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Again sorry for dna spam - From Wednesday - Cleaned second chorus a bit but after seeing the performance I can finally see how the moves are supposed to be done full out and jungkook didn't do the drop anymore ffs making me look bad 🙃and I went way too crazy with my face and muscle contractions for jhope breakdown so I look a bit dumb haha I was going for super sharp but I should be able to get it the next time I clean it and I plan to learn the first chorus today? Still can't see some of the feet for the verses :( I'll take a chill pill don't worry hope I can do this fast so I can move onto Gogo and mic drop 🙄so much to learn so little time between work and prep for grad apps #btsdna #dna .
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Saturday... kinda
I asked @dolewite101 to snap the first pic of us from this morning. It's not posed or staged. This organically happened + still it's not totally real.
Selah is having issues with reflux + so sleep or even real rest, has been almost non-existent in the Raymer household. It's like the hunger games, where the challenge keeps changing + you have to find ways to survive the long nights + days, on 30min increments of sleep. It has not been cute like this first photo.
There has been a lot of really hard moments filled with tears... so. many. tears. And, it's only been 2 weeks... shit. But, what I'm not gonna say is that cliché shit, "but it's totally worth it" so you don't think I'm a bad mom or a bad person for thinking I was totally bat-shit crazy for getting us into this! It is hard AF + I don't have to hide these hardships to appear as a good mom. I'm thinking these hardships will make me a good mom, or an alcoholic. This could honestly go either way folks😂.
So for everyone asking, "how's it going!" It's going. It's Saturday + there are totally real moments, like the first two pictures, that are sweet. But mostly, it looks like the last picture, which @dolewite101 says sums up the overall vibe of our house right now😂.
Sending love to all the new mamas who I have crossed paths with on this journey. Also, What the fuck were we thinkin y'all!!!!!!!

Kurmasana or Tortoise pose for day 7 (tomorrow) of #FallIntoFlexibility! 🐢💗
This pose requires moving attention inward, much like a tortoise withdraws into its shell when scared or startled. When first practicing this pose, finding a quiet center can be really challenging. You're pinning your arms down with your legs, rounding the back like the shell of a tortoise - and frankly, the pose can be scary - making you feel stuck or even anxious. Instead of reacting to the resistance that may come up, move slowly and listen to the feedback your body gives you. Breathe into sensation, moving to the depth that's right for you and your body.
1. Stand with legs just wider than hip width apart, slight bend in the knees. Take your hands to the floor, fingers facing forward, and begin to work the hands behind the feet, as you work the legs up over the shoulders (or upper arms). Begin to heel-toe your feet a little closer together, and press your inner thighs into your triceps.
2. Stay deep in your forward fold. Begin to rotate your palms away from you, keeping hands flat on the ground. Keep a deep bend in the knees and elbows as you slowly lower yourself to a seat. Inner thighs squeezing into triceps the entire time.
3. Place your feet flat on the ground and begin to straighten the arms. slightly angled down, away from the feet. Press through the palms as you heel-toe or slide the feet forward, slowly, stopping anywhere along the way. You may find yourself adjusting arms back a little further or squeezing legs up a little to get into the pose.
4. If you're feeling comfortable at this point, fully express into the pose by breathing, softening and quieting the mind. Extend through the legs, activate the feet. Reach the tailbone long and the sternum forward to find length in the spine. After five or so breaths in the pose, slowly slide your heels back, bending the legs to free up the arms. Check in with @karlatafra tomorrow evening for day 8. Don't forget to tag Karla and I and our sponsor @bodyangelactivewear in your posts. Use the code "FALLINTOFLEXIBILITY20" for a special discount during the challenge. Photography by @tateenglund 🙏🏻 #yoga #stretch #flexible

Really True 😍😍😍😍❤❤
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🎶 I woke up like this 😂. #BigandBlunt #wakeup #selfiesaturday #messyhair #doublechin

Quick little 🌪🌪🌪💀

This here barely fit into IG cropping parameters, and I couldn't be more pleased, folks. Good ol' AZ ghost town, with a wonderful wooden backdrop. From my time working with Ron Brown


Angles, triangles and squares, OH MY!

🌙 🌲

In 1000 years...This is where you'll find me, buried under a giant oak tree. #smithpoint #heavenonearth #oaktree #family #cemitary #ropeswing #angles #cherokee #historyinthemaking

All my photographers out there. Angles and depth perception are my favorite style. Yours? #photographers #angles

Cherry cake🍒

Blame the streets that raised me 😂#mixtapecovers #mixtapecomingsoon #thastreetsfukwithme #angles

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