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Garden Harvest...November 23, 2017

This is a mixture of pumpkins harvested in October and things from the garden today. I call this my Three Sisters garden because there is squash, corn and beans...plus cotton and sunflowers. #fallgarden #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Here is a picture of our booth. It's not fancy, but it's functional...like our boxes...lol. We have had a few comments about the appearance of the boxes. Believe me, I hear you. This is our prototype. Once we are able to afford a mold to get the boxes manufactured, we will be able to produce any color (and eventually shape), that we want...and they will all have our amazing automatic watering system. In the meantime, you can always add a fence. 😊

A Starter Kit consists of what you see here. Three boxes and our exclusive automatic watering system for $199 plus tax. We decided on a three-box starter kit because a lot of our customers have never gardened before. One box is not enough, imho. Three boxes give you enough room to play. Grow a couple of tomato plants in a box, six pepper plants in another and some onions and cilantro in the third and you've got salsa. :) Mix and match flowers and vegetables to your desire. Experiment. Have fun. Once you realize that gardening really can be this easy, you will want to grow more and more. The great thing about GAB is that you only need one watering system. Once you have that, you can connect as many boxes together as you want and make your garden bigger each year. One watering system will water them all.
This is another box of cabbage from the greenhouse. There are also a few onions in this box. Do you see the pot of peas beside the cabbage? The dish that it is sitting in, is what we call our Per-PET-ual pet/pot dish. We created this a few years ago when we were first getting started with GAB. This dish connects by tubing into our watering system. As the boxes fill up, so does the dish. This allows your pet...or pot to be watered automatically, too.
Garden Anywhere Box truly is an easier and more successful way to garden. Take it from a former brown-thumb...If I can be successful in the garden, you can, too.
#gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #igrewthat

Here's a picture of three boxes of corn at different stages of growth. You can plant about 20 kernals of corn per box.
One fun thing about growing corn is that you can grow your own fall decorations. #igrewthat #gardenanywhereboxrocks #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Wanna play? Zuko is visiting the goldfish this morning. This is the barrel that supplies water through our watering system to the GABs on our lower deck. We jokingly call it our "aquaponics" garden since it has fish poo infiltrating the water. #gardenanywhereboxrocks #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering #catsofinstagram

In the greenhouse...November 12, 2017
Chard and rosemary
#igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden

Garden Harvest ...August 21, 2017
#igrewthat #gardenanywherebox

Playing with my food...
From my garden harvest today. #igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #photolab #kaleidosope


Six months ago...in the garden...June 8, 2017
Garden Harvest
#neverenoughthyme #igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Greenhouse...December 6, 2017
It's a jungle in there...lol.

You can see our little lime tree, celery and carrots in the front left of the picture. We have several pots on the floor with lettuce, spinach, radishes carrots and a tomato plant. Our lemon tree is right behind the lime tree. Then you see our shelves with seedlings. We have green and red cabbage, kohlrabi, celery and a couple of Carolina Reaper pepper plants.
To the right are two more boxes of celery. On the right side of the greenhouse is rosemary, chard, Goji berries, sunflowers, Carolina Reaper, Chocolate Habanero and Caribbean Red peppers, cabbages, purple basil, sunflowers, chard and cotton.
If you would like to have a greenhouse, but think they cost too much, that is not true. We have a simple greenhouse made out of pvc pipe and plastic. It did not cost too much. Maybe $300. It allows us to garden in GAB year 'round. #wintergarden #greenhouse #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

What would Santa grow in his garden at the North Pole?
Pole Beans, Snow Peas, Carrots for his reindeer... Whether you've been naughty or nice, you should grow a garden. Put Garden Anywhere Box on your list for Santa. There is no hoe, hoe, hoeing with Garden Anywhere Box, but you can deck your halls with lots of fresh vegetables...grown by you.
Jingle all the way to the OSU OKC Farmers Market or give us a call at 405-818-2599 to order your very own Garden Anywhere Box Starter Kit. Help Santa this year and give the gift that keeps on giving year 'round. You will definitely have a Holly Jolly Christmas with GAB. #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering #wintergarden

