ibu Iin! You can head to our website www.jakartaanimalaid.com/donate or link in bio to see all the ways you can donate!
Masih ingat postingan tentang in Iin? Hari ini kami mengembalikan anjing lainnya yg telah disteril, divaksin Dan diberi obat cacing. Anjing2 yang dirawat ibu Iin suka berkeliaran dan sulit ditangkap, tetapi team kami tetap berusaha menangkap sampai kami berhasil mensteril semua. Terimakasih Monique untuk donasi dogfood. Anda pun dapat berkontribusi dengan berdonasi. Agar kami tetap dapat me Bantu orang2 seperti Ibu Iin! Silakan cek website kami http://www.jakartaanimalaid.com/donate atau link di bio untuk melihat Cara donasi.

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#Repost @jane_doe7x
Louise lost all her previous babies to the meat industry, but now she gets to keep them at farm sanctuary.
We mean animals no harm, but if we're not vegan we needlessly inflict unnecessary suffering and death on animals.
They suffer emotionally, mentally and physically.
The meat, dairy and egg industries all separate mothers from their babies within at most a couple of days of being born. They will never see each other again.
All animals used in the food industry are exploited and killed against their will.
We mean animals no harm, yet when we're not vegan they are born to be enslaved and deliberately killed for us.
They are slaves with a death sentence because humans insist upon eating their flesh and secretions and wearing their skins.
The emotional, mental and physical torture animals go through is unimaginable. They are sent to the most violent place there is to die. But one of the worst things we do to animals is deny who they are.
When you're not vegan you're refusing to see them as individuals with interests. Persons.
What moral treachery to reduce those individuals to numbers, their bodies, secretions and skins to products with a barcode to be bought and sold like they were nothing.
We wilfully betray animals every second that we're not vegan. We inflict grief, violence and death on them and it's totally unnecessary and unjustifiable.
Their lives mean as much to them as your life means to you. Morally, they matter.

Video by @farmsanctuary
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ADOPTION NOTICE: 8-year-old Pearl is an orphaned Siamese-cross lady who is currently living in a small cage in a cattery. Her sponsor noticed that she had severely matted fur, and quickly brought her to the clinic for a shave a checkup, only to find out unfortunately that she also had a kidney problem. However, due to financial constraints, her sponsor could not afford to take her out of the cattery on top of paying for Pearl’s medication. Regal Pearl is on a kidney diet and subcut to keep her hydrated, and although medication can be pricey for kidney patients, she is a fighter and her health is holding steady on the special diet. 💪🏼

We are looking for a guardian angel who can give Pearl a safe, loving home. If you have the means to help a mature cat feel the warmth of unconditional love in her golden years, please do consider helping Pearl. ⚪️

If you can give Pearl a home, please contact Shelby at 8100-7084.

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BREAKING: AFD’s #billboard about the #Taiji #dolphin hunts is finally up and playing to thousands of people every day in Japan. We originally purchased billboard space in Tokyo, but the Japanese government - terrified of exposing the truth - pulled out all the stops to ban it. They did their best to gag us but they didn’t succeed.
After a long, drawn out battle, we are very excited to announce that the ad is now playing above a busy intersection in #Osaka – the closest major city to the dolphin-hunting town of Taiji. It’s up there right now, playing to thousands of people every day. With a huge marine park in Osaka just a few short train stops away, this billboard will help ensure the Japanese public understand exactly where aquarium dolphins really come from AND why they shouldn't buy a ticket.
This is the first time footage of the dolphin hunts has ever been shown on a billboard in Japan. The documentary #TheCove was largely censored in Japan, so this may be the first time thousands of people are able to see the violent, uncensored truth. It’s a huge step forward, and it’s all thanks to the hundreds of kind, caring people who chipped in to get this never-been-done-before project up and running. THANK YOU!

#animalwelfare #animalactivism #taijidolphinhunts #stopthebloodbath #animalrights #endcaptivity #emptythetanks #dolphincruelty


Day 3 of @ciara.rubin her #messageembodimentchallenge "What's a human issue you're super passionate about? Something you've experienced in your own life, that when you think about helping others with the same issue, it lights you up?" I find this one extremely hard to answer. I am disappointed in humanity, I'm angry at it, the violence and war on this world make me cry and I am worried about it every day. The bullying, the killing, the insults, the torture. It is the reason I feel passionate about animals and animal welfare. They don't judge me. They do things out of pure natural and primal instinct. Animals touch my heart in ways humans haven't able to.
What does seem to trigger me are teenagers or people in their 20s who don't know what to do in their life. I've been there. You're forced to pick a career in high school. When your mind is all about girls/boys, falling in love, partying, being cool, while hormones rush through your body. Your parents don't understand you, and then you also have to pick a career and study that might determine your entire future. And when you've done that study, you graduated, you suddenly get doubts if this is what you wanted. Doubts that have been there for such a long time. But too ashamed to quit that study. That is what triggers me. Do I feel passionate about these people? Not entirely, but it angers me and it saddens me. But I feel like I might not be the change to that issue. That that's not my purpose or calling. Then again, I'm still partly searching. So who am I to say that I'm not that change.
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This beautiful cat is a rescue..he had mange in his ears and eyes, he was nursed back to good health and finally his eyelids opened and everyone saw these beautiful eyes. #humanscanbenice#felines#animalwelfare#bekind

