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Abalone live near the coast, an area subject to upwelling—the process of deep nutrient-rich water coming up toward the surface. Recent research indicates that coastal species exposed to upwelling can have lower growth rates, weaker calcification, and low rates of survival. Future upwelling is expected to be more stressful for coastal animals due to ocean acidification and declining oxygen levels.⠀

A team of MBARI scientists is monitoring abalones under carefully controlled environmental conditions for two months to learn more about how these animals will fare in future ocean conditions. As part of their ongoing research into the impacts of a changing ocean, MBARI Scientist Jim Barry and his Benthic Ecology Group designed a complex system that allows them to simulate changing ocean conditions. The system contains 15 chambers, where the researchers can vary upwelling-related water qualities—temperature, oxygen, and acidity (pH). Each individual abalone is identified by a tiny tag with a unique number. After the abalone have been in this system for two months, the researchers will compare how varying conditions affected the growth and calcification of the animals. The results will help researchers understand how natural and human-caused climate variability is affecting coastal species and ecosystems.⠀
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Can you name all the in this animation made by @undertheseastories 🤔🦈?
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Wait for the window of opportunity to strike. Our good boy Blaze teaching us a lesson that most humans need to learn about how life works.

IHNS Animal Advocacy Campaign photo shoot for local Sanctuary Big Ears!

Don't trust this creep. Go to ImNotLovinIt.com to see why consumers are boycotting @McDonalds all over the United States. Take action with us! ✊️#ImNotLovinIt

IHNS Animal Advocacy Campaign mascots Stamps & Richo taking a bath... #bathbomb

The epitome of working hard to give your dog a better life. ❤️🐾

Help for the Orcas. Please help me to spread this message. I want to see these beautiful creatures survive. There are only seventy-five left in BC. Today the proceeds from my lemonade and cupcake stand are going to help save the orcas. Kids can make a difference too. We can help these endangered species by raising awareness. If you love animals like I do, let's do something together to ensure the orcas safety. It's our job to protect them. Thank you! #love #orcas #earthranger #animallover #animaladvocate #savetheorcas #beautifulcreatures #please #help #bc #bcpremier #doyourpart #fundraise #protectwildlife #care #love #future #save #kids

Everyone loves a good nap 🐷😴 [via: @estherthewonderpig]

This is what keeps me up at night. Cruelty to animals. Cruelty to other humans. It’s all the same. Fearful- hurt people hurt others. Heal. Love. Empower. It’s the only way #animaladvocate #lifeadvocate #compassion #rescueadvocate #ahimsa #awareness #empowerment #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedogs #rescuestrong

🎶Sulcata Strut🎶
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So cute 😍
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In honour of what is apparently - here's a throwback to swimming along side this friendly guy in Palau. Well, every day is turtle day actually.
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“Snarfblatt”, our pig nosed turtle (Carettochelys insculpta) aka the Fly River turtle, just continues to grow and thrive. A brand new enclosure is on the horizon for this future beast.

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Pictured here is the most passionate, Italian, animal loving lady you have ever met. Today is her 88th birthday. Buon Compleanno, Giorgia! #happybirthday #animaladvocate #unselfish #picolina

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