Busting the most common myths on #fundraising for #Startups.

Published in Times of India dated 22.07.2018.

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Opportunities always exist. All these companies came after 2006 and guess what by 2020 some of them will no longer exist and some of the household names we know now also won't exist by 2020. Opportunities for big quantum leaps always exist, it's the entrepreneur who starts now that will eventually get rewarded big time. Uber replaced taxis, Air bnb replaced a lot of guest houses and took business away from hotels. iPhone changed the whole game and destroyed blackberry and Nokia, Shopify changed the nature of e-commerce online , What's app changed the way we interact, Netflix replaced dvd rentals and blockbuster. By 2020 most other names will be replaced by new entrepreneurs. Who's gonna be next ? What's going to be replaced next ?

P.S you don't have to be the one to replace it or come up with the idea, you can help facilitate the change or invest in it early or even be an early adopter when you spot a trend. Many ways to profit from this ever changing landscape -
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Paper and pen just sometimes feel better...

Quality time with these two powerful women! Last year, my sister and I started an angel fund. Zuvaa was our first investment. Women supporting women is something my sister and are both passionate about it. We’re so excited to see how the amazing and talented Kelechi continues to grow the @shopzuvaa marketplace! ❤️🙌🏾

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The Removal of Red tape is one of the Entrepreneur's Prime Goals, this objective once realized frees people from indentured servitude, it inspires the complete Emancipation of humans and creates opportunities for unlimited income streams and unlimited lives, as it should ALWAYS BE!

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