💓 she doesn’t give them often, but when she does they are truly priceless!!! #AngelMarie

As a mom I want my daughter to know what it’s like to run free. To be yourself. To embrace life’s adventures. To not be afraid.
I want her to know she’s perfect without any make up on. She’s fancy without name brand clothes. Society won’t define her, she will define herself. She will create herself💕 #LifesMoments #NeverTakeThemForGrantes #AngelMarie #MommysGirl #ILoveBeingAMom

We ended up with free meals. 2 people called in right before rush and we didn’t get our order for over a hour. Didn’t get a refill on my coffee for 20 minutes, never got my water. Tons of people walked out, tons mad. Instead I taught Angel to be patient and be kind NO MATTER WHAT! We didn’t know what the delay was until the very end but it was obvious they were understaffed. The manager brought us half our food which the waiter heard me wrong so it wasn’t right either.. again I was patient. She then refilled my coffee and brought the water I never got. Angel by this time is starving! She gets her plate of spaghetti but they didn’t bring her two sides with it.. she didn’t complain. Why? Because I taught her not too. Life isn’t perfect and neither is anyone so you must go with the flow and be understanding. The waiter came to the table after the rush and sincerely apologize. You could see the shame on his face from the poor service but he still stood tall with a smile on his face. Why? Because he was taught too. So here I am giving Angel $5 to give to the waiter and $5 to give to the manager. Why? Because we must teach our kids nothing comes free. No service is free. Just because we got free food (which someone will end up paying for) we do not get free service. We pay for our things and service, ALWAYS! Being a waiter/waitress can be the most irritating job in the world when things don’t go right, especially when table after table complains. So I’ll be the peacemaker and stand tall with my smile on my face. I won’t complain and I’ll pay for my service. We all need to understand these are people just like you and I paying our bills trying to make it somewhere in this world!💯 #Dennys #Waitress #Waiter #AngelMarie #LifeLesson #Perspective
Also pay for your service, period.

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