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There’s a lot of talk among queer and trans folks about reclaiming femininity. It’s an important discussion to have, recognizing that femme does not equate to weakness. However, often this rhetoric overlooks that it is gender nonconformity - not femininity - as to why queer and trans people are targeted. So, I’d like to propose reclaiming certain (non-toxic) aspects of masculinity among queer women as well, especially among trans women who have had no choice outside of presenting as feminine. Since presenting more openly androgynous/butch I’ve noticed more street and online harassment. However, since being able to present myself like this publicly, I have also had so many trans folks open up about wanting to do the same. Through allowing open expression of our genders with validation, we can reclaim our queer/trans aesthetics and stay true to how we would like to be seen in the world.

sometimes I'll wear a dress & heels for you

I didn't get that shirt, maybe I should have....

One of the best things about standing at 6'6 is being able to rock a woman's dress and have everyone saying "I love your shirt!" 😂👌

Dressing up in suit for B's birthday 🎉❤️

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Stunning, elegant, and flawless isn't enough to sum up this fabulous human being. Such an honor to forge a new relationship with @lavernecox 💕

Styled by @christinajpacelli ❤️ #SharpeSuiting #ThisIsSharpe #LookSharpe


Tired of living life cause I don't understand the meaning. 🎶✔️😔

Stalker alert @queen_ellacameron 😍👑❤😘

I guess it's now or never. 👌😄🙌

The best part of me is you @queen_ellacameron ❤👑😍

Turkish food with @queen_ellacameron 😍❤👑😘 #datenight

"V.I.P ... Learn your acronyms" White Chicks. 😍👌😁👑

sometimes I'll wear a dress & heels for you

Take me to where the sun breaks through the leaves...
Thank @irishsparrow #photographer #randomphotoshoot 🌿☀🌿☀🌿☀🌿☀🌿☀🌿☀🌿☀🌿
#newmenewlife #ootd #androgynousfashion #modeling #androgyny #model #gooutside #itsbeauitful

Nothing but the moment
Thank you @irishsparrow for being my #photographer in our random #photoshoot (*^o^*)
#ootd #newmenewlife #androgyny #modeling #androgynousfashion #model #liveandlove #wehavefun #🙆

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