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This Beautiful Human Being I’ve Known For Years Helps Lions And Tigers .. I Too Have Passion For Them.. People Buy These Cubs Lions Tigers As Pets It’s Wrong.. There Not Toys For People Who Have Money.. Which Have No Idea .. These Cubs Where Taken From There Mother Who was Killed So Rich People Can Own Them.. Stop People Buying These Cats... It’s Wrong.. Animals Know Who Is Kind To Them.. Laws Need To Change... Big Cats Should Be Brought As Pets... I Visited Her When I Can.On That Day I Captured This The Cubs She’s Raised Beautiful Moments.🐾🐾🐾🐾Her And Her Husband Devote There Life’s Saving Big Cats ..So Please Make The Laws Tough Change Them.. Rich Money Hungry People Should Not Be Allowed To Buy Lions Tigers Or Other Cats As Pets... Simba A 🐅Tiger I Know Since He Was A Cub It Makes Me So Mad.. Things Laws Still Haven’t Changed.. Huggs 🐾😘😔#respectanimals #stopthis #bigcats #greatandsmall #animalshavefeelings #animalshaverights #blessthosewhocare #changelaws #lions #tigers #bigcats #

This is not a very clear picture. But you know what. I dont care! Because I so love this picture of Lulu. She has taken in this stray cat that lives in the street. She let it in the garage and sleep under the car. And today, they took their friendship to a whole new level. Headbutting and grooming each other. This is why we do what we do. Adopting or wven fostering can change the lives of this voiceless creatures. Animals of different kinds can co-exist. Maybe we can co-exist with them too. #bassetofinstagram #straycats #whitedogsofinstagram #whitecats #dogsandcats #friendshipgoals #mingming #bantay #asotpusa #coexist #animalshavefeelings #frenemies #mixedbreeddog #fifteendiamondstreet #cutecouples #adoptdontshop #ilovecats #ilovedogs

In an unfathomable act of animal cruelty, a Tucson, Arizona woman soaked her dog in gasoline and set the helpless animal on fire.

Dean Sherfield Finley, the woman behind the heinous crime, purchased two gallons of gas earlier that day, indicating that she already had the sickening act planned out in her head.

When a relative noticed that the family dog, Lovely, seemed wet, they tried to pick her up – and learned Lovely was covered in flammable fuel. Sherfield Finley then set dog on fire before setting the house ablaze with Lovely inside.

Lovely’s extensive injuries required intensive care under the constant watch of a specialty vet. Despite the veterinary staff’s around-the-clock efforts to save the innocent dog’s life, she went into cardiac arrest and died two weeks later. Lovely’s final days were spent in excruciating pain.

Sherfield Finley has been arrested for her crimes, and now it is imperative that her cruelty is treated with the severity it deserves.

Sign our petition, link in bio@ladyfreethinker to urge Pima County Prosecutor Barbara LaWall to do everything in her power to ensure justice is served in this horrifying case, and to never allow Dean Sherfield Finley near an animal again.

And still people think nothing of raping them .... stealing their babies that cry out for their mothers , mothers that literally shed tears over the loss of their babies .... steal the milk meant and made for those babies - humans are disgusting ( most not all )

When this cruelty stops? Shame on you Mijas town in Southern Spain! The Burro Taxi’s are one of the most horrible and saddest entertainment for tourists I’ve seen! It’s just beyond any words. Sin palabras!
Please do not ever support this kind of animal cruelty or any animal cruelty(!) anywhere in the world. .
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In a sickening act of cruelty, a 14-year-old girl tortured and killed a helpless kitten while her friend filmed.

The teen first stabbed the tiny animal in the neck with a kitchen knife as it struggled desperately to escape, spasming in pain. She then slammed the kitten against the floor, and proceeded to disembowel the terrified kitten with a knife as it writhed in agony.

The video, which is so graphic that most news and media websites refuse to feature it, originally surfaced on #Snapchat — a platform on which animal torture is all too common.

In recent years, Snapchat has emerged as a forum for photos and videos of extreme animal abuse, often by kids and teens, which circulate rapidly among the app’s hundreds of millions of subscribers. In one post, a squirrel was set on fire. In another, a sheep was beaten to death with a golf club. Other posts have shown youth cutting a goldfish’s eye out with scissors, slitting a baby fox’s throat, and burning a puppy alive.

When impressionable youth see this violent behavior by their peers, they become that much more likely to commit violence against animals themselves. It’s time for Snapchat to stop promoting animal torture.

Sign our petition, link in bio@ladyfreethinker urging Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel to address the animal abuse that plagues their platform and take strong, swift action to prevent it.

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