Greenhouse Harvest...November 28, 2017

I harvested a basket full of peppers. We brought these GABs into the greenhouse in October just before a freeze. They have been producing all along. I harvested a few peppers a couple of weeks ago, but decided that I needed do a better job and get these peppers into the dehydrator.
I also harvested some celery, chard, mint, rosemary and sunflowers. The peppers are Carolina Reaper, Chocolate Habanero and Caribbean Red. #greenhouse #wintergarden #igrewthat #hot peppers
#gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

This is a picture sent from a GAB gardener a few years ago. His little greenhouse is made out of pvc pipe and plastic just like ours.

Thank you, Chuck, for sharing a picture of your Garden Anywhere boxes and green house. Greens all winter. Cool!

Chuck said:
"My quick green house will help insure a continual harvest. With a ridged foam "blanket" and a 100w bulb, it stayed at 60 when the temperature dropped into the low 30's." #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering #wintergarden #greenhouse

I hadn't been out to the greenhouse in a couple of days. I went out this morning to check on the progress of my plants. I see more squash, more blooming sunflowers and bigger cabbage.
I spoke with a lady yesterday who has a greenhouse. She uses it to store her plants over the winter. That is what I hear the most from people who have a greenhouse...a storage house for plants, but not a place to actually grow vegetables over the winter.
I do store my pepper plants in the greenhouse during the cold months, but the other GABs are working to grow cabbage, kale, chard, lettuce, carrots, celery, onions, herbs and a few other cool-weather crops.

I encourage people to consider Garden Anywhere Box as an easier way to garden. I also encourage the thought of adding a greenhouse. This will allow you to not just store your plants for the next year, but to actively grow some of your own food during the winter. #wintergarden #greenhouse #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Here comes the sun...October 29, 2016
#autumnbeauty #sunflower #igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Some of you know that I make our GAB business cards out of some of my pictures. A lady stopped by our booth yesterday and picked a sunflower as her choice of cards. She said that she loved sunflowers. I told her that I do, too. I showed her my sunflower folder on my phone with over 1000 sunflower pics... sunflowers that I have grown in GAB. Sunflowers make me happy, especially when they are visited by the bees.

At the Winter Market at Leadership Square. The Saucee Sicilian has their food truck out front Yay! I've been wanting to try their pizza. I got a Palermo. Red Sauce / Mozzarella / Nonna's Italian Meatballs / Caramelized Onion / Pesto

Btw...omgosh...I just met Nonna. She and her daughter stopped by our booth. She saw my pizza and asked what I thought. "Excellent!" We talked gardening and she wished us good luck with our business. I wished her good luck, too. #lovepizza #sauceesicilian #growyourownherbs #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden

Set up and ready to go at the #OKCDeluxe #WinterMarket downtown at Leadership Square. There are a couple of birds checking out our celery. I thought we were special, but learned that the birds have lived inside the foyer for about 3 months. #shopsmall #entrepreneur #smallbusinesssaturday #leadershipsquare #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Garden Anywhere will be at the OSU OKC Farmers Market from 9am to 1 pm tomorrow. We will also be at the Deluxe Oklahoma City Winter Market from 11am to 5pm. We would like to encourage you to #shopsmall. Support your local farmers and artisans.
Garden Anywhere Box is a family business. We had an idea about how to make gardening easier. That idea turned into a business. What is unique about GAB is our automatic watering system. Our GAB containers are watered automatically. You can use up to 70% less water than a traditional garden. You can go on vacation and your garden will be watered while you are gone.
If you've tried to garden, but have not had success due to time, space or ability, please consider Garden Anywhere Box. It truly is an easier way to garden. No weeding. Automatic watering. Portable. Visit our website to learn more. www.gardenanywherebox.com
#shoplocal #farmersmarket #OKCdeluxe #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #turningbrownthumbsgreen

Playing with my food... From my garden harvest picture today. #gardenharvest #fallgarden #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Garden Harvest...November 23, 2017

This is a mixture of pumpkins harvested in October and things from the garden today. I call this my Three Sisters garden because there is squash, corn and beans...plus cotton and sunflowers. #fallgarden #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

I took this picture just before a freeze back on October 30, 2014. I knew that the okra flowers would not have time to produce, so I decided to immortalize them in pictures. I harvested the stalk and then wasn't sure how to display it. This was the first time that I used a vase to display my garden harvest. I had some tomatoes and carrots from the garden. I added some chard, peppers and beets and made an arrangement. #gardenharvest #igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

To see more harvest pics from our GAB garden in 2014, please visit our Garden Anywhere Box 2014 Pinterest page.

