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Happy thanksgiving! 🍁✌🏻
Thankful for all the people tagged and of course all of you! You’ve absolutely changed my life and I’m so eternally grateful for that!! 😊

💭 Thoughts?/ Agree or Disagree? 💭
I miss him too, he was my first idol. He buddied me last year and has yet to unbuddy. But it was his time :’(
~Confess 👤🐾
| #AnimalJam #AJ #AJHQ |

Hey guys! 🐶👋🏻
Photo by: @tubsthelabrador

Feast of Thanks is approaching fast and these dens really got us ready for pumpkin spice and all that’s nice! Congratulations to @earthmuffinartist and @doodlefwee, our final #AJFeastOfThanksDen contest winners! They just scored an Epic Den Plaque and a Rare Long Spike Collar in the color of their choice. Do you know of a Feast of Thanks Den that we just need to check out? Let us know in the comments below! #AnimalJam #PlayWild

sneak peek of a new den
I’ll be posting full map tomorrow
#animaljam #ajhq #playwild #animaljamart #animaljamrocks

Pretty proud of this! Fullbody commission for @xoxokyralynn, of her awesome character! I added a background, as the outline was white to show, and I added one without coloring cause it looked cool 😝

Commissions - Closed
Trades - Closed

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I found Shrek (Shrek is love, Shrek is life) #animaljam #aj #animaljamrocks

Double tap if you like the picture @animalsfratchy

Anyone have short spikes? Dm ill tiring to collect a lot! I’ll trade about 10-12 good beta clothing! Just Dm me the color and deal! And thanks! #animaljam #aj #animaljammer #mysticalluvaj #animaljamrocks #animaljamrock #animaljamrocks🐾 #animaljamspike #animaljamspikes #animaljamoffer #animaljamtrades

i play MICEFORCE not transformice
anyone wanna play?
#animaljam #aj #tfm #miceforce

🌟 Who are you to judge us 🌟

Also Sofia who left right before 😂

#animaljammer #animaljam

Sometimes you wanna smack one of them 😁(they know who they are)

#animaljam #animaljammer

Hey Jammers!! ❤️
I know I'm hosting an intro contest but I'm not rlly getting any entries and i need an intro soon xD
So I just made some quick intros for the mean time and it's not finished yet ❤️❤️🐼🐼
I need your help, pls vote for which effect I should use x3!!! ❤️
1. Shaky
2. Wavy
3. Bouncy

got this for my founder a little while back! thought it was over so i took it! comment fair under or over 💫 •
-#animaljam#aj#ajpw#ajpc#animaljamtrade#animaljamtrades#animaljammer -Liz

¤ Turn on volume ¤
Now I made several reeeaally bad intros (if you wanna see em' they're up on my channel if you really wanna see big cringe), but THIS one isn't reeeaally bad, it's just bad, or decent for my editing standards XD the text is a bit wonky and not really nice, but the best I could do. This intro is basically the prototype for a better intro, what do you think? I eslecially love the ghosty look of the lion, I'm quite happy how that turned out :D
Music: The Next Episode - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg (San Holo Remix)
#animaljam #animaljamintro #intro #animaljamedit

Give me a credit card and $10 I WILL buy what i want :P

So I decided to buy a membership-

Tags: #aj #animaljam #ajhq

This child right here is awesome. I love him so much. I'm so lucky to have him in my life. We have had our ups and downs, but he and I always manage to get along again. He makes me so happy and has helped me with so many things. I hope that we stick together all the time. I would hate to lose him after everything we've been through. I still have a pic of when I first saw him XD but it's on my oldest phone. He is always there for me when I need help or advice. He is the one who messages me all the time and doesn't make me feel so lonely. Since I'm home schooled, I don't really have too many friends nearby. Just a few. But since he always texts me, I don't feel very lonely. He's really funny and always makes me laugh. He's that one person that makes me smile everyday. If I ever have a problem, I can always count on him to help me out. He was the first person to follow me on this account XD. He doesn't post on his Instagram too much, but you should follow him :D it's @twilightwolf0122 . Love you, Twilight. 💖
#animaljam #aj

got this for my tiki! i love that tiki, it was my dream one but i knew that the red tiki was worth more so i accepted 💚 •
-#animaljam#aj#animaljamtrade#animaljamtrades#ajpc#ajpw#animaljammer -Liz

I decided to draw my Animal Crossing character! I don't really like the character's in-game hair, so I drew it differently.
☆30 likes and I'll post again!☆
#art #animalcrossingpocketcamp #animaljam #furryfandom

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