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Dope shot by @angeloj_89.......Been getting these post practice talks since the 7th grade. 23 years later and I'm still fortunate to have @elitewrestlingnj guiding me through the process. #UFC218
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Frankie Edgar x Steve Rivera since day one. Challenges change but the goal always remains. #AndNew #Champion #UFC218 #UFC #FrankieEdgar #mma #Wrestling #Boxing #Fighting #ironarmy @frankieedgar @elitewrestlingnj

We did it!! Mahalo for all the support love all you guys! Belt coming home to Hawaii #andnew

#Repost @wonderwomandgg :Woooooo yeah!! @isak2410 with an arm bar in R2 at Coliseum Gladiator MMA for that middleweight strap!! #andnew #champion #10phqfightteam #10p4l

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Face of the fight game 🇮🇪🙏

Last Night the team stepped out in full force with 5 fighters out and 3 titles up for grabs we had a vision of a clean sweep and that vision was made a reality!
@henry_bjj and @jaiah_turay setting the stage for the title fights. @steliostheo1 dominating his opponent with a first round finish. Then I was up winning a much deserved unanimous decision. Then last but not least my brother @jaynightmare_mma shutting up all his doubters in emphatic fashion with a 10 second TKO.
What a Night Big thanks to all the team @alphatalentmanagement @stunnaman85 @poundsterling1 @bazaratti_2.0 @joeljoelsalter @fahorlu @_jp66 @mikey2design @a1bray dean.
Big shout out to my Family and Friends who made an electric atmosphere in the arena honestly if you wasn’t there you missed out! You guys keep me going big time.
Also have to thank the camps I trained with for this fight camp also feeling like I’ve found new homes away from home @aeonbjj and @marcusluther1 & @a.thegreat ‘s Team Mean Boxing and MMA. And of course my Savage Squad Members.
Love and Respect every time for all the support from everyone 👊🏾❤️💚💛
#ANDNEW #Sunnyboy #TheClan #PFP #TeamMean #AEONBJJ #ATM #SavageSquad #NationOfDomination #MMA #ALPHAASFxCK #Nightmare #warlord #hyena


I DGAF @darrentill2 is the GOAT and now the world knows. I've been saying it for ages. Everyone saying I'm bigger a dickrider for Till then @brendanschaub is for Conor 😅 couldn't give fuck not everyone gets to be mates with there idol. He has always been humble to me from day dot #darrentill #andnew #ufc #greatness


⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀———— ༻ ⎈ ༺ ———— ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀▸Portrayal; Seth Rollins.
⠀⠀⠀⠀▸Date; October 23, 2017.
⠀⠀⠀⠀▸Post; Recognition Wrestling.⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀———— ༻ ⎈ ༺ ————
Saturday, October 14th 2017 exclusively on the RAW Pay-Per-View: Hell in a Cell. History once again was made; and created for the Hall of Fame career of I, Seth Freakin’ Rollins. As, I aligned myself once again — with my brother. The former, Recognition Champion. Former, 2x Recognition Universal Champion. Recognition’s Lunatic Fringe; Dean Ambrose — as, we went to war inside the most barbaric professional wrestling match in all of Recognition Wrestling. The, Hell in a Cell Match against Randy Orton’s little puppets — The Legacy! All, just to become Recognition RAW’s Inaugural Tag Team Champions! Ambrose and I, set out to make sure The Legacy would NOT escape Hell in a Cell. We, most certainly left with that goal being accomplished. Whilst, also keeping our promise of burning The Legacy of Randy Orton’s Legacy: Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase — to the ground! Nonetheless — Saturday, October 14th will forever be a monumental moment for my career. As, I became the FIRST Ever Superstar: to have accomplished being Inaugural Recognition Champion. Universal Champion. And, now Recognition RAW Tag Team Champion.. with my brother: Dean Ambrose! Personally, I can not wait — to continue my journey in this magnificent company, whilst continuing to burn down all who step up, to Ambrose and I. This is just the being, and these RAW Tag Team Champions — will be around our waists for many years to come. As, Roman Reigns says: Believe that! But, ultimately — Believe in The Shield! #ANDNEW!


BREAKING NEWS: AJ Shadows defeated Joey Suicide for the WCF Hardcore Championship!!! #wcfwrestling #teamwcf #andnew

Some boxing work with my father in law Mario at the “Wheaton woods backyard boxing club”! As I am almost done with probation I start to get myself ready to fight again! Not sure which weight but I am aiming for the @shogunfights 170 pound belt if they don’t mind having a new champion sign me up!!!! #thecomeback #mma #andnew #aintlettingnoonerobmeagain #nomadlife #nomadsurfshop

#AndNew Wrestling POV Champion Cousin Jay!!! The Championship goes from Long Island, New York back to South Glens Falls for the 2nd Time!!! #WrestlingPOV #WPOVChampion #WWETLC #WWE #Raw #CousinJay

The first of many #AndNew 🏆 Congratulations @konavland on the championship performance.
#Repost @konavland
We did it!! Mahalo for all the support love all you guys! Belt coming home to Hawaii #andnew

#AndNew Cruiserweight Champion

Enzo defeats Kalisto }WWETLC

Letssss Gooooo!!!!! Your NEW & 2X WWE Cruiserweight Champion! Enzo Amore!!!! How You Doing!?!?!? #WWE #TLC #EnzoAmore #ANDNEW #CruiserweightChampioship #205Live #SAWFT #2xChamp #CruiserWeights #CruiserweightDivision #ProWrestling #FollowForFollow #f4f

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(4-1(at least I predicted right)) #andnew #wwetlc

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