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I LOVE EMPTY CAGES (PART II)! Another amazing year for Clear The Shelters! Thanks for all that you do!
#cleartheshelters #animaladvocacy #animalwelfare #adoptdontshop #animalshelter

Activists spent the weekend outside of Carl's Jr. talking with customers about the needless suffering chickens in @carlsjr are forced to endure.

Dino chows down on his breakfast pellets in bed and enjoys a complementary forehead massage from Caregiver Isabel. @fife4lyfe #whywoodstock #breakfastinbed #potbellysofinstagram

Excited for Saturday! By its end, almost 100 people will have new tools & skills for effective animal advocacy. www.compassioninactionconference.com #animals #animaladvocacy #oakland #vegan #compassion

So proud of my Peony! She is always up for an adventure. Behaved in the car. Listens and comes when she's called. Behaves indoors and out. Keeps her adornments on. Is quiet.. and most importantly is kind to everyone, including children. I've been working with her since she was a young piglet! Work with your pig! You won't be let down!!! #peony #animaladvocacy #pig #babywasnappingsowehadtowhisper @oinkcompany

This picture was taken after I spent two years trying to save dogs from a high kill shelter. Something that completely broke me, tore my heart into shreds, shattered it, stomped on it and set it on fire. After my first experience at that hell hole I was never the same. I completely understood why ignorance was bliss. Now, some people are capable of not caring or not connecting- obviously, I am not one of them. I was so broken in this picture I probably needed counseling for post traumatic stress disorder but somehow I got through it all and thank God that so many others have gotten involved to help make a difference. Keep fighting the good fight Animal Advocates. You'd never know from looking at this photo, would you? #tb🔙 #vegan #animaladvocacy #wearetheirvoice #bethechange

I have not been paying much attention to the internet and it has been a relief! Instead I have spent many long hours talking to amazing friends / activists / relatives, including Lisa at the Animal Rights conference. I don't know where I am going with my animal advocacy work, and the uncertainty is difficult because I had so much clarity over the last several years and I have been devoted to the cause for much longer. But I am confident that the best way to figure it out is to take a step back and explore. I volunteered for the conference for a bit and connected with many activists, talking about key challenges our movement faces. I also attended meditation sessions which were very meaningful.

Before the conference, I was a camp counselor at #YEACamp, which was once again an incredibly powerful, beautiful, and challenging experience. When I meet brilliant, passionate, and kind teenagers, I feel inspired. It was a huge task to rise up to the challenge of making the camp a good experience for them.
I come home to Minneapolis tomorrow!
#AR2017 #animalrightsnationalconference #animaladvocacy #meditation

Suzy and Hopi couch surfing on a rainy Sunday! 👧❤️🐶 #adoptdontshop #rescue #animaladvocacy

@arminvestigations founder speaking now at the #ARC2017 in DC . #power of investigations
#animaladvocacy #animalrights @farmusa


Activists spent the weekend outside of Carl's Jr. talking with customers about the needless suffering chickens in @carlsjr are forced to endure.

I LOVE EMPTY CAGES (PART II)! Another amazing year for Clear The Shelters! Thanks for all that you do!
#cleartheshelters #animaladvocacy #animalwelfare #adoptdontshop #animalshelter

The dairy industry is barbaric, vile and nonsensical. It MUST end. We must keep on speaking up loud and clear, and sharing the truth of what goes on behind the dirty curtains of the disgusting dairy industry.
🐄Mother cows produce milk for their babies, and for their babies alone. They don't produce it for humans, hippos, giraffes or squirrels.

The human body has NO requirement whatsoever for breast maternal milk. Like all mammals, once weaned, we don't require a single drop of it ever again. Furthermore, a huge plethora of studies have shown that it is in fact highly detrimental to our health. All those animal hormones (no less than 60), estrogen, saturated fats, cholesterol, and other nasty elements found by default in all cows' milk have an impact in our body and health. And not a good one.

The main foundation of dairy is always animal abuse. This applies to free-range/organic/humane/happy-cow/any other stupid marketing tag. The other foundations are:

1. Sexual exploitation of mother cows. Also male sexual exploitation to get semen from the bulls.

2. Separation of mother and babies.

4. Killing - as the male calves are considered as useless byproducts because they won't produce milk, they are usually killed soon after birth and turned into veal and other meat products and commodities. Once the exhausted mother cows' bodies can't keep up with the continued impregnation-birth cycle, at about 4 years old, they are sent to the slaughterhouse, killed and turned into products. Naturally cows can live about 25-30 years.

4. Financial profit - it's all about money and business interests, as usual. Blood money.

5. Deception + lies - you can see the deceptive, and increasingly desperate, dairy propaganda all over our TVs, billboards, etc.

The dairy industry IS the meat industry, and viceversa.

There is a way to stop this: abolition = Veganism.

Let's just evolve, become better, and enter the post-milk era as soon as possible. There is NO excuse to continue these brutalities.

Still want milk? Fine! Oats milk, almond milk, rice milk, soya milk, hemp milk, cashew milk, banana milk, coconut milk... your choice!

