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I can't wait to see what 25 has in store for you ❤ #ForTheLoveOfPaws #Gala #AngelsRescue #FeelsLikeProm #YesIStillWearHeels

Meet Gifford 👋🏼 want to get involved in saving puppy lives? It's as easy as filling out an application, and there are roles outside of photography 📲[ https://www.angelsrescue.org/volunteer/ ] 📷so excited to welcome my friend @stewbunny to the team (and all she did was ask) 👯 #atl #petrescue #angelsrescue #thedogist #adopt @angelsrescue

When there are puppies at work, you stop everything you're doing to love on them and take pics 😍
#PupCrawlatLive coming 8/31 #atlanta #liveatthebattery #angelsrescue #puppiesofinstagram

#Repost @ediesweety with @repostapp.
Sweet Rissy an Eight week old female black lab up for adoption #angelsrescue

Date night. Almost ready! #gala #tuxedo #badgelymischka #angelsrescue

#carolethedog got a one way ticket to her adopters home tonight! Could not have asked for a more perfect fit for her! #angelsrescue #adoptdontshop #fosteradogsavealife

Chances are that you're feeling uncomfortable within your skin because it is time to release some baggage and Big Ego won't like it that much. Sooth your soul, just relax, it's a cyclical phase and what you have the courage to release will soon be replaced by better stuff. In times of need, reach out for friends and family who resonate with your poetical, intimate soul. Perhaps sensitivity makes you look at the world through a child's watery eyes, scratching your most fragile comfortable zones. Embrace the indigo child within, embrace and help the indigo child with out.
#angels #angelsrescue #arcangel calling #oraclecards #cotd


Drop it like it's Yacht! Join us on 10/7 for #BumpSetSpiked! Our Charity Volleyball Tournament benefitting @angelsrescue with live music from @yrschooner! Oh and dogs are welcome 🐶 .
#discoverlive #livebatteryatl #volleyball #charityvolleyball #rescuedogs #rescuepuppies #rescuepets #yachtrock #beachvibes #yachtrockschooner #angelspetrescue_atl #angelsrescue #atlevents #batteryatl #cobblife #smyrna #vinings

Aan ace brings always good intentions and good vibes
Though never dares to go beyond the development of things in real time!
#poetry #tarot #angels #Oracle #cotd #angeltarot #angelscards #angelsrescue #step after step

It doesn't get much better than this! Join us and @livebatteryatl for #BumpSetSpiked volleyball tournament benefitting @angelsrescue on 10/7! We are taking over the #BatteryATL plaza to rescue puppies 🙌. Check out the link in our bio! .

#WCW #Puppies #womancrushwednesday #puppiesofinstagram #angelsrescue #angelsrescue_ga #pbrgirls #pbratlanta #dogsofinstagram #everything #adoptdontshop

So many displaced animals because of the hurricanes and the Polk county case... hundreds, thousands, will need to be fostered. Young, old, small, large, sick, healthy, purebred, mutt... they are out there right now, needing a hero. If you have ever thought about fostering, now is the time. This week, and the coming weeks, will begin the monumental task of placing so many animals that were abandoned by the very ones that were supposed to protect them. Please foster. Please donate. Please volunteer your time to a reputable rescue organization. There's so much to be done. #angelsrescue #pleasefoster #fosteringsaveslives

Moose with Angels Among Us rescue is available for adoption! He is so fun, goofy, playful & fabulously photogenic 💙 #angelsrescue #adoptdontshop

In case you were wondering what pure joy looks like... here's my Howell, and his neurological disorder that causes his tremors and lack of balance and general disconnect from what his brain tells his limbs to do... well that disorder is no match for what happens when the spirit of this young fella gets filled with pure joy!!! When the other dogs are out in the yard doing zoomies, Howell has no clue he is "different" and absolutely adores running all over and playing rough. Sure, his little body gets tired faster than the other dogs. And of course, I pray he doesn't break a leg every time this happens, and yes, I would love if my entire yard were covered with thick foam padding to keep him safe. Yes, I'm a nervous wreck. But, for for these few precious minutes, a couple times a week, he's oblivious to his tremors. His body is doing exactly what he wants it to do: living fully, exuberantly joyous. #specialneedsdog #howell #fostermommy #fosterdog #angelsrescue #runforrestrun

We're so sad that tonight is our last night with our temp foster, Lil'Nugget. She is one special dog. Absolutely perfect in every way. I would love it if one of my friends would adopt her😊 #angelsrescue #beagle #pocketbeagle #adoptdontshop #fosteringsaveslives #beaglesofinstagram #ineedafarm #lilnugget

