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La più importante mostra di strumenti musicali al mondo #namm #anheim @thenammshow #california (avrei dovuto saltare!)

Đi lang thang vào hàng snack sống ảo
#bimbim #anheim

Angels are in last place but still my number 1 team 😎⚾️ Please beat the Blue Jays #angels #angelsbaseball #anheim #bluejays #toronto


When ☀️ falls down, ⭐️ comes out at happiest place on earth ✨

Pretty little things ✨

His name is Elliott 🐉


Half 🌓

Carthay Circle 🌕✨

Toy Story Mania ✨

Vrooomm 🚗💨🎶

Thanks to MMWM we all know the best seat to ride Casey Jr. is all the way in the back 🚂✨


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