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be kind #ruok


Sup, Rome?

Unfortunately 💁🏽‍♂️


Photography: @cloud.9.photo -
Yes yes, I know technically my bday is over lol. Thank you to everyone for all of the birthday wishes and gifts. I love you all! Well, anyway...even tho my bday is over, there's still cause for a celebration. IT'S OCTOBER FIRST. It's time to get spooky, and we're kickin' off this season with my Coraline themed shoot this Saturday. Stay tuned🌖 #carefulwhatyouwishfor

Had a awsome day 😄 #aneonmodel



Throwback to last week beachwalk🌴🌺 Such a beautiful weather lately in Bondi 🌞
I’ve recently started working a new job I am totally in love with 🌸💗 First days at a new job are always challenging, you’re in a position you might haven’t experience before and there is so much new to consider. It takes a lot of energy and effort but I always try to give a 100% in what I do because I believe that otherwise it is not worth doing at all 😌 and with time I notice how slowly my work becomes second nature 🌱There‘s nothing better than spending time doing things you like and enjoy, having the feeling that the work you do is appreciated and valued 💗🌸🌺 Wearing the most beautiful jeans from @grlfrnd_denim 👖💋 @revolve ❤️ #summer#bondi#walks#love#strolls#happy#me#chills#relax#ocean#jeans#grlfrd#revolve#aneonmodel#salt#sea#fresh

Beanie baby 🌹
I’m going to be posting my video on the eye look I did so keep an eye out for that ;) lol get it eye? I’m gonna go now but watch my story so you’ll know when I post 🍃

Everybody get golden🦁
Models: @nayomi.elle @theonly_miranda
Photography: @somecrazyphotographer

This pose was a lot harder than it looked. Trust me.
Models: @theonly_miranda @nayomi.elle
Photography: @somecrazyphotographer -
This was suchhhh a fun collab. I’m usually on the other side of the camera when working with Miranda so I had so much fun. Her and Selina are such sweet souls, ily both!🖤

The correct answer was *drum roll* 6! I have 6 tattoos! Thanks everyone for playing, it was fun ☺️ Would you like me to create a short vlog talking about what each one means?
Photographer: @elizamercer
Stylists: @phoebewallace_ + @josephinesalvato
Swimwear: @sundaysocial

Days at the beach 🏖❤️ #vscouted #scoutmechadwick #aneonmodel

Yesterday’s strolls around the suburb 🌴🌞 Quick dip in and walks to sooth the belly 🤒
I’ve never had food poisoning before, or at least not as bad as what I went through the other day 🤦🏽‍♀️ What a traumatic experience for my stomach, but been feeling better today.. been only having plein foods to make sure I don’t cause any more unbalances and I give my gut some time to recover 👅
My lovely dress is called Izzy Dress from @billy_j_boutique 👹

WOOO ITS FRIDAY 🙌🏻 @sequoia.etti for @saboskirt #aneonmodel
#Repost @saboskirt (@get_repost)
Yula Top | Worn by @sequoia.etti

@tamika_fawcett for the latest @neverjust_ campaign #aneonmodel #aneonfriend
#Repost @neverjust_ (@get_repost)
BTS shot from yesterday's shoot with the amazing @tamika_fawcett ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Photography: @somecrazyphotographer

I'm gonna be posting a lot from this shoot lol prepare yourselves. friends. Also follow my art account to see the festive posts I'll have up for Christmas🎄 @heyyitsnayy_
Photography: @somecrazyphotographer

Devil gate drive🥀
Photography: @somecrazyphotographer

I look like a vampire and hey guess what? You already know, but I upload tomorrow! Keep an eye out on my story

Let's play a game! Guess how many tattoos I have? #myarmisconfused

You don't fall up the stairs? That's just me? Oh. #laughofftheshame

Magical sunset light 💫

H-h-healthy Junior 💚🌿🌱💙

I guess I’ll jump on the bandwagon... it’s been an amazing year and I would appreciate it so much if you could help me out and vote for me for your triple j hot 100 ❤️💛💙
Link in my bio!!
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If you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed🕊

Last January. I look 12.


