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Parental tip #newproductalert (to me at least) WARNING: long post lol —————————————
S/o to my girl Cambria (single gal with no babies who doesn't like baby shit) - her words exactly - brought these @babybackups to my attention a little over a month ago as she was sitting in my place as I changed my daughter, Bentley’s, diaper for the umpteenth time in a matter of minutes annoyed by the #explosivediapers #upthebackblowouts that we were experiencing mostly when we put her in her car seat (she has a bit of anxiety in the car & the car seat makes her go ASAP). —————————————
At first I was super excited to use these especially when I saw that they worked and have saved us from long car rides with blood curdling tears from a baby who HATES to be dirty💁🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ (can’t blame her)! But then I got kind of mad that none of my girlfriends that had babies had told me about these miraculous diaper extender thingys that also save the LO’s outfits! As I started to do my research so I could purchase more of these @babybackups I realized that they are actually pretty new to the market, so I calmed down and decided to share this info with all of my friends that happen to be #newmommys #secondtimemommys or whichever child you’re on now Mommy & Daddy b/c these things will save you some icky gross situations.
And of course some parents who were grossed out and vowed to figure out a solution came up with these! Check ‘em out on @amazon or on their website ! Like @champagnepapi said #thankmelater #andyourewelcome Tag all your mommy & daddy friends!!

“Happy Texas Independence Day to my fellow Texans! And if ya plan on coming here, we’ll welcome ya with open arms, but y’all better leave them bad manners at the border” - Texas Made Major 🦁🐾❤️ #HereWeSayThankYou #AndYoureWelcome #AndHoldDoorsOpenForCompleteStrangers #TrueTexansAreTheNicestPeopleYouWillEverMeet #TakeThatToTheBankFam

Brow tips // MOODSTRUCK Brow Obsession Palette #andyourewelcome #youniquemildura #youniqueproducts #younique

Hide yo kids, mmmkay? This one’s for the married folks.😜 Anyone breaking out the romance oils in time for Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps like us you use them on a regular basis? 🙌👊😆 If not, #theresanoilforthattoo 😉
We call this blend “Fireworks”💥💥💥
Sensation Massage oil, Black Pepper and Peppermint essential oils.
#dontknockittilyoutryit #andyourewelcome

This is me and my dad. We wear literal masks sometimes and figurative ones because sometimes we feel like...oh wait this isn’t that kind of post. We wore these masks because we’re silly...wait no not that though it’s true. We wore these masks because we forgot to take a picture before or during the #FatherDaughterDance at my church, and instead waited until we were both exhausted from DJing and tearing down and both looked pretty ratchet. But that’s okay because we had a blast doing something we love together! #LoveMyDad #DJsForTheNight #UnderTheSea #WhippedAndNaeNaed #YesWePlayedLetItGo #AndYoureWelcome #Ahahahaha

Chilaquiles (more or less) with an earl grey latte.
I want this latte-rally everyday. 🙃

Bring a few cups of vanilla flavored milk-alternative to a simmer on the stove and then let an earl grey tea bag soak in it. After a few minutes of steeping the tea, turn off the heat and pour it into a mug. Recipe was in a cookbook of my roommate's and it's life changing haha 😛 Enjoy.

🚦Special deal alert!!! 🎯

FREE SHIPPING on any order that contains the mascara I go on and on about because it’s the best Mascara ever! Epic mascara!! Also applies to 3D Fiber lashes!! No code needed!
#justsavedyou550 #andyourewelcome 😘🙋🏼‍♀️

We woke the kids up super early so we could travel about 25 minutes south and play in some snow before school started. The kids....well mostly Clay, were pretty grumpy to be up extra early until they realized just how much snow surrounding areas got. Driving around in a winter wonderland was pretty amazing. The girls LOVED it and Clay quickly apologized for saying this idea was stupid. 😜 #imalwaysright #stopfightingit #andyourewelcome

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