Need an idea for a great Christmas gift? How about giving a Garden Anywhere Box to your family and friends. A Garden Anywhere Box makes the perfect gift for gardeners or people who would be gardeners if it wasn't so (fill-in-the-blank). Imagine growing your own fruit and veggies. If you can grow it in a garden, you can grow it in a Garden Anywhere Box. A Garden Anywhere Box has advantages over a conventional garden. No tilling the ground. No pulling weeds. Since the GAB has a water reservoir in the bottom of the box, you use very little water. Our automatic watering system waters your GAB garden for you and uses up to 70% less water than a traditional garden.
With times the way they are and genetically modified produce, the time is now to grow your own food and know what you are really eating. A Garden Anywhere Box allows you to do this. So, give a great gift that can be used year after year to provide good, healthy food for yourself, your family and friends.

Please visit our website to learn more and to order your own GAB Starter Kit and get GROWING. www.gardenanywherebox.com
#gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Playing with my food. Can't wait to turn these into scarves. Scarlet Charlotte chard...😎 #artofwhere #scarves #cottonflowercreations #gardenharvest #igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden

Color me surprised! I went out to the greenhouse this morning to take a picture of one of my sunflowers and discovered squash growing.😳 I like to plant several seeds or plants in GAB. I like to mix it up...and then usually forget what I planted until it sprouts. I have a GAB of sunflowers and chard. I had forgotten all about planting squash in there. πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ‰ That's one way to avoid squash bugs.😜 The funny thing is that squash is already forming without the help of pollination from the bees. #greenhouse
#wintergarden #squash #igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering #smallbusiness #entrepreneur

A view inside the greenhouse. Larry switched a couple of boxes today. If you enlarge the picture, you can see better detail. There is a GAB with sunflowers about middle in the greenhouse. It was in the corner where the ceiling is not as high. That was a problem because it keeps growing...lol. Larry switched it with the celery. Now they both will be happy. #greenhouse #wintergarden #igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #smallbusiness #entrepreneur

Garden Harvest...one year ago...November 17, 2016

This is one of my favorite garden harvest pics. It's kind of a jumble of veggies and things from the garden. The outdoor fall garden was beginning to wind down. We were lucky to have a longer growing season last year. This year, the early freeze killed what was not already in the greenhouse. If it had not been for the early freeze, we would have gotten an extra month or so of gardening in Zone 7 in Oklahoma. #igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering #smallbusiness #entrepreneur

In the greenhouse...November 12, 2017
Chard and rosemary
#igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden

If you've given up on gardening due to time, space or ability, please consider Garden Anywhere Box. It truly is #aneasierwaytogarden
#noweeding #automaticwatering
#portable #gardenanywherebox
#fallgarden #wintergarden

Garden Harvest...October 9, 2017

I spy with my gardening eye...one wooly caterpillar, three cotton blossoms, assorted red tomatoes, one green apple cucumber, four Chocolate habanero peppers, five Carolina Reaper pepper plants, little red Goji berries, and Black Beauty tomatoes.#igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering #smallbusiness entrepreneur

Celery is so easy to grow in Garden Anywhere Box. I have it in several boxes. I went out this morning and harvested some fresh celery to add to my bone broth that I was making in the crock pot. I don't harvest it all at once. I break off a few stalks from around the outside of the celery and leave the rest to keep growing. When you grow your own celery, you will see how dark green it is and how intense the flavor is. So good! #celery #igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

I'm so happy about the progress of my miniature white and orange pumpkins. I planted eight seeds in two boxes around August 1st. I only saw a couple of squash bugs about two weeks in. They are no longer among the living.

