Here are the 14U Longhorns using our new weighted overload/underload Axe training bats from Driveline. The heavier overload bats will help our players develop more efficiency in their swing. The heavier weight forces the lower half to do more work in order to get the barrel through. The lighter underload bat will improve bat speed. The lighter weight allows the swing to occur at a higher velocity recruiting more fast twitch fibers. This ultimately helps hitters swing faster with their regular bat. The overload bats have a barrel loaded and hand loaded bat to help players adjust to different weight distributions. The swings they take with these bats will look different early in the process, but over time the swings should carry over to what they do with their regular bat. James Clark @james20clark , Dylan Locke, Andrew Sedzia, and Vinny Purpura @vpurpura are here swinging the Axe weighted bats. They’ve all been members of the Longhorns for 3-5 years and all four are phenomenal kids. You can see the hard work they’ve put into their swings over the years. I can’t wait to see how this helps our players moving forward. #14ulonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #athletichitters #batspeed #efficiency #axebats #driveline #violentswings #ballexitspeed

Here are the 13U Northeast Longhorns getting after it during our weekly throwing session. Danny McCabe (righty thrower) and Max Israel @max_israel14 (lefty thrower) do a great job executing our shuffle behind drill. You can see an accurate/explosive throw with good rhythm, momentum, and weight transfer. Nick Larche @nick_larche is the crazy person in front of the camera being Nick Larche. Kevin Rutowicz @k_rut_11 isn’t seen on video, but he’s the one asking “Are you taking selfies?”. No shortage of laughs hanging around these characters. The game has to be fun too, right? #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #athleticpitchers #attackingthetarget #crazykids

The Saint Anselm bound Ben Horsfall @ben_horsfall is the only player who can consider himself a seven year member Northeast Longhorns. Ben went 2 for 4 with an RBI and a run scored vs Shrewsbury. He also had a two run double earlier in the week in their win over Hudson. You'll hear more about Ben as the year progresses, but I'm very proud he's our longest tenured player in the program. He's developed into an outstanding player, and he's an even better kid. I know that's a cliche you always hear, but I haven't found anyone who feels differently. A former three time member of the Longhorns, Dylan Connors, went 2 for 3 with a walk in the game. I'm not surprised to see that type of production from one of the more internally driven/competitive kids I've worked with. #andersonbaseballacademy #northeastlonghorns #westboroughbaseball #SaintAsbaseball

Senior captain Chris Burdick @chrisburdickk hit an RBI double in off of Harvard bound Matt Mcgrory on Tuesday to put the hillers within a run. He also had a solid game at shortstop. Chris is a 4 year veteran of the Longhorns and he's trained with us for five years now. He has a great passion for the game and his leadership/character is going to take him and his team a long way this year. Zack Sisitsky @zsisitsky44 is another kid who fits that mold, and he threw two shutout innings in relief to keep hopkinton in striking distance. Zack has been with me for a year now, and he's constantly trying to learn/work on how to improve his craft everyday. #andersonbaseballacademy #northeastlonghorns #hillerbaseball #character #leadership

Ben Thomas @bttom1234 and Jake Poor from the Holliston HS baseball team picked up two hits in their game on Monday vs Bellingham. Both players were part of the Anderson baseball high school hitting clinics this offseason. Jake attended twice a week this offseason and Ben has been with us for several years as a 3 time member of the Longhorns. I look forward to reading more about both players this season. Although he's only trained as a pitcher with us, Tim Ringie picked up a couple of hits as well from the lead off spot. Nice work fellas! #andersonbaseballacademy #hollistonbaseball #trivalleyleaguebaseball

