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This fan art brings a new meaning to block party. 📸: @somayeh.gholizadeh.k.n
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My first ever Android art photographed and done by @moitea_adhikari🔥Go fall in love with his raw artistry✊ #androidart

The Contemplation of Injustice (two versions, works in progress).... Since I'm done with the video and graduated, I'm finally getting back to last winter's art project. I know I've posted this one a lot, but I don't think I ever shared where I left off on it (probably back in February). I was furthest along in this one out of the planned series, and had just started an alternate "night" version that I plan on differentiating further
Between all of the pieces I started, I have plenty to keep me busy until I get a real, hopefully brain science or art related job. Thanks again to my models (the statues in this one are based on pictures the amazing human and friend Socheath volunteered for) #art #digitalart #androidart #infinitepainter

Jikalau telah datang,waktu yang di nanti..
Ku pasti bahagiakan,dirimu seorang..
Ku harap engkau sabar,menungguuu .

This is one piece of #Android Art that will make a splash. 💦 Don’t forget to tag your own #AndroidArt!


Down to the details on a big painting. The apple that tethers us ladies to that old story.
#workinprogress #popsurreal #androidart #lowbrowart #redapples #acrylicpainting

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