Had an awesome visit with a Green Heron last night at the farm. He/she was talking to me when I took the horses down past the pond and it took me a while to find him. He let me keep creeping closer to get a decent shot, which was cool. Really beautiful and shy bird that doesn't get seen much.
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Daily Divination: Heal Away Addictions
It seems the angels are picking up where frog spirit left off yesterday (see previous post) with today’s card. When Heal Away Addictions turns up, you may be in a process of healing and recovery.
With this card, your angels are sending the message to release any habits, tendencies, and behaviors that are no longer serving and supporting you, to “flush them out” of your system, so to speak.
If this resonates with you, your angels encourage you to consider new ideas and outlooks, to find ways to physically and emotionally detoxify and purify (just as frog spirit encouraged yesterday). If you work with angelic energy, consider invoking Archangel Raphael and the healing ministry of angels to assist you in your healing experience.
The turtle on the card makes me think that the process may be gradual, as the expression “slow and steady wins the race” comes to mind. Turtle medicine (keeping with the idea of healing) encourages taking the process “one small step at a time.”
Once you make the clear decision to release those habitual patterns, tendencies, and behaviors, your angels—and turtle spirit—will work with you, giving you the confidence and determination to take the actions that will nurture, soothe, and fulfill you.

What spiritual transformation are you on the cusp of? What spiritual awakening is happening in your life? What measures are you taking to protect and nurture your inner magic? . . .

Only you can decide what spiritual path is right for you. . . .

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✨Mystic Monday✨
What animal Spirit energy do you need to pull from this week? -
It’s a pretty big week astrologically... lots of feelings are going to rise up with Neptune opposing Venus this week and Mercury stations to Retrograde on Thursday 1:04am (button up all documents and electronics before then- make sure you back up your computers and all the electronic things and watch yo mouth) because the Sun ☀️ will oppose Mars ☄️the following day making for some heated feels- stay low, don’t say anything you don’t want to have repercussions for in a few weeks because the heat of the moment.. -
🌑Lunar Eclipse 4 degrees Aquarius Friday 7/27 4:20pm 🤣
Sooo— let’s see what our higher selves want to push through this week with the Animal Spirit deck from @the_wild_unknown
Let’s do an intuition practice...✨
Wether you’re aware of it or not- we are all intuitive beings.. we all have access to a deep inner knowing- of at least ourselves! -
So let me walk you through this real quick in case you’ve never tried it before:

1. Take a deep breath - ground yourself for a moment.
2. Notice the cards, notice the stones- which one seems to “speak to you” which one are you drawn to.. 3. Methodically ask your self “is it this one?” Wait for a yes or no and trust yourself.
4. Post your card (left, center, right, wild card above) There is no wrong answer here- whatever you get is the energy you’re drawing for one reason or another.
5. Comeback later today to see the card you drew and what it means!
6. Tag a friend so they can get in on the insight too! 😘
Deck is Animal Spirit Deck @the_wild_unknown - swing by @houseofaumyoga to grab a deck 💓

Arabian #horse 🐎 in the evening after a rainy day.
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🐺 Ghost 🐺

23 What do I need to release right now?
Lizard - This animal urges me to let go of doubting my intuition and my creativity. He is asking me to release my inner artist.
King of Swords reminds me we not only have to be fair and just to others but perhaps even more so to ourselves. I have to make a conscious decision, to set myself free and stick to it.
The pieces of bark are from a Sycamore tree. These trees shed their bark when they have outgrown it.
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Just processing my inner/outer world values and raising awareness of the untold
Everytime you grab a plastic back
You are making that decision yourself
You are hurting yourself

Everytime you grab a plastic bag
Think again
Remember the tears of this dying dolphin

Every decision you make
Creates change
Of the butterfly effect

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