Going once, going twice, GONE! *Tomorrow* is your last chance to bid on amazing prizes, including a vegan trip to Italy, a couture dress, a professionally framed painting of a rescued cow, and a professional photoshoot! Bid now and raise funds for @TheHumaneLeague:32auctions.com/thehumaneleague"

We'd like to wish our amazing volunteer Christel a super Happy Belated Birthday! We missed posting about her big day yesterday because we were so upset that she is leaving Tofino today to move back to Alberta :( Christel has been an integral part of our team and has been our shuttle master! If you've helped rescue or foster an animal recently, Christel probably was on the set of wheels that got that animal to his or her next destination. She's also helped with fostering lots of animals; most recently an injured pigeon! We are so sad to see her go but are counting on her return (feel free to add some pressure to this post for her). We'll miss you Christel!

P.S. We promise the dog in this photo loves her, he just wasn't captured at his best angle for this photo! #carenetwork #tofino #ucluelet #westcoast #pnw #vancouverisland #britishcolumbia #animalrescue #animalwellness #animalwelfare #adopt #adoptdontshop #volunteer #spayandneuter #donate #nonprofit

The studying life
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Not your mom? Not your milk! I know how hard it can be to say "bye-bye" to dairy, but reducing your intake by even a little bit can help the environment! 🐄 | photo: @peta
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Sentience is the only characteristic required for someone to have moral value.
Animals feel physically, mentally and emotionally. They have bonds and relationships like we do.
They have likes, dislikes, preferences, interests and desires.
Right now it's legal to exploit, use and kill non human persons. But legality does not mean morality. They have inherent moral value and should have the right not to be the property of someone else. They should have the right not to exist as a human resource.
Every animal exploited and killed for your use/pleasure is an individual with their own interests, one interest they all share is the interest in continuing to live. Their lives mean as much to them as ours mean to us.
On July 7th 2012, a prominent group of international cognitive neuroscientists signed the Cambridge declaration of consciousness stating that non human animals are conscious beings that are aware to the degree that humans are.
The are self aware and they exhibit intentional behaviours.
We can no longer ignore the feelings, inherent rights, and interests of non humans as sentient beings.
When we do ignore the feelings, inherent rights, and interests of animals we are no better than any oppressor throughout history who ignored the feelings, inherent rights and interests of every human slave they oppressed and used as a resource. There is no moral difference when we all have that capacity to feel, to think, to suffer, to hope and desire to live.
Non humans are persons too. They are not sources of use. They are not products, machines, test subjects, transport, medicine, entertainment or sport.
Recognise what speciesism is and destroy it. All slavery must be abolished.
Destroy the property status of animals.

Original picture taken by @torontochickensave 💕

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Why is our butter better? 84% butterfat is just one of our star qualities! We dish on the best of the best! Link in bio!

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Cali is HOME!! Our Cali girl is forever home with two wonderful parents who are committed to loving her always! We couldn't be happier that Cali gets to be the one and only fur baby to Andrew and Ken. The couple recently lost their beloved dog of 17 years and the minute they spotted Cali, they knew she was "the one" for fill the void in their hearts and home! Everyone agreed, including Cali! The beautiful dog has one work at home dad so she's got plenty of opportunities for sneaking in a belly rub or an extra round of fetch. She loves spending time in her fenced yard where she can run like a pony or meander and sniff to her heart's content. The good life for Cali has only just begun as Andrew and Ken plan to spoil their gal every single day. Thank you for choosing adoption and thank you Lara and Laura for fostering this sweet girl.

A step in the right direction and proof that when injustices are exposed, change can happen. Never give up being their voice! The Great Apes Survival board game tells of scenarios such as this in a way that children can learn of their plight and safely get the great apes to sanctuary. News story from the May 2017 issue of @veganlife_mag .
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Cutest. Video. EVER.

How can anyone say no to that nose?! Goose is so ready to find his forever home - one simple share could change his life forever ❤️

Please help us make a lonely dog's dreams come true...and save a life!
Check us out NOW at www.givechoose.org and please make a donation, early donations being accepted now. #givechoose

Save the Tails Inc. is a 501c(3) nonprofit, foster-based dog rescue group in Loudoun County, VA • PO Box 171, Leesburg, VA 20178. #countdown #comingsoon #pleasedonate #donateearly #savedogs #saveshelterdogs #dogrescue #wishuponastar #animalwelfare #loudouncountyva #northernva #nonprofit #dogs #allbreedrescue #instadog #doglover #pleasedonate #pleasedonateifyoucan #theyneedus #savealife

Reposted because a true bond is always simplistic and true and should always be cherished.
Help support a foundation that is built on love and compassion and that has given and will continue to give a voice to the voiceless, please visit the @blackjaguarwhitetiger ig page and Facebook page (Facebook.com/jaguarandtiger) to learn how you can help make a difference and help change the world. Also, visit @boycottcircus (boycottcircus.org) to shop for great gear. All proceeds go to help these beautiful rescued angels.
Original video @blackjaguarwhitetiger
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