A view of the Andes Mountains as we approached Santiago airport.
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I was going to post this photo yesterday since a NH foliage hike I am hosting in October got announced for @womenwhohike. It filled up so fast I didn’t have time to take a break from work to write a caption trying to persuade you all to sign up. So instead I am posting today with a sappy caption about this community.
I got the attendee list for the upcoming hike last night and was running through the names. I got weirdly emotional running through the list featuring a mix of familiar and unknown names. I felt humbled, excited, and joyous about the opportunity to connect with these women on the trail. The unknown names on the list mean I get to connect with someone new. The familiar names mean I get to catch up about all the adventures I have seeing them post about since the last time we met. When I meet or see again the faces that belong to those names I know I will be doing so in one of my favorite places during my favorite time of year. I know they will see the side of me that I love most.
There are endless possibilities in these unknown names. Once unknown names have turned into incredible friendships and adventures. Next weekend I am hiking the Pemi Loop in just 2 days with a woman I have met just once. I am in group chats with members talking about goals, trips, & plans. My October is filled with hiking plans with WWH friends. One of the more powerful examples is a story from this summer when one of my worst nightmares happened - I got stuck in a flash flood in AZ. I posted a story about it on instagram once I was safe. >50 women from the community - some I had met, others I just connect with over social media - reached out to me. They wanted to make sure I was safe. They offered rides, places to stay, or anything they could to make the situation a bit easier. I don’t have words to express how grateful I felt to receive such love & support during a traumatic time.
I know these women get me because they get it. What is “it” you ask? “It” is hard to define because it is more of a feeling - a feeling of belonging on the trail, a feeling of empowerment through this community, a feeling of inspiration from people's adventures. Kind of feels like home.

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This lovely picture of our Sol Shoes was taken outside of la Catredal del Cusco in Cusco, Peru. Our Sol Shoes feature the colorful aguayo fabric native to the Andes Mountains and is traditionally used by the indigenous Quechua and Aymara people.

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