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Can I share 1 thing that’s brought me joy in 2018? Not shopping for clothes.

Yep, from the stylist! But I’ve committed to not buying clothes for the first 3 months of the year.

The first motive is saving money. Not waffling whether or not to buy something, just making it really simple bc the decision has already been made.

But the second is more important. I want to remind myself that the dopamine rush from buying clothing fades. And then I want more. That buying more doesn’t make me happier, feel more confident or beautiful in a lasting way.

Are you looking to spend more wisely + rewire habits that don’t bring you joy? 💋 I’m teaching class on that, called How To Dress Your Shape + other style secrets no one ever told you (free via LINK in bio).

Joy does not come from weighing less or buying more. It just doesn’t. It fades. If it worked we would have figured out this peace thing + how to sustain it.

We as women need a new way forward. If you want to feel more joy in your beauty, more ease in your daily life, you’re in the right place. 💋 Join me via the link for more... #EncourageBeauty #AnEducatedStyle 📷 @katiemitchellphotography

Love, I’m teaching a free style workshop! 💋 How to Dress Your Shape + other style secrets no one ever told you. (wink)

As a stylist for whip smart women, I’ll share my two FAVORITE principles that I swear you’ll use everyday when you get dressed that lead to SO much more freedom + joy in how you look + feel.

I’ll also decode red carpet style with what celeb stylist’s know is most flattering we can all implement whether in work clothes or a fancy night out.

What helps a woman have quiet confidence in her beauty? A combination of heart + head. Starting with an educated style + an earnest conversation about why our beauty matters so much, + so often breaks our heart.

More via website in my bio where you’ll also find the class! 💋 #EncourageBeauty #AnEducatedStyle 📷 @katiemitchellphotography

#FridayFaves - sweet notes from clients that make me smile! @rrenkosiak happy holidays!

I really admire people who can do a very minimalist wardrobe with less than 50 items in their wardrobe. I really wish I could pull that off...but I think I would miss not having much colour...

Because the only way you create a workable minimalist wardrobe is to have lots of neutral colours. This is a fantastic idea on paper but I would really miss not having much colour!

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a huge wardrobe and I have managed to create a great capsule wardrobe with some stylish pieces, but for me, colour is the driving force of my wardrobe, the gateway to self expression and the key to effortless style. Maybe one day!

#capsulewardrobe #aneducatedstyle #persomalstylist

It's amazing how many women I have spoken to that have separate colours for summer and winter and it really puzzles me why!

I am a firm believer in dressing according to how you feel or how you want to feel that day, so come rain or shine, if you feel like wearing something colourful, go for it!

I love pairing a colourful skirt or trousers with a jumper for winter. It is a great way to create a stylish smart casual look perfect for most occasions.

#wearingcolour #aneducatedstyle #persomalstylist
Photo By Sarah Jack

I keep them all.
One from every bouquet you’ve given to me. Roses keep the best. The first bunch of potted daffodils have been reduced to a loose handful of petals now. They’re still yellow, though, which makes me smile.
These are from our second Valentine’s Day. We’d just moved to Chicago and you searched all over town for the “burnt roses” I always described in college, before settling on a florist.
You took me to the flower shop with you. We watched the lines of men arranging themselves for flower pick up.
Admittedly, I was a bit disgruntled you had me choose my own bouquet. But after debating the pros and cons of orange vs red for nearly ten minutes, I understood why. I can be picky. Bringing me along was the safer bet.
Afterwards, we celebrated with a huge pan of homemade Carbonara. You cheated and added a touch of cream, substituted the pancetta for bacon—just the way I like it. I know it’s not authentic. Of course, I still tell everyone it is. Thanks for biting the bullet on that one.
I can’t look at these fragile flowers now without thinking of Carbonara, or our first home and that flower shop just down the street. I love that they’ve kept this sacred space for us as we continue to dance through time, one flower shop to the next, one plate after another.
Together always. Always together.
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Seeing is believing.
As a kid, I used to wear fake glasses. Yes, fake glasses. My favorite pair was from Claire’s—gold frames, small ovals, straight up 90’s.
Then in fourth grade, the doctor told me that I needed real glasses. I cried for days. The minute I could get my hands on a contact prescription, I jumped at the opportunity. My father took me in for the appointment. They told me that in order to leave with my prescription, I’d have to be able to put them in, take them out, then put them in again.
The whole tearful process took a total of five grueling hours.
Throughout high school, I continued to avoid wearing glasses. In college, several bouts of dry eye and a run in with a corneal ulcer evened the playing field: contacts by day, glasses by night.
Then adulthood. I fell in love. Love does wonders for self esteem. I had a job. Jobs force practicality. Glasses became a frequent occurrence. The more I wore them, the less I minded them.
And then in some weird turn of events, someone somewhere decided that having glasses might actually be a cool thing (thanks Warby Parker!) So I leaned into them. I had casual frames, fancy frames, bookish frames. Until finally, I just wanted frames of my own. Frames for keeps.
I spotted these from across the room. When I tried them on, it was like seeing myself, really seeing myself, for the first time.
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Around this time last year, I published my first ever book- The No Black Project which is available on Amazon. It's amazing to think I wrote this book whilst pregnant with my now 16 month old son and published when he was around 4 months old.

Since then, I have enjoyed hearing from readers all over the world with positive feedback. Sometimes you wonder if what you do really makes a difference to anyone. You wonder if you are better off doing something else with your life.