I don't know if planting squash plants in the ground in August will have the same results, but planting later in GAB has worked great. I should be harvesting cute mini pumpkins in about a month. 😎 Just in time for fall decorating.β€πŸŽƒ #pumpkins #igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Playing with my food...at the Oklahoma State Fair. Booth #8305 Bennett Event Center

What veggies and herbs do you see? #igrewthat #gardenharvest #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

It is Military Monday today at the Oklahoma State Fair. Garden Anywhere Box offers a 10% military discount on our GAB Starter Kit (regularly $199 plus tax) . We don't have sales. We don't mark our product up just to mark it down, but we do offer an everyday discount to the men and women who served and do serve our country. We appreciate your service. This is our small way to give back and say, Thank You!" To learn more about Garden Anywhere Box and our exclusive automatic watering system, please visit our website. www.gardenanywherebox.com No weeding. Automatic watering. Portable. Garden year 'round. Easier way to garden. Turning Brown Thumbs Green. #military #army #navy #airforce #marines #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Garden Harvest...one year ago...September 9 2016

I just did a harvest the day before, but still had more to harvest the next day. My okra and cotton were producing a lot. I planted two kinds of okra, Clemson Spineless and Aunt Hettie's Red Okra. Both produced very well. I also had a lot of peppers. They would produce for another month or so until it got colder. #igrewthat #garden #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Farmers Market Saturday...Support your local farmers and artisans.
Garden Anywhere Box will be at the OSU OKC Farmers Market today from 8 am until 1 pm. Stop by and let us show you an easier way to garden. No weeding. Automatic watering. Portable. You can garden year 'round with Garden Anywhere Box. Now is the time to plant a fall garden. Cool weather crops like peas, carrots, onions, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, herbs, etc. all thrive in the cooler weather.
Don't miss out on the joy of gardening the GAB way. Get a Starter Kit and start gardening today. #farmersmarket
#gardenanywherebox #garden
#aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Garden Harvest...one year ago...September 8, 2016
#igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Last year some of my cotton had already opened. This year, I have about 20 bolls that should be opening, but are not...yet.
I grow some of the same things each year because I like them, but I like to try new things as well. The purple peppers were new last year. They did very well. I didn't plant as many peppers this year, but I wish that I had. I will plant more next year.

Garden Harvest ...August 21, 2017
#igrewthat #gardenanywherebox

Garden Harvest ...August 19, 2017 #igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden

My squash are coming along nicely...if I can keep ahead of the squash vine borers. They've been a problem this year...sigh.
#gardenanywhereboxrocks #aneasierwaytogarden

Garden Harvest...August 10, 2017

It was finally time to harvest the tomato with a "nose." This yellow tomato is called, "Lemon Boy." I guess this one is the closest to being accurate. #jimmydurante
Tomatoes: Lemon Boy, Creme Brulee, Large Cherry, Black Cherry, Golden Sunray, Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Sweet 100's, Sungold, Crushed Heart and Black Beauty. Assorted peppers, herbs, sunflowers and one squash blossom.. People started asking us in June if it was too late to have a garden. We say, "It's never too late to garden with Garden Anywhere Box." Last week someone asked if it was too late to garden in August. Again...it's never too late. :) Now is the perfect time to plant a fall garden. We should experience warm weather until at least October. Most of the things that I'm planting now, like warm weather, but really thrive when it's cooler.

It's all about education. Gardening in GAB is different than gardening in the ground. Instead of thinking of gardening as a summertime pursuit that dies in July, you need a new mindset about gardening. No weeding. Automatic watering. Portable. Garden Anywhere Box is an easier way to garden.
#igrewthat #gardenanywherebox
#smallbusiness #entrepreneur

Peppermint Stick chard...
Growing in my garden. I like to grow chard. The bugs don't seem to like it. 😊 #igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Most of my family like Jalapeno Poppers, but I don't like the time it takes to make them. Enter Jalapeno Popper Dip. It is super easy and tastes just as good, imho.
Instead of having to slice all of the jalapenos, just cut the top off, slice if you want, but otherwise, toss the whole pepper into a food processor. With a couple of whirrs, your peppers will be chopped. You can rinse them in a colander and remove some seeds if you like it less spicy.
We did not grow jalapenos this year. We grew so many peppers last year, that I just didn't want to grow that many this year. We are growing four hot banana peppers. These plants have been prolific. I decided to use these peppers instead of the jalapenos. Not as much heat even though they are hot. You can use whatever kind of peppers that you want. Hot or not.

