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He is happy-happy #monk #anchorite

Later on today i will be performing #MONUMENTAL dances for your dollars. This is a photo from my last dance performance, #anchorite opening for #anklpants.

Photo by the splendid Jessica Pohl.

Dressing up, no holds barred, for #anchorite @vinegaraverie performance Newport RI

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I ate a poets heart / me come un Corazon de poeta

Great energy and vibes from these guys!!!! @markeshawjr & @themcjonesy they have some really BIG things in store!!! #ANCHORITE #INDIEBAND #SONGWRITERS #ROCK #CLOCKWORKSTUDIOS

Sunset rays in the rainforest


Quick notebook sketch before I call it a night . I've spent the day reading about the lives of the early Desert Fathers ( thank you @madamxmarabout for the loaner books ). Particularly taken with one narrative , an anonymous ascetic anchorite who so desired a cucumber ( subtle Freudian symbolism) in his arid retreat that he hung one upon his Hermitage to remind himself of misplaced longing - he should have been pining for salvation. Fascinating image , this sketch my way of recording my impression for possible future inspiration #dailydrawing #draweveryday #sketchbook #anchorite #desertfathers #earlychurch #ascetics #cucumber #pencildrawing #leonardgrecoart

St Paphnutius
Saint of the Day
September 24th
Paphnutius was an Egyptian anchorite living an ascetic life in the desert. When he learned of Diocletian’s persecution of the Christians he went to their assistance but was immediately arrested himself. He confessed his faith and was tortured; but his torturers, Dionysius and Callimachus, were themselves converted by his example and were beheaded.
Paphnutius was thrown into prison and lost no time converting forty prisoners, who were then burned alive.
Paphnutius was released after a time and taken in by a Christian sympathiser, Nestorius; he and his family were then executed.
Many others who came into contact with Paphnutius (546 men to be precise) had their faith strengthened and were consequently martyred.
Paphnutius was thrown into a river with a rock around his neck but miraculously floated.
Eventually the authorities lost their patience and crucified him on a date tree.
This is what he looked like: @lamplifeboatladder
#september24 #paphnutius #anchorite #diocletian #datetree #crucifixion

My ring has a halo of its own... And the halo is chiseled of a heart....
#Shadow #Abysmal #Solitaire #Anchorite #MeTime #Lost #Pensive #Unfiltered

Blessed Roland
Saint of the Day
September 15th
One day, while hunting in the forest between Tabiano and Salsomaggiore with her falcons, Marchesa Antonia Pallavicini found an old man lying in a pile of leaves. It was the hermit Roland de’Medici waiting for death.
Although a member of the great Medici dynasty, he had chosen the life of a hermit and lived in the forest for 26 years never saying a single word to anybody. He had arrived as if from nowhere dressed in black clothes. When the clothes fell apart, he wore goatskin. He lived off grass and fruit and would stand for hours on one leg staring at the sun.
The Marchesa escorted him to a local church where he lay on the stone floor and told the priest Father Dominic his story.
He explained that he had removed himself from society and kept silent in order to avoid sin; God brought him ecstatic consolation.
He was fed warm broth and lived another four weeks before St Michael and his angels arrived to accompany him up to heaven. He ascended on 15th September 1386, exactly 631 years ago today.
This is what he looked like: @lamplifeboatladder
#september15 #blessedroland #stmichael #medici #parma #falconery #ecstasy #hermit #anchorite #maninblack

My copy of Notations by @ecilaneaj came today! And it came with a darling handmade book. I took one too many (or just the right amount?) of medieval lit courses in college and I was, as the kids say these days, obsessed with Julian of Norwich, so I was excited my friend and spirit guide Alice-Catherine Jennings was writing this mystic's imagined diary. Favorite line so far: I jump to grab the sun.

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