🐝 🌼Bees, can’t live with them, can’t live without them! Bees and flowers have a very special relationship. Flowers provide bees with food and bees help flowers reproduce. Located within The Living Coast’s Native Pollinator Garden, we see a worker bee on a San Diego sunflower collecting food while at the same time helping the flower by transferring pollen between the “male” and “female” parts of the flower and/or between flowers of the same species. .
#Nature #bees #SaveTheBees 📸by Adrian De La Cerda

Vilket tomtkryss! En havsörn seglade sakta över våra huvuden 👏🏼 #havsörn #whitetailedeagle #haliaeetusalbicilla

A dark-eyed junco close up! To get this image I used two off camera flashes with soft boxes. These cuties lives in small flocks composed of 15 to 25 birds during the autumn and winter months. Each flock has an organized hierarchy and occupies a territory of around 10 acres. #photooftheday #canon_photos #darkeyedjunco

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