More deals👉🏽www.worldplantmilkday.com

Wish Matt had been able to make this day. It was a pleasure to spent it with @misspoppysmom however. Sanctuary days are essential. The animals give so much to us and they don't event know it. Support your local sanctuary! Stop eating animals, you sick fucks.

Just look at this sweet little lamb ❤

I'm a big believer in love one animal, love them all and this Saturday I'm going to be speaking about speciesism on your plate at the @c2caf_official World Day to End Speciesism pop up for animals at Burleigh Heads. Find out more at the #animaladvocacy link in my bio 🙏🏻

冷淡で残酷なフォアグラ関連業界から護るんだ...!😼👽🐣 16:00~18:00


#フォアグラ廃止 #京王プラザホテル #ハイアットリージェンシー #ホテルブッフェ #渋谷 #ハチ公 #動物愛護 #動物保護 #動物の権利 #banfoiegras #foiegras #keioplazahotel #hyattregency #hotelbuffet #shibuya #hachiko #animaladvocacy #animals #animalrights #animalrighscenter #vegan #govege #govegan #plantbased #environment #health #mercyforanimals

Excited for Saturday! By its end, almost 100 people will have new tools & skills for effective animal advocacy. www.compassioninactionconference.com #animals #animaladvocacy #oakland #vegan #compassion

Absolutely amazing news today. We are overwhelmed.. Our very own, JBS is failing.. Profits drop 80%! We will continue to bear witness until they close. Keep it up, get active and challenge the system! Let's take them from "largest meat company" to closed and shut down FOREVER.

Photos fm Tokyo Vegan Meetup for Animals vol.1🌟

It was really great to see all the people gathered for animals... despite the terrible thunder roars, some has to give up the attendance... looking forward to seeing you next time🌟

Thank youuuu everyone❣️
Thanks to Nadia and Saori...
You are so helpful and the wonderful, I have to learn alot from you❣️✨🌟 Animal Rights Center のactivistとしてみんなとお話しました✨🐈💕
ちょっと 不器用で
とても貴重な時間🐈❤️ We gonna plan the next one soon...!!!✨🌟 #tokyoveganmeetup #meetup #animals #animaladvocacyjapan #animaladvocacy #protectanimals
#animalrightscenter #animalliberation #veganfood #loveanimals #loveforanimals #tokyovegan #ミートアップ #社会活動 #動物好き #動物 #動物解放 #アニマルライツ #ビーガン料理 #ヘルシー #healthyfood #動物愛護 #擁護 #仲間 #vegantacos #taco #hempcafe #ヘンプカフェ #健康 #環境

This may look like a harmless funny video but in all reality this is truth of how we are. All bad take a look in the mirror it's you! @vswolf #repost #veganlifestyle #prolife #protestingforanimals #animalsarefriends #animalsarenotfood #animallover #animalrights #animaladvocate #animaladvocacy #animalactivist #animalsarenotours

Would you like to join our crazy Sanctuary team? Well, this may be your chance 👊🏽 Yep, we are looking for part-time/full-time front of house crew!


1. You MUST be vegan.

2. Have some experience.

3. Be passionate about veganism.

Apply 👉🏽 Send a DM or email vegansanctuary@gmail.com

Gooood luck folks! 👍🏽🌱 #VeganJobs


Thank you all so much for coming out yesterday! This community can achieve animal liberation if we work together and we're proving that. We're getting less back lash. 💜

Reading Growl and appreciating Kim's words: "...the challenge that animal advocates confront is to transform the anger we feel about animals into action: to force ourselves to be more compassionate! Nothing is more demanding and nothing is more necessary. It's been the ongoing task of my life to take my resentments and rage and refine and distil them into focused activities on behalf of positive change." Kim has been involved in animal advocacy for about 40 years and it seems like a fitting time to read the reflections of a fellow animal advocate as I sit in my uncertainty about how to take my next steps in my animal advocacy. For now I am appreciating learning about a new issue (for me) having a job in worker's rights and having a great community including at the Animal Rights conference earlier this month that is supportive and energetic.

#AnimalAdvocacy #AR2017 #biography #reflections #Growl #activism

DONATED this weekend to this Boxer rescue which has a thrift store to help support. 12th St & Northern....drop off some items for them and do some good for the animals!
#rescue #adopt #community #support #animaladvocacy #donate #pets #love #thriftstore

We had a guest today in the office; our friend Joanna Swabe from Humane Society International. #loomadelobistid #loomus #humanesociety #animaladvocacy #estonianpresidency #animalrights #loomadeeestkoste

👀When I say that I'm obsessed with Japanese food I mean it 😍🙌
On this occasion I happily stuffed my face with pumpkin katsu + seaweed wakame salad + avocado & asparagus sushi + some coconut milk vegan ramen 😋👌🏽🌱 Plus copious amounts of genmaicha green tea, as usual 😉

Ridiculously delicious, nutritious, and most importantly, cruelty-free.


Never think for one second that caged animals are normal or productive. Sanctuaries not Sea World. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________#fuckseaworld #peta #cagefree #cruelttyfree #crueltyfree #vegan #animaladvocacy #vegansofinstagram #plantbased #seaworld #woke #free

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