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Мы рады сообщить вам, дорогие друзья, что после организационного собрания наша пара от направления "Юриспруденция" официально вступает в жаркую борьбу в заочном этапе за право именоваться "Лицами ВШЭ 2018"! 🔥🔥🔥
Мы все ждём ваших симпатии и поддержки, ребята! На пути нас ждут далеко не самые простые испытания, но только всем вместе нам под силу их преодолеть! 🎯🏁 Однако стоит поддержать и другие пары от ВШЭ, которые отважились принять участие в этом невероятном событии! Надеемся, что к концу данного мероприятия всем направлениям удастся сплотиться ещё крепче, чтобы стать одной большой дружной семьей Вышки! ❤👭👫👬❤
📌 В добавок, вышесказанное хочется закрепить высказыванием Константина Ушинского "Люди вместе могут совершить то, чего не в силах сделать в одиночку; единение умов и рук, сосредоточение их сил может стать почти всемогущим..." За новостями HSE FACE 2018 можно следить тут: 👉 https://vk.cc/7LtIxq
#hseface2018 #hse #вшэ #пермь #командызаочногоэтапа #удачивсем #юристыздесь #lawyersteam #стартзаочногоэтапа #намнужнавашаподдержка #generalphoto #event2018 #followtothelaw #angelsonourside #hsefamily #вышкинскаясемья #участники

Ure stuck with me my boy 💙🙏🏽❤️💙🙏🏽❤️ #complete #amotherslove #neverlettingyougo #myheart #mylife #thankful #blessed #angelsonourside

Ángels have been assigned to your life! ... but demons too — live conscious of the spirit realm. #spiritrealmisreal #angelsonourside #demonsarereal #godisonourside #spiritualwarfare #guerraespiritual

7 weeks ago I became an Auntie for the 8th time. This little 7lb miracle had open heart surgery yesterday and is doing amazing considering his odds. One of his arteries was wired to the wrong side of his heart. Doctors usually only see this disorder after the baby has passed or is too weak to make it through surgery. He is one lucky little man for all the chances that had to line up for the doctors to even find his disorder! None of this would have happened if he didn't have such a strong and persistent Mom! Great job @megs1002
#childrenshospital #alcapa #miraclebaby #angelsonourside

Wow✨this is a banana papaya smoothie, with some dates, a fig and a tsp honey: it tastes superfine😍, but what’s more: the feeling in your whole body after having it is incredible: you feel deeply nourished, peaceful 🌀 and calm. Just try it and let me know how you feel🌸 peaceful thoughts to all who struggle at the moment-may the angel of peace be on our side😇 and let your heart be peaceful 💕💕💕💕

I cross my heart and promise to give all I've got to give, to make all your dreams come true ;; in all the world you'll never find a love as true as mine ❤️
#peepthehalos #angelsonourside

It’s our room ❤️ #11 #clinic #angelsonourside

🌺 C A T A L I N A ⚓️ I S L A N D 🛥✨
Almost had us... 🙈 Happy to report (abbreviated version) we survived an almost failed hike. It all started with going the wrong way on dump road, to being warned, yet we ignored, the ‘Frankenstein-ed monkey-baby-doll’ 🐒 hung on a chain fence, to a “bison” scare which ended up being birds in a bush, to Ceci spotting "somebody" up ahead.. so I yell, "hello?".. and Ceci's eyes instantly bug out 👀 saying, "I see a TAIL!" 👀 She turned and ran past me with the quickness! 😟 Which btw, I've suggested to turn around several times but I guess our curiosity was bigger than our sense of safety. 😰 As we're running away and processing.. I ask her if it's dog? She's says no, so I'm thinking omg.. a fox?! She says no! "It looked like a PANTHER". 😳 We cannot deny we had angels on our side and this animal did not come after us. 🙏🏽 Once we escaped the mountain which took about 30mins to trek up and 5mins running down, we found the proper trail and finished our 5 mile hike into the town of Avalon with views like this😍! Update: Google confirmed sightings of a mysterious panther on the island. (Swipe Right) the rest of the day was just blissful. 🙏🏽✨👯💗 #surivedanotherscaryhike #bisonpanther #angelsonourside #devilsonourshoulder #grateful #survival #friendship #almosthadus #catalinapanther #catalinahike #catalinaisland