Then you get positive feedback from clients or readers- Just to remind you that what you do really does make a difference. So today, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone that takes the time to leave feedback or send a note of encouragement to people around the world who work so hard to make a difference, including me.

Its what keeps us going. It's what makes us love our jobs that little bit more and it means alot.

#feelinggrateful #thenoblackproject #stylebook #aneducatedstyle

When your scarf does the talking....Take me back to Armsterdam.

#travelwardrobe #colourful #aneducatedstyle

They say the journey often outweighs the payoff.
I saved up for almost a year to buy this shirt. I saw a picture of the blouse on one of the Instagram accounts I followed regularly.
The timing wasn’t right. I don’t know that it ever really is for shirts over $19.99. But it looked so magical. I wanted a piece of that magic too.
Right around my 26th birthday, I finally had enough money to make the purchase. The whole thing lasted a matter of minutes. I made an account. Chose a size. Entered my payment information. Then completed the order by selecting a shipping option from a drop down menu.
It arrived a week later and didn’t disappoint. The silk was soft and smooth. I’d never owned a real silk blouse before. I felt so grown up. Even more so, for the months I’d spent saving and planning beforehand..
Matthew was sitting on the couch when I tried it on for the first time.
“Looks good.” A typical spouse response.
I agreed. It looked exactly as promised. No stains, no tears. After several minutes of oohing and ahhing in front of the mirror, I returned to the couch in my pajama pants and a worn out T-shirt.
I curled up next to Matthew, grateful for the temporary magic. Until he asked: “What’s next?”
“I think I’m finally going to write that damn book.”
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For the first time in months, the last few days felt like winter was fast approaching and summer a distant memory.....I grew up in Africa, so winter is naturally not my favourite time of the year, although I do love what we do as a society to make it more enjoyable, particularly the lead up to Christmas!

Anyway, as it gets colder and colder, layering our outfits becomes more important, that's why I have come up with three simple ways to layer your outfit using a long sleeved rib top.

Navy is a great choice for a neutral colour as it will go with pretty much anything!

1. Wear your long sleeved ribbed top inside a short sleeved top.

2. Wear a longline sleeveless waistcoat/jacket over the ribbed top and complete the look with a scarf.

3. Wear a denim jacket over the ribbed top and finish off with a tailored coat thrown over your shoulders.

#layering #styletips #aneducatedstyle #personalstylist #personalshopper

Lovely to have been featured In the Evening Times Today!
Love sharing my knowledge with other women. This article, I wrote about The 5 Essential Items you need for a stylish autumn/winter wardrobe! If you are in Glasgow, get your copy today. The article is also available on The Evening Times website. #autumnessentials #autumnstyle #eveningtimes #aneducatedstyle #personalstylist

What makes someone stylish? To me, being stylish is finding something different about the clothing and accessories you buy and wearing these in a way that is flattering on you.

It's about being confident in the way you put together your outfits and the way in which you present yourself. I love this t-shirt from Zara and bag by @vvahandbags.

#aneducatedstyle #stylish #personalstylist #personalshopper

Happy Monday! I'm super excited for this week's Stylist Tip because it's one that may seem a little scary to most but so totally doable for everyone! What is it?

Leopard Print 🐯(pretty sure that's a cheetah but we're just gonna go with it). Leopard is a print that can seem super overwhelming to a lot of people, and worn head to toe it definitely is, but it's a print I believe every woman should have in her closet. It is a print I shied away from for a looong time because I didn't want to look like I was trying too hard. But over the years I've come to love leopard for its ease of style. It's a print that commands attention and instantly elevates your look. And I put together a whole Pinterest board of inspiration to get you started! •
Click on the link in my profile to see some leopard inspiration Pins I put together just for you! I included style tips in the descriptions of each Pin to help you even further, like how to mix prints with leopard, how to tone down the print if you're wanting to ease into this slowly, and how to incorporate this glamorous textile into your everyday. Let me know which is your favorite! •
Whether it's a simple accessory like a belt or a statement floor length coat, leopard print is always a winner.

Ive always loved the blue and tan combo, but adding red into the mix makes it extra special!
#outfitinspo #outfitoftheday #aneducatedstyle #personalstylist

It's been a hot minute since I hopped on for an introduction so here it goes!

Hi! I'm Beth and I'm the woman behind this styling business. My heart is more for women to know their worth than it is to sell them what's on trend, so you won't see lots of shopping links - rather encouragement and style tips to get you to a place where you will believe in your beautiful.

I used to be a high school teacher and while most cringe at the thought of teenagers I embrace them fully! Something about their place in the world, seeking independence yet still very much needing adult guidance, is so awesome to be a part of. Plus they always have THE BEST sarcastic witticisms and I'm a sucker for sarcasm. (This also makes me think I'll be a great teenage mom. Cause toddler mom is kicking my butt 😬).

My favorite fall wardrobe staple this year are peep toe booties! 🙌🏻Classy, sexy, edgy - they fit the bill for every style preference!

We've had a lot of new faces join this tribe lately so if you're new (or not!) tell us all a little about yourself! What's your favorite fall food or wardrobe staple? What's the number one thing you love about yourself? Share away ladies - I can't wait to get to know you! •••photo by @simplygraciousphotos

Let’s take it up a notch - Chic Camouflage 😍 #fridayfashion #fallfashion2017 #camojacket #camoprint #furcollar

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