I was stoned last night 💎💎💎 •
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Happy Friday from me and 2 of my favorite queens! 💞 @anhedoniadelight @veranda_lni

It’s that time of year again when i need to stop looking like Fatso from Casper and stop eating shite and get tanned 🙋🏻.
Post work sunbed and steak salad for dinner 🙋🏻🌚.
Sorted 💁🏻

Living life with JUST enough baggage.

Reprobate (Lemons Freestyle)
By: Queen Misanthrope 

I jump off a bridge, land in a lake, drown myself, damn I ain't never felt so good
Dress like a dyke, they mislabel me with something other than androgyny 
More support from strangers than fam and friends, I always wish that my life will end
I guess I'm invisible as you can see
And thats why men they don't acknowledge me
Hate working for others so fuck authority,
Making pennies to millions really befuddles me 
Unsolicited advice is superfluous
In one ear and out the next 
I'm in a dress, my shirt is cropped, but no earrings so they call me lesbo
I guess I'm a lesbo, I'm a man, I'm a dyke and yo I'm a tran

When you get so pissed off you kick a cat, shoot up a school, off yourself, they wonder about the signs 
I gotta take my meds, I'm blowing it out of proportion, it ain't that serious, it's all in my mind 
I’ll crack a medulla like an egg, take a life like Don King then jump trial like Roman did
So much pent up anger, it's ineffable, there are not enough words to elucidate how I feel
Painting pictures like Jean-Michel with my writing to let you know my pain is real
Im a baby girl that was born in China,
thrown in the dumpster so no one knows what to do with it
I'm a wet wipe, society is cottonelle and you people are just shit —�— #misanthropicpoems #poetry #poems #poetic #poetrydaily #poetrybyme #poetsociety #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #poetryart #poetrylovers #reprobate #suicide #death #hate #dyke #androgny #pain #gay #schoolshooting #peopleequalshit

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