The 13U Longhorns Open division team got off to a great start beating Shoveltown Baseball 16-8 in a 9 inning nondivision game. Every player reached base at least once and the team played outstanding defense. Cole Forrest and James Jorgensen both went 4 for 5 with 3 RBIs to pace the offense. Jorgensen had two doubles from the cleanup spot, and Forrest had one double in the 2 hole. Matt Coffman was a standout on the mound throwing 3 shutout innings in relief allowing just one hit in 31 pitches to pick up the win. On top of stellar defensive play at shortstop, Caleb Rahaim had a great day from the lead off spot going 1 for 2 with 3 walks and 4 runs scored. This was a true team victory with everyone contributing. Great win fellas! #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #openingday #victory #finallyspring

In Tri valley league action this weekend, we had a couple of our current and former players have solid days. Holliston Senior Zack Jacobs picked up up right where he left off from last year's TVL 1st team all star selection. He continues to tear up TVL pitching going 2 for 3 with a couple of RBIs. Jackson Hornung @jackson055 had a great day at the plate for Ashland with a couple of doubles and five runs scored in the first game of his sophomore year. He's a young player to look out for this year. #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #trivalleyleaguebaseball #hollistonbaseball #ashlandbaseball

Great message from a 16 time gold glove winner at the hot corner. If you're not getting better today you're getting worse. Did you get better today? Tee work, throwing, short hops weight lifting, sprints? What did you do today? Obviously the skills and physical development outside of training/practices is essential to stay ahead. What if your body is physically drained from baseball and other sports? You can work on your mental game on those particular days. My favorite books to read on the mental side of the game were "The Mental ABCs of Pitching" and "The Mental Keys to Hitting" by HA Dorfman. There are plenty of authors on the mental game but his writing clicked with me. I read at least one chapter of these books several times each week to keep my mental approach sharp during my playing days. I'm sure my players will hear several trigger words I use in my coaching from these books. "Attack the glove" being the most commonly used phrase. I was an emotional player throughout my career bringing a football/linebacker mentality to the field, so this was something I constantly had to work on. Pick up a book to work on your mental game when your body is physically drained. School comes first! Get your homework done before working on baseball. The better grades you have the more opportunities you'll have to play at the collegiate level. If you have a strong desire to play at the collegiate level, the second thing on your list after schoolwork should be your baseball training. #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #mentaldevelopment #physicaldevelopment #skilldevelopment #didyougetbettertoday

Owen Mccarron @owenthebeast_7 from the 12U Northeast Longhorns Super team RAKING during the 8am training session today! #andersonbaseballacademy #northeastlonghorns #12usuperteam #hittingmissiles

Congratulations to Hopkinton HS senior catcher Alex Reynolds @arey1999 on his commitment to play baseball for Babson College next year! Alex is a former Longhorn and he's been training with us for 5 years now. I'm also lucky enough to have him as an employee. I couldn't be happier or more proud of a player. There are some players who have plenty of natural ability, but Alex is a self made player. He's worked for everything he's achieved in this game and he made himself a college player. I remember asking him when he was in 8th grade if he wanted to play college baseball. Most kids answer to that question is "if I'm good enough". His answer was "I will do everything I can to play college baseball". He backed those words up with incredible character and a tireless work ethic the last five years. I was very proud when I saw him in July getting ready for a game going through every drill in his long toss we had worked on all offseason (you'll see our indoor long toss in his video). Normally you have to force players to do things like that, but he trusts the process and understands what it takes to be great. There are way more physically gifted players in his class but he's surpassed most of them with his attention to detail and constant desire to get better! Babson got a great player, a phenomenal leader, and an even better person! I can't wait to see what he does in the future! He'll have success in whatever he chooses to do with his life! I'm writing all of these nice things even though he's incorrect thinking Tom Brady is the greatest qb of all time (sorry Alex I had to sneak that in here haha) #babsonbeavers #collegebaseball #hillerbaseball #andersonbaseballacademy #hardworkbeatstalentwhentalentdoesntworkhard #captain #leader #catcher #velocity #poptime #tombradyisnotthegoat