Yes we did! #cityoflosangeles #indigenouspeoplesday #cd13 #makingithappen #hardworkpaysoff #goodbyecolumbus Our team killed it and brought #IPD to the floor for a vote today!! Congratulations to all the people who worked tirelessly since 2015 to correct this wrong #progress #angelsonourside

There is no quit, just keep going,keep moving,keep proving to yourself you CAN and move forward everyday🙏✊👣in this life Im privileged to live...be Thankful and honor yourself and others whom NEVER gave up on you🙏👭💝💪because you love them enough to take care of yourself too...there is no magic goal weight number here just healthy mind/body. Everytime I thought I'd want to quit I think of what my Sis Patty would say to that and use those only positive words spoken from her or inside jokes we shared only positives to push forward in fitness life and apply to our family metaphor in life...
We know for a fact that Life can knock us down hard at times, but it's our choice if we will accept it and give into those vulnerabilities of negatives or choose to keep fighting and find our strength within...No regrets just lessons learned always keep GOING and finish strong Everytime🙏👣👭💗💝 #instrengthbecauseoflove #keepgoing #crossfithui #allowonlypositives #noexcusesjustgo #AngelsonOurSide
#LoveisLouder #autismMomwarrior #forMichaeylaBabe #ForOurSis #LoveYouForAlways #PickYourselfUpEachDay #RisewithYourFaith #OnlyHisopinionMatters #NeverStop #LiveAlohaforOurAngelsAbove
#noscaredofsayingorbeing40 #becauseeffcancer

Thanking God for the safety of our loved ones! #blessed #angelsonourside #family

HI Monday! 🙏💥👊Set the tone for your week~Thankful for another Day Always❤
~Stop trying to explain yourself to those who are committed to misunderstanding you~Our experiences are made to shape us and push us forward in growing towards where Gods plan is for us~Stay on the path👣Eyes above Always🙏He knows My Heart and thats all that matters🤗👐#MondayMotivation#KnowYourWorth#PositiveVibesOnly#HisLoveIsWorthMoreThanOpinions#SelfLove#NeverGiveUp#crossfit#LearnEveryday#lift#run#SetUppYourGoals#AngelsonOurSide#ThankfulforEveryday#CFHui🌺

So stoked to have won this cosmic kimono from @warriorsofthedivine through the auction for #StandingRock that @theintentionalife is hosting. Yesterday I added it all up and with this donation, I've contributed around $1,350 to Standing Rock so far. This is more than I have ever been able to contribute to a cause I believe in.
Why do I share this? Some people share about the designer clothing and accessories that they have been able to purchase because of the success of their business. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that at all! I am so stoked that they are high on life and expressing it through fashion! And I might get to a point where I do the same, but for now what I am SO excited about in my life is that I now have the ability to support causes and people that I believe in who need support.
My invitation in all of this to you is to use your money wisely. Your money is your energy. Make sure it is aligned in the direction of creating the world you wish to see.
There are still bonus offerings available over at @theintentionalife's page! (And something from me *might* be popping up soon! 😉) Be sure to keep your eyes peeled! I never give away stuff for free, but for this, I am. I believe we all need clean water and that Lady Gaia, our dear Mother Earth deserves to be respected as the mighty goddess she is. 💧DONATION CAUSE:💧
100% of net profits will be collected by our 501(c)(3) non-profit partner @EPICthemovement to be donated directly to The Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund (@sacredstonecamp) to support and stand with our Indigenous brothers and sisters and the right to clean water for us all.
Watch @theintentionalife for details! #magictribe #waterislife #nodapl #moneyisenergy #angelsarewithus #weareallinthistogether #bethechange #wearetheoneswehavebeenwaitingfor #LightWorkersUnite #starseedsunite #SpiritualRevolution #LetYourMagicOut #SacredRevels #AngelsOnOurSide #MagicEveryDamnDay #BelieveInMiracles #YesWeCan #IAMthechange #IStandWithStandingRock #DefendTheSacred

A thousand shall fall at thy side ,and ten thousand at thy right hand;but it shall not reach you (psalm 91:7)

Blew a tire going 70mph on the 118 fwy towards N. Hollywood. Luckily I was able to exit on Sepulveda. When god is on your side. #godisgood #blessings #angelsonourside

We've prayed for 1,236 days for this! We've prayed, cried & cried some more! God is so good, he has a plan and faith in him will always see you though! My mom wanted more than anything for me to me a mother & nothing on earth makes me happier than this! Baby Johnson is finally on board ❤️ #dreamscometrue #nevergiveup #angelsonourside #babyjohnson

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