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When you're headed to launch a new business partner and you realize Rodan + Fields has broke the Internet...AGAIN because we are in such high demand!! 😳#MONTHENDMADNESS #rodanandfields #goingtonerdmorepaper #andink

Rwanda, Africa: I love you. I love your rain that always comes at the worst of times. I love your churches services that are filled with dancing, screaming, singing and shouting. I love your quirky coffee shops that I get to watercolor and drink amazing coffee at. I love your rolling green hills that I get to admire on my twice weekly runs. I love that your country is a combination of old and new. It's in the process of a rebirth: regrowth: and renewal. Just like I'm in a season of restoration, this country is too. I love your people's desire and acceptance of Jesus. Everywhere we go and preach people become new believers and every time it amazes me. And most of all Rwanda I love what you've done to my heart. You've shown me that healing happens in the most unexpected of places, and that God shows up when ask Him to move and speak. You've taught me to be more confident, more assured of my faith and the God I serve. You've broken my heart to pieces. And I've changed. And there's no going back. I can't go back to the naive, luxury loving Liz anymore because you've shown me that there are people who starve, children who don't get to go to school, and people who have crumbling homes. Papa you've shown me the least of these and called me to love them. And love them with my everything. My soul sings here in Africa and my heart will be broken when we leave this place. But I know I'm called to come back here: in Africa. And I might even live here one day as crazy as that sounds. Because God calls us to throw our life plans in the trash, and let Him take over #wrgapyear #Rwanda #art #artjournal #watercolor #andink #planeticket #caligraphy #asthetic

Obsessed with these little cut-off strips. Paper bouquet? #cutoffs #handmadepaper #andink #bouquet

Tunu2 Jangang Rongg with Mereka ....

When he trying to bag but can't think of what to say


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