I mix a block of cream cheese with a handful of shredded cheese and a dollop of sour cream. Add the chopped peppers. I even added one Caribbean Red pepper from the garden. Mix together and put into a glass pie pan. I added some slices of Swiss cheese to the top since I had some leftover. (that's how I cook...lol) #recipesaresuggestions

You can cook your bacon on a cookie cooling rack, on a jelly roll pan in the oven so that some of the grease can drain to the bottom. Crumble some bacon and add to the dip. Bake and serve with chips.
I had some leftover chicken, so I decided to make Chicken Potato Burritos for brunch. I cooked my hash browns and heated the chopped chicken. I spread a bit of the popper dip on the tortilla before adding the chicken and hash browns. Yum!

Btw, the pepper in the picture below was harvested for the dip. Isn't it pretty?
#peppers #jalapenopepperdip #bananapeppers #Caribbeanredpeppers
#gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

Garden Harvest...August 4, 2017

In 2014, I used to walk around the yard with my harvest basket and look for rustic locations to take pictures. I haven't done that for a few years, but decided to do it today.

If you look for my Garden Anywhere Box Pinterest pages, you can see what I've grown for the past few years, including pictures from 2014. #igrewthat
#noweeding #automaticwatering
#smallbusiness #entrepreneur

Sharing my harvest from 2013...the year that we became Garden Anywhere Box. I harvested 100 days from my garden. You can visit our Garden Anywhere Box Pinterest pages to see what we've grown for the past five years. 😊

Garden Harvest...August 2, 2013
It's not a lot, but it's consistent.
I hope you aren't bored with my daily picture. I started doing this back in June, never thinking that I'd still be harvesting at the beginning of August. Again, I have to say that if I were not growing a garden in our boxes, I would not have a garden right now. It was already in the 80's this morning and will be over 100 by the middle of the afternoon.
I show my harvest to show you that if I can have a garden in August, you can have a garden in August. Our motto is, "Garden Anywhere Box is committed to helping you discover an easier way to garden. No weeds. Automatic watering. Portable." If my brown thumbs can grow a garden, you can, too. :) #turningbrownthumbsgreen
#gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering #igrewthat
#smallbusiness #entrepreneur

Garden harvest...August 2, 2017

Here is my garden harvest picture of what was ready in the garden today.
If you like larger cherry tomatoes, I can highly recommend Porter, Large Cherry, Creme Brulee and Golden Sunray. Those four tomatoes have produced massive amounts of tomatoes and they are still going.
The larger tomatoes that I grew and had good success with this year have been, Lemon Boy, San Marzano, Black Krim and Cherokee Purple. I have some tomatoes that were planted at the end of June. They are just now starting to put on tomatoes. We'll see how they do as summer turns to fall.
#igrewthat #gardenanywherebox
#aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #heirloom #tomatoes

Garden Harvest...July 30, 2017
#igrewthat #gardenanywherebox
#aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

I was out of pocket this weekend due to attending my 40th high school class reunion (40!😳)...and the farmers market. I discovered that the garden did not wait for me...lol. Lots of tomatoes were waiting to be harvested.
Last year, I grew and harvested more peppers. This year, the focus has been on tomatoes. Lucky me! Lots of tomatoes to share and dry for use this fall and winter and next year.
#gardenharvest #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #gardening

Sometimes, after I harvest my herbs, I'll stick them in a vase with water. Sometimes they will root and I'll have free new basil or mint to plant. Plus, it smells so good and looks so pretty in the window. #igrewthat #gardenanywherebox #aneasierwaytogarden #noweeding #automaticwatering

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