To all my friends who also graduated this year, massive congratulations! This is actually a big deal, so take some time to stop and reflect! YOU DID IT! You've worked hard and come a loong way. This is only the beginning there is so much more ahead.
And to everyone getting their VCE/HSC results, your natural intelligence will not define your future. Intelligence is important but so is hard work, persistence, commitment, a positive attitude, a strong community and trust. Also, it's okay to not know what you want to do career wise. I'm still on that boat, what you study or choose to do is not final. It's a journey, and it may take you to some crazy places you've never expected. It's great. Life's great.

“Don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk?”

Celebrating my degree (with distinctions - praise Jesus) at my one of my favourite restaurants with MATCHA 💚

Summers here 🌞 {swipe}. #aneonmodel

Toby - “Ahhh let me just quickly fix my hair” ... @tamzinpedavoli_ - “wtf, It looks exactly the same” #poolgames #pool #coastalchill #wanderlust

Bright dreams
Dirty boots

Hit the snooze button 😴🤫 @midnightswimwear

@elleggreen for @mishkahfashion latest swimwear range #aneonmodel
#Repost @mishkahfashion (@get_repost)
The colour we know you want | SUN POTION bikini top & WRAPPED IN bikini bottoms
WWW.MISHKAH.COM.AU xx #mishkah #newarrivals #afterpay

japan soon 🇯🇵🇯🇵 • with @aimeeeve_ 🎅🏼🎄🎁

So sweet,
With a mean streak.
Photography: @somecrazyphotographer

Talk a walk.
Photography: @somecrazyphotographer

I do still wear my Zara pieces that I've purchased previously. I love @zara, I love their clothes and I would've loved to get my 21st outfit from there. Unfortunately, I can't justify a quick yet beautiful purchase for the price of injustice against real human lives. I have chosen, as hard as it is, to stop shopping at Zara until they make a statement in regards to their workers welfare. I would encourage you to do so too, perhaps even send them some messages of your choice and why. It's tough, trust me I know, it's my favourite store. But what really matters more, looking good or safe working conditions and fair pay for real people in and with real families?

Mr. Blue sky, please tell me why, you had to hide away for so long. ⛅️
Go vote in my poll for my video it’s tied right now!

Chilling in the garden with @brennahock 🌳🍃


"Don't be a Duck" a short story. I once was smiling for a photograph when suddenly I began being surrounded by ducks. All was good and well until I started transforming into a duck (see final picture). The moral of the story is that who you surround yourself with and the crowd you are in will influence you. It will play a big role in forming your your future, your direction and your personal growth. Don't surround yourself with ducks, or you'll become one. Quack. 🦆

Привет, девчонки ! Хочу делиться с вами полезной информацией по поводу контрактов и работы GoGo и Modeling в Азии . Я работала в Китае, Вьетнаме , сейчас нахожусь на Бали. Напишите в комментариях интересующие вас темы и вопросы. О чем вам интересно знать ? Как найти контракт ? Какие должны быть параметры ? Какую информацию вам нужно предоставить менеджеру /компании? Какие могут быть подводные камни? Жду ваши вопросы и темы. Если наберём хотя бы человек 10 интересующихся , то я начну писать об этом 👯‍♀️😘 📸 @jozzigesiradja

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no foundation kinda day 🌿🌿🌿 love this new hat i got today from @citybeachaustralia 💜🌙🌟

Hey #itsamee Trav! I'm an outgoing 21 year old from Melbourne, Australia. One thing that is unique about me is my way of viewing life. I try to see the best in people and all situations. I am extremely deidcated and try to make the lives of those around me better. 😊 @marioadrion .
📷 @anniekallphotography
@thephotostudioaustralia .

#colourpop #jayjays #factorie #Melbournemodels #modelagency #becomeamodel #getscouted #scoutmechadwick #aneonmodel #modelsearch

Nothing better than apple ginger juice on a hot weekend, throwback to when I wasn’t in bed the whole day because of food poisoning 😔 Hope you guys are having a better start of the week, I won’t make it further than to the bathroom today 🤢😞 Wearing @boohoo blouse 🌸#sick#in#bed#foodpoisoning#timetorest#feeling#theworst#whatatuesday#hangouts#friends#weekend#aneonmodel

Elena K 'Rise' 📷 @monikajakimiuk
#aneonmodel #aneonfriend

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