Forced to grow at an unnatural rate: bigger, faster, in the shortest amount of time—this baby’s body has finally rejected the abuse and given up. 🌱 Eat chickpeas, not chicken.
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❤🌱💚 Meet Benson who liives @brinsley_animal_rescue. Benson is safe and happy now thanks to Brinsley. He loves playing with his new friends for life at the rescue 🌞 #veganfortheanimals.

These babies were killed at 6 months to be sold for meat. Stop supporting cruelty and suffering. Go vegan and save lives. 🐷

This is what innocent baby pigs have to go through just so we can satisfy our tastebuds. 😭

Touch my broccoli, you’ll wish you hadn’t. 🐶

save movement cancun. bearing witness and sending love to all these animals before their death in a few hours. they are treated like objects, not like beings who feel pain and fear. after travelling hours in the hot sun without water, theyre unloaded by force (with shocks and whips) off the truck, into waterless pens, screaming ad they go because of the violent nature of transport. i know this because we bear witness, we hear the shocks, we hear the snaps of the whips, and we hear their cries.
if you are not vegan, you are contributing to this abuse. try the 22 day vegan challenge at www.vegan22.com
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Avocados are life. 🥑

Delicious weekend dinner @funkypiesbondi in our cosy 'Vegan For' hoodie. 😋🍴🍁🌾

Vigil at Århus Abattoir Denmark.
Innocent gentle beings. Mothers who never had the right to keep their babies. Used as slaves for the dairy industry. We thank them by killing them.
Bruised and terrified on the last journey.
We love you, we see you, we are fighting for you.

@Regrann from @miamianimalsave - Together, we CAN make a difference for the animals. ✊🏼 #thesavemovement #miamianimalsave #animalliberation #animalactivists #vegans

Happy Monday guys! As most of you know, our family is filled with animal and ocean activists. So you can imagine how excited we are to team up with some fellow soflo locals this month to help further our mission!! Here are some words from our new friends @floridasharkdiving 💙🦈🌊 .
. .
It seems every summer a new Hollywood movie is released about a shark terrorizing a seaside town or some unlucky surfers and or divers. Last summer we had '48 Meters Down' the summer before that we had 'The Shallows' and on and on it goes.  This summer we have 'Meg' a movie about an extinct Megalodon Shark eating people like popcorn.  There is no doubt these movies have a very negative impact on sharks and their very survival.  It is widely known and accepted that 'Jaws' for example was the catalyst for the world starting to hate and be scared of sharks, leaving people wanting an ocean empty of sharks rather then an ocean full of them.  This kind of negative, untrue, and made up horror stories of sharks brought to the masses directly affects the world view of sharks for the worst.  Sharks are often depicted in these movies as blood thirsty killers, which for those of us that know the truth about sharks know this is entirely untrue.  Sharks are cautious, calculating, and vitally important animals to the health of our oceans and in turn the world.  We ourselves have seen a massive shift in how people view sharks these days, the trend seems to have moved more towards people wanting to see sharks alive rather then go out and kill a shark.  Of course there are plenty of people that still live by the old slogan "a good shark is a dead shark" and that is why it is important people speak out and let the truth be known to as many people as possible when it comes to these fictional movies that they do not show the true nature of sharks or explain why they are so important to the oceans we depend on.  If sharks are going to survive in these modern times people need to turn the conversation towards positive shark influences and away from hyped up false media content!" 💙🦈💙
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Another world is possible. 🌀🌎💙 Amazing wall art at @funkypiesbondi

Think what this could become in 5, 10, 15, or 20 years from now!
Credit: @livekindlyco
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Watch Dragonlord at Rancho Relaxo (@boochaces) refuse to scootch from the sliding glass door and demand belly scratches instead. 🤣 Pigs are highly intelligent animals and beat toddlers in cognitive tests! Dragonlord reminds us of a silly toddler in this video. {See @boochaces original post for the full story.} 💚 #FriendsNotFood

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