One of the best meals I’ve ever had hands down! Tasting menu paired with drinks makes for a good night! #milwaukeefood #anewhealthylifestyle

Date night and we found a great little place downtown - amazing drinks and “cheers”’atmosphere. Will be back for sure! #datenight #anewhealthylifestyle

There are multiple tones in my life that I wonder.... Could I live off meat and cheese platters? .
I’m leaning towards YES! #anewhealthylifestyle #milwaukeefood

Who’s going to win the free gift?! Join me today!!! #anewhealthylifestyle #joinmetoday #herbalifestyle

When you have pink eye and an ear infection you have to find fun games inside the cabinets for entertainment. #livinginclosequarters #anewhealthylifestyle #babylakin

Happy Easter and April Fools Day from Milwaukee! Kid gets excited for food just like his momma 🤣 #brunchtime #eastersunday #anewhealthylifestyle

Fun times at the Children’s Museum today! #anewhealthylifestyle #babylakin #milwaukee

I have to brag on this guy for a second. This picture was taken about an hour before my horrible food poisoning set in while we were in San Diego. He not only took care of Lakin, but also stayed up all night with me holding my hair while I was barfing and complaining about how much pain I was in. Then helped me to get the courage the next morning to get on a plane to get home - which took some serious encouragement since I get sick on planes anyways without food poisoning. Today is the first day I’m feeling somewhat normal and I wouldn’t have been able to survive without you @kevin.garlington! I choice you over and over every day! ILYMTYWEK .
#chooselove #anewhealthylifestyle

A ejercitar porque la panza es una perra incontrolable jajaja #getstarted#anewhealthylifestyle jajajajaja

Let’s all pretend that our kid is not scared to death on the gondola ride. AND Rock Chalk Jayhawk! #poorlakin #anewhealthylifestyle #sandiegozoo

We had a great family day at the @sandiegozoo this week. Lakin loved all the animals. Until next time Cali.....now back to the cold 😳 #familytime #pleasegetwarmsoonmilwaukee #anewhealthylifestyle

Gambe gonfie ::: SOS ::: i 7 segreti per evitarle !! •••••••••••
Read more >>>> Keijōy.com

Ansia della bilancia ?! Come godersi le feste senza rovinarsi la linea ::: 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Read more >> Keijōy.com

This is the real reason we come to OB! Best gluten free treats around! #obsandiego #anewhealthylifestyle

My lunch date. He is growing up so fast. We are enjoying these couple days together as a family in San Diego! #familyfirst #babylakin #anewhealthylifestyle #oceanbeach

Our no fear child - after a couple times down the slide, he decided he can do it all by himself face first. #babylakin #nofear #definitelyourkid #anewhealthylifestyle

Our version of a “dunk contest” - fun times at the pool in California! #babylakingoesswimming #anewhealthylifestyle

What is wrong with my parents? Lakin’s thoughts on a daily basis.
Had a great little hike today. #familytimeincali #anewhealthylifestyle

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