Congratulations to Nick Assad @nassad119 on his commitment to play baseball at Division II powerhouse Southern New Hampshire University! Nick was a member of the 17U Northeast Longhorns Prospect team and he's currently a junior at Medway High School. The picture above shows Nick pitching a gem at the University of Maryland tournament this past summer for the Longhorns. He threw a complete game 4 hitter with 0 ER's and 7 K's. Nick came into our program in August 2015 throwing 79 mph and by the end up the summer in 2016 he was being clocked at 87 mph after all of his hard work. SNHU has just added a great ballplayer and a phenomenal kid. SNHU has had incredible success the last five years advancing to the Div. II NCAA regionals five straight years, an appearance in the DII College World Series, and a Northeast 10 Championship. They've also had 10 players drafted by the MLB the last five years. Nick has an incredible future ahead of him! #southernnewhampshire #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #medwaymustangs #collegebaseball #velocity #character #workethic

Here's Mike Burney @mikeburney23 taking a great swing during our @hittraxbaseball fall hitting league. I'm extremely proud of Mike for all of the work he's put in the past 3+ years. This will be his 4th year in the program but his first year on our very successful "A" team and he deserves it. This is the 3rd year we've had two teams for his age group (currently 13U). He played the last two years on the "B" team and his performance during the season and tryouts left no doubt he should be moved up this year. Upon hearing this news, do you think Mike was satisfied with himself and relaxed this fall? Absolutely not! He signed up for the Northeast Longhorns strength and conditioning at Momentum Performance training and he signed up for the Anderson Baseball HitTrax fall league sessions. His already stellar @hittraxbaseball numbers went way up as result! Here are his improvements since tryouts in late August:
Max ball exit velocity: 74 mph (+4)
Avg ball exit velocity: 65 mph (+4)
Batting average: .550 (+.150)
Line drive %: 35% (+12)
After the fall league he's now 1st in every category among our 13U players listed above besides batting average (he's second by .17). Keep up the great work Mike! #neversatisfied #hardworkbeatstalent #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #13ulonghornsdiamondteam

The 14U Northeast Longhorns Super team had an amazing year finishing 9-1 in their division and earning the number one overall seed for the NEAAU 14u super division. In the first weekend of the playoffs they went 3-0 in pool play winning their first two games with stellar pitching and defense winning 6-4 and 4-2. In their third game, they came back from an early 7-0 deficit to pull out a 10-9 victory. They earned a spot in the 14u super division final four. In the semifinal game, Jack Wehle @jwehle11 threw a complete game two hit shutout leading the Longhorns to a 3-0 victory. Unfortunately, the defense had some uncharacteristic breakdowns in the finals as the Longhorns fell 9-7 in the championship game. It was still a phenomenal season for the Longhorns led by Coach Mike Coppinger and Coach Chris Casey. We've trained many of these players since they were 9 or 10 years old, but most of the team just started playing AAU the last two years. We're all proud of this team and their accomplishments! Great job fellas! #14usuperlonghorns #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy

Congratulations to the 17U Northeast Longhorns prospect team on finishing second place in the Pasttime Tournament of Champions at University of Rhode Island! This was their first tournament together and they batted in the finals against Nokona's 18U team. They ultimately came up short losing 7-5. They begin their second of five tournaments this summer at the NEBC in northborough at 12:30pm for the Boston Open. They'll be playing teams from all over the country in this tournament. Good luck! @og_lefty @ajgould4 @ben_horsfall @chrisburdickk @jakeobid18 @tj_nelson232323 @tomonsi @pespes18 @bttom1234 @nassad119 #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #17uprospectteam #collegebaseballrecruits #summerbaseball

