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Bath time 👍👍😂 Photo by
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Amazing wood carving 👍
By ©skye rye designs
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Cute Kitten 🐱

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So sweet 😍😙😙 |Photo by @blancobun
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we went to visit these amazing animals a few days ago. 🐺 they were brought up by humans after being found alone in the wild. because of that, they acted more like big dogs than wild wolves, but were so so majestic all the same. their howling gave me chills. the polar wolves were still shedding their winter furr and one female gifted me with some of her white, ever so soft, nice smelling hair. i treasure it so much and run it across my skin all the time and will use it for future moon-rituals. #wolf #wolves #animallove #majestic #nature #furr #offering #ritual #sistercircle #moonritual #mooncircle #wolfwoman #düsseldorf

So Cute Cat ❤🐾
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Animal lovin love how lions are so in love 😍🦁😍 #lions #love #favanimal #animallove #cuteness

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