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I’m pretty sure Aspen knew I was recording her and was showing off how well she could clean her sister’s ears for the camera. 💕

I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting @farmsanctuary during my time here in LA, and I can honestly say it was one of my favorite experiences of my trip. It was so heart warming and eye-opening to be able to see and spend time with all of the rescued turkeys 🦃 , pigs 🐷 , chickens 🐓, cows 🐮, and sheep 🐑 at the Sanctuary! This cutie’s name is Jumper, and she’s been living at Farm Sanctuary ever since she was a piglet and jumped out of her crate at a stockyard. While I use my platform to create easy vegan recipes, I do consider myself to be an ethical vegan and care deeply for the animals as well 🐾 I know the holidays can be hard for vegans sometimes, but when I think of Jumper and all of her family and friends, abstaining from animal products is a no-brainer for me. I think if everyone had the opportunity to meet these sweet and sentient beings they mindlessly put on their plates, they might just feel the same way too 💕 I just posted a new YouTube video talking about my experience at Farm Sanctuary + some tips for the holidays, you can tap the link in my bio or go to http://bit.ly/2iqGEUU to watch! Also, my blog has plenty of holiday vegan recipes for ya too...just sayin 😘 (📷: @consciouschris)

Patri y Javi hoy desayunan juntos. Son dos buenos amigos que se adoran y duermen pegaditos el uno al otro. Es increíble ver los lazos tan especiales y duraderos que forman los habitantes del Santuario 💗💗 ¿Nos ayudas a seguir salvando vidas?

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Just a little Saturday Sanctuary Song Stroll with Firecracker Flitterhorn. As you can hear, he likes to sing pretty songs on his strolls ☺️ Happy Saturday from Birdsong & Songgoat 😁 #goatsofig #enchantedfarmsanctuary 🎼🐐 Video by me @enchantedfarmgirl Firecracker says hello @belindajo221 💚🌱

They say never work with kids and animals, but where’s the fun in that? Work with kids, work with animals—love them and cherish their crazy antics.
As people who care deeply for farmed animals, we know the road is undeniably rocky and hard. Remember to take time out to laugh; they also say laughter is the best medicine.

Pictured: Monty, Pam, Red Baron, Elmo, Tiny Lamb, Ruby and Polly. “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others… why wouldn’t we?” www.edgarsmission.org.au

Enchanted Farm Sanctuary FB page
Please make the connection !!! It's time to #govegan !!
#compassion #crueltyfree #animalsanctuary #vegan

Let the world know you are a compassionate, dedicated animal rights activist! Great job Virginia💚🖤💚🖤

1 or 2? 🐶
By @oshiegoldenbear

Beric Dondarrion hopes you have a happy weekend! 😀
📸: @medlyn


Blue Front Amazon kisses on your snowy Monday... hope your day as as bright as this Asshole's feathers! Happy #mondaymorning from the #animalsanctuary #parrot #amazonparrot #bluefrontedamazon

Here’s a video of Milton when he gets excited. Hopefully it’ll make your Monday morning a little easier. #mondaymotivation #monday #threedayweek #milton #pig #pigs #pigsofinstagram #potbelly #potbellypig #animalliberation #animalsanctuary #rescuepig #pigrescue

That moment when someone wakes you up before your alarm goes off. Happy Monday! #thesweetestT #cats #thegentlebarn #gentlebarn #begentle #animalsanctuary #knoxville #tennessee www.gentlebarn.org

Monday morning 😴😴#ruby #sleepy #yawning


Thank you everyone for getting involved. There were some fantastic names suggested which we will definitely keep in the bank for any other animals that come along in need of a name.

Thank you for your continued support. Love you guys ❤

The llamas usually take note of visitors from a comfortable distance, their expression somewhere between apathy and disinterest. They have their own thing going on - they can’t be expected to drop everything and come over to say hello!

💖💖Please donate to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue to help with the babies injured in the fire💖

@Regranned from @waterfowlrescue - This is mr. Stubbs he lost both of his feet to frostbite. he was in recovery at a wildlife center called Walden's puddle in Tennessee. They had a fire and he miraculously survived. I saw him on the news in a crate and reached out to them to help. We brought him here and he has been an ambassador for the rescue for sometime. You probably met him if you go to any events where we bring animals.

The sad part about the barn is that this is where the animals who had the worst experiences stayed at the rescue. I want that have been through so much already.

So even though he's lost both of his feet he persevered. He survived the fire in Tennessee and again he persevered.

He is struggling tonight to stay alive, his white feathers are stained with the smoke and the ash. Once again we hope and pray that he perseveres. Give a shout out to Mr Stubbs!! - .
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Buenos días a todos! ¿queréis ver como son los desayunos con nosotros?

Las mañanas en El Hogar son así de entretenidas, si te descuidas dos segundos... ¡se te comen el desayuno! Y sino, que se lo digan a la pava Júlia que desayuna en su casita de madera. ¿Sonríes viendo estos despertares? ¡Asóciate a nuestro Hogar! https://goo.gl/rn42hA

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