Forget me not, although I've gone for my memory will always live on.
Instead, remember me in every special way, keep me close to your heart; we'll meet again one day. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
A real Forget-Me-Not flower beautifully preserved in glass and sterling silver will keep your loved one close to your heart and serve as a daily reminder of the special memories and love that will never be forgotten. What a precious gift this holiday season for anyone missing their angel above. 😇💙😇 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
📷 the beautiful @katsjwaters by @peoniesandpictures

Ever since my mother died, i feel like someone ripped out my stomach, and then filled the hole with stones.. its so hard, heavy.. i laugh every time it comes to my mind that i'm never gonna talk to her ever again, Because it's really the stupidest thing I have ever heard.. its so unreal, even trough it's been 7 months.. I feel like I just saw her, I was just fixing her make-up before the party.. I never though that is was possible to miss someone, that it acually would hurt... #Angelmommy #SadFor2long #Sorrymom

I've not done any roses for a while and this time used the customer's choice of shades of dark blue, purple & grey - really pleased with the overall effect.

This is for a Born Sleeping Forever Loved remembrance gift.


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Today when I should be 20 weeks pregnant, I’m grateful I get to hold “you” in this bear. Thankful I got your heartbeat on video and was able to put it in this bear, its still music to my ears to know your short time on earth was real. ✨

In the past few months I’ve bought two of these necklaces for giveaways, eager to help soothe the pain of loss. When I look back on my son’s death eight years ago, I always remember the prayers, acts of service, and gifts from people offering comfort anyway they could. In October, I gave myself a gift to celebrate my son’s would-be 9th birthday.
When it arrived, it took my breath away. No matter the years that have passed, to see Ty’s sweet face beautifully captured in this locket brought me tears but also so much joy. I love that I have something to wear over these quickly arriving holidays, a subtle reminder of our “one more”. Thank you @give.presentlee. If any of you have not visited her website, I highly recommend it!

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In a week...heck in 5 days you can be in a completely different space MENTALLY & PHYSICALLY if you choose to get over your excuses and go all in!!!! 🙌🏼 Day 5 & I’m down 8 lbs since Monday!!!!! Detoxing from sugar and goodbye swelling and bloat! That’s all fine and good but the biggest thing for me is how I feel internally! No more headaches, bye bye sluggish feeling and hello confidence and back in control!!!! It’s NO EXCUSE November and I’m looking for 10 women to join me with our special pricing this month!!! So , are you going to look at your health as an investment or expense? How you FEEL matters and it directly affects everyone around you! Take control THIS holiday season, if you haven’t noticed life keeps moving!
Let’s go! 😘

“Life is always beautiful, we just have to look through the right lens.” Thriving doesn’t mean sunshine and rainbows it means you are engaged in life. It’s ok to still enjoy life when things are crazy. Slow down. Find beauty. Being mad at the world doesn’t make you strong. Stop letting life happen to you and start to enjoy life, create the life around yourself that you want to be living.
Took little boss baby out front to watch the sunset, I want to teach him that he can find beauty anywhere and I’m hoping watching the sunset this morning will help us both have a calm day! #threenager 😂

And one for my baby boy .

You can add any name and dates or just a name . Or leave unpersonalised.
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Tune into CBC radio Tuesday . I will be talking with other moms about women who go through infant loss and still having to stay on the maternity wards . The trauma of losing a child is hard enough but having too see all the other moms enjoy they’re brand new bundles of joy while your trying to grieve is very painful . Hopefully this is changed ASAP . The stigma that follows pregnancy loss is comming to an end . Speak out and educate ❤️ #angelmommy #infantlossawareness #pregnacylossawareness

Ahhhhh!!! What an insane day from my threenager waking up at 5:30 am 😱 to running late because he refused to get dress and then being just completely slammed at work! I came home feeling tired & defeated ....and then my new coach (who just started 2 days ago!) Sent me this : “This is such an incredible opportunity!! ❤️😭😭😭 I’m so sad I didn’t do it sooner”
She also made her initial investment investment back already!!! In 2 days guys!!!!! She will have that money back in one week since we get a weekly payday! But I don’t want you to get the wrong picture here, it takes work!!! She is doing ALL the things, following the trainings and stepping outside her comfort zone!!!! It takes work, it takes consistency and belief !! Her energy is SO high she makes me want to join ! 😍

I like helping women lose weight get fit and healthy BUT my huge deep goal is to help women get financial freedom by doing something they love! Tonight I am fulfilled to say the least! ✨ #changinglives
Why not you?! 😘 STOP watching ! Let’s go! ——Beachbody doesn’t guarantee any level of success your income depends on your efforts diligence and skill!

One for my baby girl . Personalise with your loved ones details .

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-But what if I fail?! -I am scared to fail!
-I am scared to let myself down. •Failure is really a matter of conceit. People don’t work hard because, in their conceit , they imagine they will succeed without ever making an effort. People think failure is final -it’s not. Each of us has to make a choice. Are we going to sleep life away, avoiding failure at all costs ? Or are we going to wake up and realize that failure is a part of the journey. That you must walk through failures to get to success and the only way you really fail....is if you quit. • Failing forward
I’ve had my fair share of “failures” or events where I could have chosen to stay down and not get back up. It’s hard IN THE MOMENT to see yourself getting back up. It’s hard MENTALLY to see that your life can get better IN THE MOMENT. I’ve been there too many times. •Multiple pregnancy complications •Miscarriages
•Foreclosure •Bankruptcy
•Weight loss struggles •Health issues •Financial difficulties •Anxiety / depression
Etc etc

Do you know how hard it is to break the human spirit?!? You must make a choice to get back up EVEN when it’s hard because the only person you are quitting on is YOURSELF. Your STORY matters. Your LIFE matters. Embrace the failures and always choose to use it as fuel to the top. 🔥

Because this sound I'm in love with 😍😍😍😍🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
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Sadly, he was stillborn at 36 weeks and the only photos they have of their son are cell phone photos. Now they have this peaceful image (minus the hurts) to frame and hang in their home for friends and family to see and remember. Isn’t he precious?

Tetaplah saling setia seperti apapun keadaannya dan sampai maut memisahkan untuk papa mama, kunci surgaku 😘

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I declare victory over every strategy and weapon of the enemy formed against you and your loved ones. In Jesus' holy name Amen!
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THREENAGER: A person age 3 years old possessing the attitude of a TEENAGER •Eats ALL day
•Changes mind frequently •Pushes buttons to see how far he can go •Hard to please due to frequent mood swings •Sweet then Sour
I ALWAYS forget about the Threenager stage until we are right in the middle of it and then I’m like OH YA, that’s what that’s like. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Any other mamas in the middle of this stage?! It’s a REAL thing. #kingstonleo

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