Lawdy Lawdy. Let’s get dis young lady some Jesus lovin followers. I a know dat she been a prayin for my homie Scott. Lawd Jesus May they flesh lusting eyes dat feast upon dis youngin be rebuked in yo name Lawd. Lawd I come to you, I pray you be with dis lady, be with my homie Scott, be with my homie Todd C as he’s delivering yo Word. Lawd for yo glory. #andthepeoplesaidamen #notyoureverydayJose #icyred #mats2018

I pretend to like people everyday. It’s called being an adult...and THAT is why we’re allowed to buy alcohol. #🙌🏻 #andthepeoplesaidamen

love my frand @catchamberz for preachin the good word as she spreads the #pilates love all over NYC. 🙌 #andthepeoplesaidamen

God, The Universe, Consciousness, whatever you wanna call it. One of my favorite accounts @jstlbby preachin' today!! 🙏🏼❤️✨ #andthepeoplesaidamen #fuckfear #theuniversehasyourback #leapandthenetwillappear #yougotthis

@jasonderulo - ⬆️ Say this with me. Family that prays together stays together #andthepeoplesaidamen - #jasonderulo #arianagrande #arianators

#Repost @jasonderulo (@get_repost)
⬆️ Say this with me. Family that prays together stays together #andthepeoplesaidamen

⬆️ Say this with me. Family that prays together stays together #andthepeoplesaidamen

Cookie dough eggroll with vanilla #icecream and homemade hot #fudge with @weall_eat 🙌🙌🙌 #andthepeoplesaidamen

#whatadifferenceadaymakes24littlehours and Tamiflu! This time yesterday~ Hacking seal cough, literally teeth chattering chills, and 100.7° temperature with the vomiting only stopped with Phenergan ~ As of late this morning temperature is back to 97.7, cough has subsided significantly and exhausted but feeling 10 times better. Thank you Dr. Phil, Tamiflu, and all your prayers andwarm thoughts rock stars! Late yesterday afternoon and all night was the sickest I've been in 46 years. Why the movie clip? One of my favorite fight scenes and it's a perfect visual of what my body was doing last night with Tamiflu and the flu virus. #PraiseTheLordThat'sOver #prideprejudiceandzombies🎬 #andthepeoplesaidamen #AllTheNetflixWhenYou'reSick

Guess who FINALLY got her hair did #andthepeoplesaidAMEN 😂💁🏽

When a young powerhouse poet meets meets the OG, I feel like my work is done.
#andthepeoplesaidamen #internationalwomensday #storiesnstanzas

Today's reminder for freshman and sophomore bible study (Freshmen: 5:30-6:15, Sophomores: 7:15-8:15, both in Ferg 3700) also features a reminder that if you can dream it, pumpkin spice can be in it. #andthepeoplesaidamen Happy October everyone! (Not saying I checked, but pumpkin spice Cheerios are currently sold out at Target...) 🎃

HATCH CHILE NACHOS. 🙆 #andthepeoplesaidamen Got a little creative in the kitchen tonight and whipped up this delicious excuse to have chips for dinner 😜 Hatch Chile #chips from @heb with ground #turkey, black #beans, sauteed red peppers, #cheese, #avocado, #cilantro and fried #eggs (because everything is better with eggs). 👌

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