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BFF time! We were 13 when she corrupted me! I love her! #angelarose #highschoolbuddies #unbreakable

Congrats on graduating!! #angelarose 😂 #america #happy4th #ohthankgawd 🇺🇸🇺🇸

When she holds my hand, she holds my heart..... ❤
So proud and happy to witness my friend FINALLY adopt this little angel yesterday. After so many tears and hard times, she gets to live and be loved by her grandma (my best friend) and everyone else around her. I've been in this little girl's life since she was 2 months old.... I immediately felt a bond with her and am proud to be her God mother ❤❤ I'll never leave her. She'll ALWAYS have her aunty Clarissa ☺😇
#angelarose #mymini #goddaughter

my two favorite men (and Dave lol) #WeddingDay

You cannot buy happiness, happiness is born #AngelaRose 💕

Ещё одна новиночка #AngelaRose


my two favorite men (and Dave lol) #WeddingDay

putting this as my background so I can re-live the best thing I ever ate over and over #FatGirl


you are limitless ; the first step is BELIEVING that 😘 #GoodMorning

that's amore 🇮🇹🎶

wind blowing; it's a BEAUTIFUL day for a performance or two 😉 #MermaidLife



Finding this picture the other day was EXACTLY what I needed...I may not be where I wanna be but I'm not where I was. The best thing I did was BELIEVE in myself! #TBT

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