Loved seeing my former foster girl Susette (now Stella) and her awesome adopters at the Angels Among Us Pup Crawl tonight. Fostering brings us lifelong friends. I'm so proud of you little girl 🐾💜 #fosteringsaveslives #adoptdontshop #shesallgrownup #littlemiracle #angelsrescue

Saying goodbye this evening to my (other) sweet little foster baby, India. It seems India's nurse (when she was hospitalized with pneumonia for 4 days last week) just fell in love with her and wanted more time with her so much that she BECAME A FOSTER MOMMY just so she could foster India!! Now that's love! This baby girl is all better now and will be scheduled for her spay soon. Then she's able to go to adoption events where I'm confident she will get scooped up and adopted right away. She's perfect and delicious! #boxersofinstagram #boxerpuppy #angelsrescue #adoptdontshop #fosteringsaveslives

Soooooo excited about the Angels Among Us Pup Crawl at the Battery tonight! My former foster baby Susette (now Stella) is going to be there representing the incredible difference Rescue and fostering makes in the lives of animals! Just look at how gorgeous she is now!! This is the sweet girl that was featured on the news in early June. She had demodex mange and chemical burns from someone pouring motor oil on her. Her flesh was literally burned away! She was scared, bit at other dogs, overprotective of her food and of my lap! And now, she's huge and strong and happy and perfect. And living with the most amazing mom and dad!! THIS IS WHY WE FOSTER!! This right here. Y'all, come see us tonight and see this Angel and many more former AND adoptable Angels!! #angelsrescue #thisIsWhyIFoster #demodex #rescuedog #fostermommy

Learning to Dance in the Rain with this guy... er, rather, sit in the soaking wet yard while he dances around in the rain. He's gotta go potty before I leave for several hours for my afternoon errands, and I've gotta carry him up and down the stairs anyways (just until Kevin gets some time this weekend to finally build him a ramp) so I figured I would just sit here and keep him company so he would actually do his business (as most dogs refuse to potty in the rain.) I can't bear the thoughts of this sweet guy, with the physical issues he's already dealing with, trying to "hold it" for several more hours too. So here I sit. In the wet yard, getting wet kisses, taking it slow in my fast paced world. Howell's neurological issues affect more than his ability to walk. ( my personal opinion) He reminds me of the special needs kids I have the privilege of teaching; where new people, loud noises, fast movements, and changes in environment are just too much for them and you see them get deeply quiet, shut down, and hide away. You do with Howell what you do with those kids: respect their space, try to understand why they are feeling that way, and try to encourage them to feel safe enough to meet the new person or situation, in their time, helping them grow. There is no rushing Howell. He comes and goes at his pace. Either a snails pace, or fast as lightning. But you never know which one it's gonna be. So you might as well do what I do: prepare to sit in a wet yard, with a wet dog, and the wettest kisses ever. Because having the privilege of knowing that special needs dog considers you "my person" is a gift not to be taken lightly. #specialneedsdogsofinstagram #specialneedsdog #fostermommy #fosterdog #cattledog #howell #angelsrescue

My sweet friend, and fellow Angels Among Us foster mommy and volunteer, Denise... loving on scared little Howell at the adoption event in Woodstock today. He loves her and was so comforted by her being there, as his constant. This sweet special needs boy has permanent neurological issues that make his walking and running very twitchy (palsy-like tremors) and also makes him nervous around new people and in public settings. With 2 mamas there, this scared boy made it through his first adoption event... and even got an application for a possible forever home! Howell is now taking applications for adoption through Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. Let's help this sweet boy find his forever mom (or dad) and forever home. #angelsrescue #adoptdontshop #specialneedsdogsofinstagram #specialneedsdog #cattledog #howell #motherslove❤️ #fostermommy

Come out to the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue adoption event in Woodstock to meet one # of the sweetest special needs dogs ever! My foster, Howell, will be there to find his forever home!! He's a handsome cattle dog with (seemingly painless) neurological damage that makes every wiggle more wigglier and every step is full of determination for independence. He's looking for a home with one level or some type of ramp so he can get in and out on his own. Heck, Kevin can even build a ramp at his new home if there's not one already there! Y'all come see the French Bulldog that wears pants and suspenders... it's gonna be a great day! #angelsrescue #specialneedsdog #fosterdog #fostermommy #wigglewiggle

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