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In memory of Dudley, a fund has been established for a forever home in Tennessee. Up until now, The Gentle Barn Tennessee has been located on a rental property. We have been looking for land to purchase for some time as the current property is at capacity. This new forever home in Tennessee will allow us to rescue more animals, continue healing more children, opening more people's hearts, and plant a memorial tree for Dudley. Bringing his family and The Gentle Barn to our forever home is the one thing that Dudley didn't accomplish in his time with us. In his memory, please donate to the Dudley fund to help bring his family to their forever home. We will also be holding a Memorial Service for Dudley on Sunday, July 9th at 7pm. If you plan on attending, you must purchase your tickets and RSVP before they are sold out! Thank you so much, Team Dudley! 🐮❤️www.gentlebarn.org/the-dudley-fund #teamdudley #cowhugs #gbtennessee #thegentlebarn #gentlebarn #begentle #animalsanctuary #animalrescue #whyknox #knoxville #tennessee

Look at Jarvis's teeth! The vet said that his jaw isn't aligned so his front teeth aren't grinding down as he eats like they should. He has to go back in three weeks to see if his front incisiors need removed. We're glad his teeth are better!
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Why love one but eat the other? .
Snowflake goat and Nella dog snuggling on the sofa. Both rescued. Both equal. Both deserving of our love and kindness 🙏🏽 #throwback

You got this – just like Leon got his prized carrot. Every day is delicious when it’s filled with kindness and laughter.

Absolutely heartbroken. Our beloved Dudley from @thegentlebarn has passed
We Will never forget you sweet angel...
And we are sending ALL our love to Ellie, Jay and the entire Gentle Barn Family and supporters and volunteers, thank you for making this World a more gentle place
#dudley #thegentlebarn


"More than 50% the fur in the US comes from China, where millions of dogs and cats are often bled to death and skinned alive for their fur." https://www.dosomething.org/us/facts/11-facts-about-animal-cruelty. - - - - - #animalabuse #abuse #animal #animalkingdom #creatingawareness #standupforwhatisright #noexcuses #animalcruelty #animalsanctuary #animalsafety

La abuelita Flor recupera fuerzas.

Flor es una de las habitantes más ancianas de El Hogar y, precisamente por eso, Elena y los voluntarios la vigilan constantemente.

Sus piernecitas son muy frágiles, cualquier caída puede ser fatal. Por eso, cada hora alguien del equipo va a visitarla para asegurarse de que todo va 👌. La dulce Flor disfruta de las ensaladas de verano, de pienso y de todos los cuidados que se le brindan gracias a vuestra solidaridad.
Sigue colaborando con nosotros por 1€ al mes y nosotros les haremos felices y sanos.

Scout says, "Are you coming to visit me this weekend at Catskill Animal Sanctuary? I'm ready for snuggles."

Words Fail Me 😶😑#govegan

Singing to Oscar Man but he doesnt like mummys singing 😄😄😄💗💗💗👌 ..........Please note we post our pictures of caring for educational purposes and encourage people to protect and connect with our amazing and unique wildlife. We encourage you to please message us with any questions or feedback you have on our photos.We are licensed to care for wildlife under Wildlife Rescue South Coast. #southernhighlands #wildliferescue #kangaroo

Tim & Nugget. 💗🐮 @peanuts_funny_farm is this great little nonprofit animal sanctuary bringing together disadvantaged kids and animals, sometimes saving them both in the process. To support you can buy their annual calendar or stay a night in their vegan B&B, which is what we opted to do. 🏡#vegantravel #veganlove

Hemos contratado una nutricionista para Olivia.

La abuelita nos tiene preocupados porque no gana peso a pesar de llevar medio año con nosotros.
Por eso hemos contratado a una nutricionista verano que le ha hecho una dieta especial adecuada a sus necesidades. A Oli le.encsnts su nueva dieta y así tendrá una vejez llena de energía y felicidad.
Esto ha sido posible gracias a sus madrinas. Si tú también quieres amadrinar a esta hermosa abuelita y darle la mejor vida posible, escribe a amigos@elhogaeprovegan.org

This weekend only one great #vegan apparel @veganveins donates $10 from each tshirt sold to the amazing animal sanctuary @fieldsoffreedom !
So buy yourself a kick-ass tee and help them animals! 🐄🐓🐖
A stunning photo by @fieldsoffreedom
#govegan #tshirtactivism #animalsanctuary #help

#saturdayvibes 🌈👨🏻‍🌾💫🐷🐽#vegansk

Got uninvited ant friends at home that are making a nuisance of themselves? Follow this great tip from the Bug Man: take a small shallow dish and put a dollop of something sweet (jam, maple or agave syrup) and then position it on a window sill or somewhere out of the way. Keep topping it up and within a day they will have had their fill and not come back. In the meantime you can follow their path to see where they are getting in and then block up their entry point once they've gone so they don't come back. I promise you this works and you don't end up with ants running all over the kitchen. Plus it's humane. Here are our ants enjoying some of my homemade cherry jam. #Vegan #vegansofig #veganism #animalsanctuary #Permaculture #vegansofinstagram #france #homestead #homesteading #pyrenees #veganhomestead #veganhomesteading #veganpermaculture #veganchristian #wildlife #nature #insects #ants #veganpestcontrol #pestcontrol

🐰🐰🐰 #someonenotsomething

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