"...she cooked meat and spinach and boiled up endless pots of tea throughout the night, all the while explaining that if I had continued down that particular road at that particular time I would have been knocked down by a truck and killed. "The storm was sent by the mermaids from the deep sea to keep you safe," she said. "It is not your time to die." The following morning the storm stopped as abruptly as it had started and the sangoma said: "The road will be safe now, you are free to go." - Heather Dugmore

#storytelling #ancestralwisdom

🌬️La cultura cura. A true warrior fights from a place of love, listens to ancestral wisdom, lives in alignment and inspires others to do the same ✨
#ancestralwisdom#murals #highvibesdaily

Many Asian & Pacific Island cultures believe that consuming seaweed after birth helps heal tissues, build blood, and bring on a healthy milk supply. ☯️
Seaweed is a nutrient dense (more than any land vegetable!) source of iodine, folate, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and selenium, and contains DHA and EPA Omega-3 fatty acids as well as antioxidants. Apparently there's a good reason it's highly respected in island cultures!
This seaweed is being prepared with grassfed Maui beef + bone broth for a bowl of traditional Korean Seaweed Soup. While it's meant to be pretty bland, many find this soup to be deeply comforting and warming from the inside out. ☯️
#traditionalpostpartum #islandcultures #ancestralwisdom #maui #mealdeliverymaui #postpartumnutrition

I present to you: LILAC HONEY 🍯🌸

Happy FRIYAY! ❤️ .
Feeling especially grateful for all the wonderful new challenges and beginnings I’ve been faced with, recently. 💫 I am on day 20 of Keto. This transition hasn’t been easy—I’ve had plenty of ups and downs. However, I’m sticking with this process because of the long-term health benefits that can come with it. .
Update: TODAY is actually a GOOD Day. I woke up at 4am 😬 unable to fall back asleep. Not great, but that goes to show how much energy I feel. ⚡️Eventually, my body will learn to utilize ketones better and I will sleep like a baby again. 😴
High Vibers, if you swipe right ➡️ I’ve added a #cardio & #strength morning routine that I find to be quick and functional. Give it a try and let me know what you think. ✨
Hope you all have a HIGH VIBE FRIDAY! 🌟☀️💛 #ancestralwisdom

It’s the ancient #wisdom & #knowledge they keep from you to keep you small dumb & dim. If you knew the truth you may complete a feat that would change the world - & the Dominant society is scared jay you’ll #wakeup bc then the jig would be up. #oneness #indigochild #lightworker #americaneagle #americanidol #americana #americanflag #americanhistory #indigenous #americanindian #moor #coloroflaw #research #webeenhere #ancestral #ancestralvoices #ancestralwisdom #conspiracy #blackout

“In the quiet stillness of your heart, you can hear your grandmother’s voice. Listen. Her wisdom shines in the light of the stars.” ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
~ Grace Alvarez Sesma .
✨Illustration by Jane Ray✨
#listen #ancestralwisdom #followyourheart #itknowstheway #gracealvarezsesma #wildmama #wildmamatribe

I tend to the soil as if I am tending to my ancestors. As if I am tending to my children. As if I am tending to my future grandchildren. Because I am. The soil is made of what has died. The soil will grow the life/food for who comes next. .
#soil #dirt #earth #ancestralwisdom #ancestors #seeds #death #compost #thesoilismadeofdeadthings #thesoilismadeoflife #bloodandbelonging #dirtmedicine #wild

I’m in a full on love affair with lilac right now. Currently making lilac honey and pressing lilac blooms for the jar labels and have mason jars of them in every room of my house. I’m honoring Tim’s Balkan roots with their intoxicating fragrance, having recently learned they were brought over to the states by immigrants to remind them of home and attract luck. May they do the same for us. 🌸

• Woohoo, they’re off. If you ordered an Ancestral Grandmother from me she is on her womb-rooted way to you.

Apart from the joy of creating them I didn’t realize how meaningful it would be to package each one up for you individually.
Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and affirmed my process here.

There is just one Grandmother left. Perhaps she is waiting to share her ancestral wisdom with you. Link to my Etsy is in my profile.
ETA The Grandmothers are all sold.
#wombrooted #etsy #ancestors #ancestral #ancestralwisdom #grandmothers #basket #soulwork

The #riteofpassage from #preconception to #parenthood has so many #doorways of #personalgrowth opportunities and challenges for the #sacredmasculine
The #father has a huge role to play in #Consciousconception #consciouspregnancy #consciousbirth and #consciousparenting
Yet the active participation in these life events is a new modern phenomena and #evolution
#men have no #ancestral #patterning or #ancestralwisdom to subconsciously access to support them in being a strong #gatekeeper for their baby and #birthing woman.
It’s even more important to not only recognise and acknowledge the huge event this is for men but also how crucial it is they are fully prepared in body mind and spirit on how to support and be a knowledgeable gatekeeper
Make the start of parenthood count by being prepared for your rite of passage into fatherhood. The biggest job of your life.
Get a doula.
Do your research.
Don’t just go with the doctors prescription know your stuff have a researched knowledge base and know how to trust your birthing woman. Know how to trust her body and birthing process unquestionable.
#birthingdads #consciousdad

Mono Rítmico Azul nos invita a equilibrar la seriedad del proceso de "muerte simbólica", duelo y desapego que estamos viviendo, con liviandad, alegría y capacidad de jugar. Equilibrar también implica que, aunque esta ligereza nos sirva para aliviar un poco lo áspero del proceso, también debemos evitar caer en la tentación de decirnos "todo da igual" y evadirnos. Es un día de ir y venir, "meciéndonos" como un mono, entre la seriedad y el juego. Busca tu equilibrio.