Brian Gaughan @bgaughan12 , a junior at Hopkinton High School and member of the 17U Longhorns prospect team, is here getting his velocity measured on the run & gun drill and working on his fastball location inside on a lefty. Brian battled a freak injury last year sliding into a base and I know he's geared up to get back on the field this spring. His run & gun velocity is 86.8 mph with a 4 oz underload baseball and 85.8 with a regulation 5 oz baseball. Brian has the most athletic run and gun in the program, in my opinion. I love the athleticism, explosiveness, and the INTENT to throw hard. He also maxed out at 77.9 mph on the mound. I've worked with Brian for four years now, and he's a phenomenal kid with a great work ethic, attitude, and competitiveness. The last clip shows off his greatest strength as a pitcher - location and movement. You can see we're working on locating our fastball inside under the hitters hands. Pitchers should always make sure their catchers don't necessarily set up over the inside part of the plate, but rather inside under the hitter's hands right by their knee cap. If the hitter is way off the plate, the catcher will be set up off the plate. I'm looking forward to seeing Brian excel for the Hopkinton varsity team this spring. #hillerbaseball #athleticpitchers #velocity #runandguns #attackhittersinside #toughness #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy

Here's a few of the 16U Longhorns letting it fly with a few pulldowns after their long toss. Tommy Leone @tleone15 (Hopkinton) is the player backpedaling into a turn & burn drill, while Dylan O'Leary (Hopkinton), Brendan Kelly (Hopkinton) and James Quinlivan (Milton Academy) blow up the target with a run & gun. Tomorrow is the last measurement day of the year before high school tryouts. We'll see what these guys have tomorrow. #objectivemeasurement #velocity #command #athleticpitchers #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #16ulonghorns #prospectteam #hillerbaseball #miltonacademybaseball #TVL #ISL

Nick Assad, a sophomore at Medway High School, threw a run and gun with a regulation 5 oz baseball at 89.9mph (you can hear my reaction on the video since he was so close to 90 mph). He also threw 93 mph with the 4 ounce underload ball. He went up 3 mph in three weeks on both of his 5 oz and 4 oz run and gun throws. Nick is a member of the 17U Northeast Longhorns, and he's currently in his first year with the program. He's been a pleasure to work with this offseason and I'm looking forward to seeing how he impacts Medway HS and the Longhorns. Using our hittrax batting simulator, Nick also increased his ball exit speed numbers as a hitter reaching a max speed of 84 mph (+2 mph) and an average ball exit speed of 73 mph (+7 mph). Nice work Nick! Please excuse the poor camera angles. #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #17ulonghorns #prospectteam #medwaybaseball #supersophomore #blowitup #attack #athletichitters #athleticpitchers #development #cluelesscameraman

James Markis from Wellesley, MA and a student at Belmont Hill is another member of the 14U Northeast Longhorns super team. Here he is attacking the glove with his fast, change, and curve. James is another five year member of the Longhorns, and what he lacks in size he makes up for with his work ethic and the loudest voice in the program. Keep it up James! #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #fiveyearlonghornsvet #attack #keepinghittersguessing #enthusiasm #loudnoises #14usuperlonghorns

Here's Grady Cook @gtc22 from the 14U Longhorns Super Team working on his fast, change, and curveball command. I know we post plenty of velocity videos and we certainly work hard at velocity development. We spend even more time on improving mechanics, command, changing speeds and movement. Grady has a naturally lower arm slot than other pitchers, which makes him more deceptive with added movement to his pitches. Grady is entering his fifth year as a Longhorns player, and he's always worked hard on his craft with plenty of enthusiasm. Great work Grady! #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #14usuperlonghorns #deception #movement #command #slingingit #fiveyearlonghornsvet

Quinn Donovan (Westborough High School) and Ryan Pomposelli (Needham, Xaverian) from the 14U Longhorns Super team getting in some work behind the plate with Coach Copp. Two very good athletes learning proper blocking/framing technique. Quinn is in his 4th year as a Longhorn and Ryan is in his second year. These two should be big contributors behind the plate, at the plate, and playing the corner infield this year for the team. #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #westboroughbaseball #xaverianbaseball #framing #blocking #hardwork #grind #toughness #backstop #14ulonghorns

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