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Meet Gifford 👋🏼 want to get involved in saving puppy lives? It's as easy as filling out an application, and there are roles outside of photography 📲[ https://www.angelsrescue.org/volunteer/ ] 📷so excited to welcome my friend @stewbunny to the team (and all she did was ask) 👯 #atl #petrescue #angelsrescue #thedogist #adopt @angelsrescue

Say hello to Muriel 🐶 she's about four and a half months old, loves other dogs and kids, snuggles and is crate trained and almost potty trained! Head to our website to apply to adopt her, link in bio! #rescuedog #dogsofinstagram #angelsrescue #angelsamongus #muriel

I can't wait to see what 25 has in store for you ❤ #ForTheLoveOfPaws #Gala #AngelsRescue #FeelsLikeProm #YesIStillWearHeels

Date night. Almost ready! #gala #tuxedo #badgelymischka #angelsrescue

When there are puppies at work, you stop everything you're doing to love on them and take pics 😍
#PupCrawlatLive coming 8/31 #atlanta #liveatthebattery #angelsrescue #puppiesofinstagram

Seems like the best thing to do on a wet Saturday #saharadiamond #petrescue #angelsrescue #adoptdontshop #rescueisthebestbreed

Chances are that you're feeling uncomfortable within your skin because it is time to release some baggage and Big Ego won't like it that much. Sooth your soul, just relax, it's a cyclical phase and what you have the courage to release will soon be replaced by better stuff. In times of need, reach out for friends and family who resonate with your poetical, intimate soul. Perhaps sensitivity makes you look at the world through a child's watery eyes, scratching your most fragile comfortable zones. Embrace the indigo child within, embrace and help the indigo child with out.
#angels #angelsrescue #arcangel calling #oraclecards #cotd

2 years ago today I brought home my very first foster, Mamie. She was a beautiful blue pit from Dekalb Animal Services and was the perfect learning experience for me on how NOT to introduce female dogs. She was adopted about 5 weeks later and I still get to see pics and updates about her because she and her fur brother have their own Facebook page.
Two years later, 41 fosters later, I am deeply involved in fostering now, I am a Special Needs foster for Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, I'm a Coordinator on the Transports Team and training to join the Intakes Team. It's all volunteer work, unpaid, like hundreds of other volunteers in Angels Among Us and thousands of fosters elsewhere. Some days it's not easy. I have good days and bad... the bad days usually consist of coccidia or puppy litter poop, but mainly just human cruelty. I have cried at the graphic injuries caused by humans, either at their hands or by neglect. I have nurtured, held, fed, soothed, taught, and been the voice that many of God's creatures deserve. And I don't regret one minute of it. It has brought me a sense of purpose, and many precious friendships with others that share my same need to nurture.
I want ONE of my friends to make a decision today to join me on this beautiful journey. Foster. Volunteer. Donate. Hold the broken and abused. Please tell me you're ready to foster. I'd love to share my journey with you. #fostermom #fosterdog #fostertoadopt #angelsrescue #adoptdontshop


This sweet boy melts my heart more and more every day. This happened Saturday morning, after I got up early to let the dogs out to potty and decided to crawl back in bed for a while. He did what he did the night before: he ventured off the security of his living room rug and walked oh so carefully on the hardwoods, down the hall, and peeked that sweet face through the crack of my door!!! He wanted to be with us. He's been here for months and is JUST NOW discovering that there's another world waiting for him at the end of that hardwood hallway. So, of course, I melted and went and scooped him up and brought him to bed with us. Kevin was there, so he was safe (unable to fall off the bed) between the two of us. And there he was, for 2 hours, content and snoring... sweetest boy ever! Now he's venturing down the hall at least once a day. Coming to my room to see what's going on back here without him. #cerebellarhypoplasia #cerebellarhypoplasiadogs #adoptabledogs #angelsrescue #australiancattledog #specialneedsdog #adoptdontshop

Gleam Supreme does not approve of the bold face lies being spread by that scale at Chattahoochee today... surely it's not true that this tub of butter has topped 40 pounds now!!! Why, she was 32 pounds just a few weeks ago!! Thank goodness she's about to spend the week with her Auntie Robbi and fellow bulldog fattie Edith... Gleam Supreme: BBW #bulldogpuppy #adoptabledog #BBW #fatgirlsrock #angelsrescue #passTheBiscuits

Seems like the best thing to do on a wet Saturday #saharadiamond #petrescue #angelsrescue #adoptdontshop #rescueisthebestbreed

When your fur baby likes to be held like a real baby 😻#saharadiamond #adoptdontshop #rescueisthebestbreed #petrescue #angelsrescue #brisbanelife

I️ mane look sweet but I️ carry a big stick! #ohjoy #dogsofatlanta #atlantadogs #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #angelsrescue #shihpoo #shihtzu

Somebody has a favourite new game. Working from home is going to be interesting #saharadiamond #adoptdontshop #rescueisthebestbreed #angelsrescue #petrescue

Your dinner is her dinner so she definitely isn't fussy.
She adapts very quickly - this was the wording from her profile. Couldn’t have been more accurate. From fast asleep to ‘isn’t that mine’ in a second #adoptdontshop #rescueisthebestbreed #angelsrescue #petrescue

Big bed, little kitten. So know who is going to rule this roost #adoptdontshop #rescueisthebestbreed #angelsrescue #petrescue

Diggin' a hole to China... and so proud of himself... your daily Howell. #cerebellarhypoplasia #cerebellarhypoplasiadog #specialneedsdogs #adoptabledogs #adoptdontshop #angelsrescue #fosterdog

I have no idea where this big guy was before he hit death row last Saturday, but THIS Saturday he's LOVING life in a foster home with all these kids! This HUGE boy is intimidating when you meet him because of his size and that big ole mouth, but it takes about 2 seconds to figure out he's just a big big baby!! He's the sweetest dog ever!! He adores people and other dogs! Look at that smile!! Omg my kids want to keep him. But alas, he will go to his perm foster Monday evening, and will be quickly adopted (you can pre adopt him now!) through Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. Budweiser, big boy, we sure do hope you find an awesome home with some kiddos that can keep that huge grin on your face forever! #adoptdontshop #americanbulldog #bullymix #blockhead #meathead #catfishhead #cowhead #bigbaby #dogsmiles #dogsmilesofinstagram #angelsrescue #fosterdog

I always wonder where my foster dogs were before they came to me. Did they live in a home and know love? Were they outside or on the streets their whole life? I do know Howell was found out in a field in Atlanta, alone and terrified. I know he was pretty shut down for weeks when he first became an Angels Among Us foster, and he's still working on relaxing around strangers. I know it took him a long time before he learned how to get on my couch and even longer to accept snuggles and falling asleep in my lap. But now, he's pretty good at it. And there's no better feeling than having his very wobbly body lay next to me and feel the tremors STOP and see him become STILL and CALM... to feel his heartbeat and wonder if I'm the only person that he's ever been this close to, physically or emotionally. I don't know what Howell's future will bring, but for now, while he's in my home, we are making up for lost time on this couch every night, calm and secure. And I promise him every day, he will never be alone in this world again. #specialneedsdog #cerebellarhypoplasia #adoptdontshop #angelsrescue #specialneedsdogsofinstagram #adoptabledogsofinstagram

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