#throwbackthursday to our #1stdate 14 years ago @therealstephensimmons #iloveyouyoureperfectnowchange - that’s what we went to see at the local theatre in Abilene!!! #tbt❤️ #tbt #andithoughtilovedyouthen #waveonwave

Happy wedding anniversary to this guy. He’s made life pretty great. I wouldn’t go through life with anyone else. #myfavorite #year8 #andithoughtilovedyouthen

The bond between a girl and her daddy ❤️ #WillowLynnNeedy #DaddysGirl #AndIThoughtILovedYouThen

Just a (super handsome!!) boy and his dad 💙💙 .
#mommyslittledude #myboys #myworld #andithoughtilovedyouthen

#tbt to this time last year when I started my first conversation with you, to the way I told you I lived in Atlanta and you immediately started thinking of reasons to visit, to the little spin I did in a hotel lobby because I couldn't contain my excitement about you, to the serious butterflies you gave me (and continue to give me), to all of the beaming smiles I made at my phone, to you brightening my life since the first minute I knew you. Thanks for saying hey a year ago, for dreaming up all sorts of plans with me since day one and executing them spectacularly, and for making all of the moves with me. I'm just happy you're here 💕

Everyone said “it’ll get better”. We’re there. This is bliss and you’re a treasure my girl! #grateful #andithoughtilovedyouthen

This! What happened to this tiny little baby? I love her more with every passing day❤️ @e_totha_j #andithoughtilovedyouthen

My silly chunk munk fuzzy head ❤️ can’t believe this was a year ago 😢 #andithoughtilovedyouthen

13 years ago you asked me nervously to be your girlfriend and I’ve said yes to pretty much every question since 💛 #andithoughtilovedyouthen #highschoolsweethearts

Love you til the day I die suga... happy two year wedding anniversary 💗💍
(Alternate caption: we went on a date tonight for the first time since before Lillie was born, and all we did was talk about her. 🤷🏽‍♀️😂)

#parentlife #datenight #twoyearweddinganniversary #theadventuresoflukeandnomes #thehappynow #soinlovewithyou #andithoughtilovedyouthen

Date night with this one! She’s my favorite thing about life right now. She has helped me in more ways then she knows. I can’t even began to explain my love for her. She’s my whole world and I still can’t believe it still. #somuchfuntogether #andithoughtilovedyouthen #❤️her #myworldhaschanged #readytostartlivingmylife #wheretheworldwilltakeus @tiffany_claire_1227

Had the pleasure of shooting a wedding over the weekend in the same spot my hubby & I said “I do!” • To say that it gave me all the feels would be an understatement. 💕
I cannot believe this day is over 5 years behind us, literally seems like yesterday. On this day, I promised to thank God for this man each & every day. And I do! Is every day a page out of a fairytale, well no, but it’s not meant to be. Marriage takes work, commitment, sacrifice, the list goes on. I can tell you, though, if you’re with the right person, it’s always worth it. I’m so grateful to God. He brought me this man. He waited until He knew I’d appreciate everything about him to send him my way. His timing is always perfect. (Gods, not my hubby, he’s always late 😜😂) This man, though, is the most selfless, humble guy I know. He loves God and his family & those are his driving forces in all he does. 😘

If you are single & in the waiting period - keep waiting!!! I promise you, God has hand picked someone just for you & it will be worth the wait. If you are soon to be married, remember, planning a beautiful wedding day is great, but preparing for a beautiful marriage is even more important and fabulous. 😉 If you are married, go hug & kiss your spouse! Tell them you appreciate them and thank them for all they do for your team! 😊 Life is so short, we need to make the best of every single day and trust God’s plan. Beyond thankful for doing that myself this time 7 years ago. 🙏🏻 Happy (mushy) Monday, friends! ❤️

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