It's hard to describe the feeling you get in the presence of #elephants in the wild. There's a sense of awe, sure. There's the recognition that wow, those creatures are really big. You can feel their intelligence. ( I know that sounds silly, but something about the way they move and react, you know there's more there than a simple-minded creature.) There's fascination, at least in my case, as to what it must be like to have a nose that long that can grip things. They are simultaneously majestic and goofy looking depending at what angle you catch them at. Their gate seems incredibly slow until you realize just how much ground they cover in every step. They all have their own personalities. People who think animals don't have personalities have never been around animals or have never paid attention. I love elephants for their grace and beauty and, frankly, just because. There are plenty of things that just "are", without the need for a lot of explanation. ~Taken in the #MasaiMara #Kenya

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📸 @3joko

Red crowned crane

Creative bird photography out of a tree 🌲 😃👋👏🤟😝😀😂

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