Guten Mittag, ich kam gerade von der Schule und esse jetzt was.
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Was macht ihr heute so?😋 #edit #angelcrew @typischalina

Bearbeitungs-Skills sind nicht vorhanden😂Hahah😂💭❤️

Was habt ihr heute so schönes gemacht?😋💋

#edit #angelcrew
@typischalina 💗


Das ist unser erstes Edit😅Ich weiß es ist nichts besonderes aber wir Fangen ja auch gerade erst an😋💗

Schreibt mal 3 Worte die Alina Beschreiben in die Kommentare💗

#edit #angelcrew
@typischalina 💗

Loren?I love you so much🌹💗#angelcrew #angelsarebeautiful @loren .
Thanks for being there🌹

Du bist so schön, Alina❤
#angelcrew @typischalina

My winter working in the beautiful Canadian Rockies has finally reached its end. 7 months is a long time to spend in freezing cold temperatures of up to -30C, where some mornings your eyelashes freeze together and you can’t feel your fingers and toes, and frostbite actually becomes a reality rather than something you’ve just heard about, but with the right crew and some decent heating, time absolutely flies by. Bring on Slush Cup and end of season shenanigans!! #angelcrew

She is so Perfect i swear💗🌹
I have never seen someone so nice Kind and grateful like Loren🌹💍She loves her fans and each of us loves her🌹💗
She is like my Sunshine...When she is there I am happy and I can't stop smiling and laughing but when she is gone nothing is really great anymore....💗🌹
So thank you Loren for always being there for ME🌹💗
I don't know what a life without her would be and in case I don't even want to imagine what such a life would be like that is why I wanted to say thank you💗🌹
Heaven had lost their best Angel when you was born💗🌹
@loren @lorenxgray #angelcrew #supportloren

[Airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars🌟]
Watch till the end
Dt:@typischalina @alinafandom @alinalyrics #angelcrew
Ac:leli fp
App:kinemaster don't ask.
Ily all 💖thanks for 530 follwers🌟

Steaks on steaks on steaks #nom #foodporn #filet #angelcrew

What a mother's day kitchen crew we got here SMH #mothersday #chefslife #truecooks #angelcrew #recoverybrothers

[Smoking in a bar🌷]

Ib:leli fp
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Feedback oder markieren? 🌷☁️


Her mother doesn't like the kind of dress🌷
Ib:beki fp
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Ac:beki fp

Findet ihr ich hab mich in der zeit wo ich nicht da wahr verbessert?🌷 •
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comment your eye colour🌊 -me: blue
@typischalina #alinaarmy #teamalina #angelcrew #typischalina

first lyric video🥀
-more of this?
@typischalina #alinaarmy #teamalina #angelcrew #typischalina

Das ist das erste Video Edit das ich je gemacht habe also ist es nicht perfekt sorry. Bitte kein hate.
Ily Alina ❤❤
@typischalina @aliinarnt
#idol #schönste #ily #girl #alinaarmy #angelcrew

Markiert Alina bitte🌹

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