Happy Autumnal equinox from my favorite place🧡🍁🍂

eternal recurrence

Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. ~John Muir~ ☀️🍂🙃
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Hiking with my favorite boys at Empire Bluff for Eric and I’s 1 year ❤️

My absolute FAVORITE season of the year - the time where I live in either an oversized sweater, a flannel, or pjs {sometimes all three 😜} cozy cuddles by the fireplace is part of our nightly routine, trees are the most beautiful, all the apple & spice smells are in the air {seriously obsessed 🍏🍎} AND the time I married the greatest human I know....is officially HERE!! 🍁🧡🍂
Can’t believe we’re about to celebrate our 1 year anniversary in just a few weeks! 💕💍 #HelloFall #LifeWithLunas

"Discrimination in the outdoors comes in many different shapes and forms, from larger issues of access to our public lands (like which kinds of people have access and why) to everyday interactions between the people who maintain and visit our public lands, outdoor recreation sites, and more.

The discrimination I’ve faced while outdoors is another major inspiration behind my goal to not only get more people/women of color outdoors but to holistically understand the root causes and barriers – including discrimination – that prevent them from getting outdoors in the first place. I strongly believe that simply urging people, especially minorities, to “just get outside and go hiking” (or kayaking, camping, etc.) is not enough. While these messages and calls to action are great for increasing visibility and inspiring nontraditional populations to get outdoors, I often find they don’t always equip these people with the information necessary to do so. This information can be as simple as knowing what equipment to rent or buy to something deeper like how to prepare yourself for going backpacking for the first time or deal with imposter syndrome outdoors. This is why my aim is to not only break down the obvious when approaching the sometimes overwhelming outdoor industry but to also provide tips and strategies to overcoming deeper issues that prevent minorities from exploring outdoors." || #WomanInTheWild @california.shrub speaks to her experience with discrimination in the outdoors and how it has affected the way she approaches her adventures. Take a minute to check out her new passion project @the_unknowns_outdoors - dedicated to both inspiring and preparing minorities and nontraditional hikers to overcome the various barriers that prevent them from venturing outdoors.
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"Sorry, I can't. I'm charging my crystals..."
I've often heard, "Mother Nature is the best artist", and I couldn't agree more. To me, there's nothing more beautiful than what comes naturally.
When I moved to Sedona I joked about the 'crazy' people here. I always said that I wouldn't become one of them. But how can you not love the beauty of this place? And part of the draw to Sedona is the energy... When you understand energy, you begin to also understand crystals.
So I guess you could say, I'm now turning into one of those 'crazy Sedona people'... 🤣
This photo might not look like an adventure, but oh what an amazing adventure it was! @danielbrittonphoto and I took a few of my crystals out to create a #sacredspace in the red rocks, only to get rained out. But we were patient, and waited in the Jeep to see what sunset might bring. And lo and behold, not only did we get a lovely golden hour, we were also blessed with a perfect double rainbow! 🌈💜
I guess good things come to those who wait!
📷 Photo Credit: @danielbrittonphoto
💎 Crystals, candle, and more: @earthboundtrading
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If you don’t use it, you lose it!

Even cloudy days make for beautiful adventures ☁️✨ @maryydolly wearing our ultra-soft Pure Legging in Quebec #GlyderDreamers #WeAreLimitless

then (swipe right) and now: five years ago i was in the rocky mountains for my eighteenth birthday, the first national park i had ever been to. at twenty three i've visited 14 national parks, countless national forests, and lived in 6 different states. looking at the girl in the far picture to the right, i barely recognize her. it's the same face, but a completely different person. both 12,000 feet up on a mountain but worlds apart. i'm grateful for adventures that have shaped me into the person i am today. here's to many more national parks and adventures in the future 💜

Oh hello world! It’s been a wild few weeks to say the least, but I finally feel like we have the time to dedicate to our blog again! We’ve been busy at work while also planning our next adventures ✈️ our next upcoming trip in less than 3 weeks is to the beautiful city of New York 🌃 we’ve been to NYC before but are so excited to head back and check out some new sites and hopefully get some good city shots 📸 where’s your next adventure?!

The last couple weeks have been a huge accomplishment in climbing for me. I have hiked over 40 miles with thousands of feet of elevation gain and climbed over 4k vertical feet. .
First stop was Charlotte Dome ➡️ North Buttress of Cathedral Peak ➡️ Fairview Dome. .
Here you will find me filling up water via the fresh spring that separated our campsite from Charlotte Dome. .
Next up is Mount Whitney and Mount Russell! .
Photo: @drinkmowater
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Just what the doctor ordered ☀️🐶

Another reason public lands need protection, so Sofi can nap at all of them. Happy #NationalPublicLandsDay!

IMPORTANT: Today is #nationalpubliclandsday. It also happens to be #nationalsinglesday. Coincidence? No. In a combined effort by the @republicanparty, @nasa, and @yale, recent studies have proven that single people are more likely to do stupid shit like walk around in the woods, walk in rivers, act impressed that leaves turn color every year, and be on instagram during non-peak Saturday afternoons. Welcome to the club everyone.

It’s also #freemuseumday which would’ve been helpful for your single ass to know hours ago since museums will be closed by the time you read this. Hahahaha

Pictured: @thecanyonsarecalling
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