Acción del día: para equilibrar, tómate un momento del día con gran seriedad, para avanzar en el duelo que estás viviendo, realizando una acción concreta (por ejemplo, tirando o regalando algo asociado a esa época o identidad). Y también, tómate otro momento para no pensar en eso, para jugar y divertirte.

#calendariomaya #tzolkin #sincronario13lunas #encantamientodelsueño #dreamspell #sabiduriaancestral #ancestralwisdom #mayan

Si deseas recibir asesoramiento personalizado sobre Calendario Maya, envianos tu consulta:
Mail: jaimebarzi.ten@gmail.com

Current watercolor in progress- knowledge of ancestors and spirit people coming thru strong! Using all Hand made natural inks and brushes !! #naturalpigment #ancestralwisdom #moth #eucalyptus #ceanothus #naturalink #watercolor #workinprogress

DO IT... 😍😍 I've always been really inspired by music 🎶🎵 especially since working in the industry for 6 or 7 years, many years ago, but I was always the observer.
I taught myself how to play guitar chords a long time ago but never stuck with it. These days I find that music 🎵 and sound 🎶 hits me in a deep way, deeper and deeper, the more I walk this conscious path and expand. There’s something awesome cooking behind the scenes here... and it's not a guitar... Any guesses? 😁 Watch this space ✌️ What is something you’ve always wanted to do, but never have? Why? 🤔

Go do that! 😁😍🙌🤸‍♂️

For those local in New Mexico, I perform what’s called a functional examination. A powerful tool in helping understand where the body is being burdened (liver, intestines, pituitary, uterus, etc), I palpate various points on the body to asses what nutrients or foods the body needs. It’s super fascinating, and often I’ll have clients bring their current supplements to see if they’re actually doing anything for them - and most of the time, they’re not! .
New journal post about the functional exam on the website ( modern-origins.com/journal ); and here are a couple shots of my office - still in the [slow] process of decorating and stocking up. .
#nutritionaltherapy #nutrition #healthandwellness #bodywork #ancestraldiet #officescenes #traditionalfood #bioindividuality #innatewisdom #ancestralwisdom #newmexico #abq #albuquerque #abqbusiness #wellnesswednesday #abqhealth #abqlocal #abqnobhill

This week in practice we are honoring our ancestors. Yoga is the practice that brings us home to ourselves, and our lineage is a part of that home. For a while now, I have been studying the ways of ancient Slavs, the ancestors of all Eastern European nations including Ukraine 🇺🇦 I discovered that Slavs had a movement modality that isn’t unlike yoga 🧘‍♀️ It didn’t get as preserved and widespread as the Indian practice, but it is precious nevertheless. This week I am infusing some moves from this modality into our practice. Catch it here at @joyyogacenter .

Wednesday April 18th 8:30pm
Friday April 20th 6am wake up flow, 7:15am flow, 9am gentle, 5:15 pm free meditation, 6pm essential oils class
Saturday April 21 7:30am flow
Sunday April 22 10am flow at @levyparkhouston .
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Everyday Prayer // I’ve been in deep conversations with folks within my community since the time of my last post. There’s been a lot of teaching moments. And yes, it has primarily been around racial/cultural differences, perceptions, biases, and loss.
Today, it’s been 30 days since Stephon Clark was fatally shot here in Sacramento. That loss has triggered emotions and actions all around us, bringing questions forth about issues that have always been present.
At a recent screening and discussion of The Souls of Black Girls the question was posed if we thought anything has changed in the 10 years since the film was produced. The consensus of the multi-cultural group was No, except there is a greater awareness now centered around racism, colonialism, and social justice due to social media’s reach.
We agreed that’s a positive, a start, a step towards a way of us all being in better relation with each other. And it’s also been in agreement these past two weeks that people of privilege—white/light-skinned—hold the onus to do the work of educating themselves and their peers on these issues that affect us all.
I often speak to how multi-cultural POC like me are bridges, the messages we share often being better received: “And maybe that’s what the role is that I—and now so many others like me—play in this world, half-breeds, mixed-bloods, liminal folk, intermediaries between two worlds, armed with a knowing of both, serving as a bridge to spread healing of the sickness, one action, one correction, one person, one generation at a time.”
Never underestimate the power of the revolution beginning within your own home, your everyday conversations. A few days ago a teacher said, “We’re always in prayer, throughout our day, with every thought.” I ask you to carry that with you, remembering the potency of our thoughts and words, the spells they cast upon ourselves and others.
And I’ll end this by sharing what another maestra taught me, “There’s nothing Rose cannot help heal.”
#loveandaction #rose #love #socialjustice #healthefragility #everydayprayer #everydaymagic #ancestralwisdom #eachoneteachone #knowbetterdobetter #community #saytheirnames #sacramento

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