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Isn't @esthervis a gorgeous beach babe for @andi_bagus 🌊

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Summer days 💦 Welcome to my new page ✌️

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I miss waking up on a Saturday morning running down to the tv room, turning on the wii. Pulling out the guitar hero guitar and hitting every note of “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World... hit me up if you wanna take me on #guitarhero

yesterday’s festivities ⭐️
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Dark and stormy 🌑💨🌊🌬🌫

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It rained on us while shooting @melissamateos_photos 😂 but we still managed to get amazing pics...here’s a little #preview with @unofficialswim 🔥☀️ #alittlebikini

We are totally feeling @genatew’s #boxbraids 😍 what do you think? 🙌🏽 #hsiproducts #hsiprofessional

Not gonna lie this is a fucking hard post to post. I asked you guys if you wanted an anorexia transformation post.... so here you go. This is so hard for me to post because who knows what you guys will think, but I’m happy about where I am today in my fitness and health goal, so I think you guys deserve to know part of my journey. ❤️ FULL STORY IN COMMENTS -PLEASE GET HELP. YOU NEED IT.
It's been 3 years since I was admitted to hospital for anorexia nervosa, depression and bulimia nervosa. And when I took these before photos, I still believed I had to loose more weight. My eating disorder never was satisfied with what I looked like. My thighs were always too big,stomach not flat enough. I was so depressed, i exercised for 3 hours everyday, I had no friends, no social life, always moody and grumpy. My mind constantly thinking about weight and food. only eating one piece of toast for breakfast and a tiny salad for dinner. Going into EXTREME binges because I was starving and then purging up all my food that I felt guilty about. This would happen every afternoon, I would binge on anything and everything, nutrigrain, bread, baked beans. I would eat twice my weight in food then feel so sick from eating so much because my body was so deprived. I would then run to the bathroom and stick my fingers down my throat until every piece of food I ate came up. Telling my parents that i wasn't hungry all the time and that I had eaten. Eating only one bite of their meals and telling them I already ate or I wasn’t hungry.
I got admitted to the emergency department at cambelltown hospital the 1st April, Friday night, after my GP told me I needed emergency help. Arriving at hospital, with a heart rate of 30, the doctors said that if I didn't come when I did I would of died of heart failure. I was placed in the emergency section and then moved to the children's ward in the hospital. I had a nasogastric tube stuffed into my nose and down my throat which fed me food every night, along with 6 meals a day, breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper, and I had to follow a strict meal plan. If I didn't eat all the foods given to

Yesterday’s arms and abs.... first time I kinda succeeded in a gym workout video, it’s so awkward setting up a camera in front of other people 😳
Filming is soo handy because it helps me correct my form in the gym soooo gym videos will be coming your way 🤩
1️⃣ Overhead press 12 reps x 3 sets
2️⃣ Incline an crunch 12 reps x 3 sets
3️⃣ Incline ab cycle 12 reps x 3 sets
4️⃣ Standing oblique crunch 12 reps x 3 sets
Happy weekend 💛💛 wearing @gymshark and @boohoo

Baby gal ✨

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