This Saturday July 21st,12pm-8pm at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park. Homage to the Ancestors. Let’s dance!
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🎆: Seblang van Banyuwangi
📷: @jessamine.the.noble
The lullaby was repeated four to six times until she was completely possessed, then everybody began to dance.
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Going Trance
🎆: Seblang van Banjoewangi
📷: @jessamine.the.noble
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She was not completely possessed yet. The custom council was walking her around the stage to make her go deeper into trance. And she was gazing at me, although her eyes were closed. Or perhaps, it was the ancestral spirit?

I wrote this a few months ago and I feel called to share it again. Every so often we get news of an event. Of a life changing collective experience that transforms everyone, saves everyone, elevates-awakens- humanity. 2012, “the event”, the rapture.. goodness all of it. This is a reminder that the change is YOU.
Today during meditation I was given the image of a vast arena. It was filled, as if all of humanity had come to witness this show. The stage was lit, and every heart in the crowd was watching, cheering. I could feel the fullness of hope and excitement fill my heart, as if it were to burst. Only no one stepped onto the stage. Every one came to see this grand event, only to pause in confusion, disappointment, frustration. The more they waited the further and quieter the stage became.

Then, one by one I would see the stage illuminate within the hearts of the onlookers. It is through each individual heart. What they were waiting for was already within, it was the rising awareness within themselves.

We all feel a grand shift upon us. Whether this is through spiritual circles, the political arena, or earth changes.

The greatest shift happens when we look within and see our truth. Act within our truth. It is here everything around us will begin to shift as well.

Being the change you wish to see has never felt so clear then it does in this moment.

In each day we can surrender more into the light of our hearts. Anchoring it into the world through our being, our actions, reactions and awareness.

You are the shift maker, the game changer. It has always been, and will always be- you.

when my ancestral spirits appear to me on my forest walk

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Thanks to the #gods, #goddesse's and #oracles of our land that they have made this day to unfold without needing our effort's. May only blessings shower your way right at the beginning of sunrise to the end of sunset.

Also remember to not forget to come to the #ecofestival at #KwetuTrainingCenter to cheer the #ancestralspirits that will be expressed through the soul within I AM.

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Sometimes we have to go back to square one to excel forwards.

Not always easy. Especially when we want success and accomplishment. Which sometimes feels is defined only by forward movement. So we seek progress, success. As if progress is the determining factor to success.

My mind goes: but I don’t want to work back to square one I want to be —there— already. So many areas in my life right now I’m being called to my foundation. To the beginning. To square one.

But I’m realizing the THERE I desire will never come unless I strengthen the HERE I am already floating within. Only then I evolve my here, and realize I’m already there.


I’ve been steadily working on my oracle deck and it’s been interesting to watch it unfold. My main intention with #createyourownoracledeck is to allow. To show up and allow what unfolds. I sit down and allow whatever card that is ready to be created to come through. I never know what the card theme will be until it’s already in motion. I’ve noticed if I try to plan something out it doesn’t work out and I end up starting over.
I planted many seeds in May. Or maybe they were sprouts of what I planted long ago... either way I feel inspiration rooting and foundations strengthening. The start of 2018 kind of felt like a storm, during which I experienced a shedding and transformation. A metamorphosis of my own. Letting go, allowing the storm to roll through, embracing the intensity of change- it all leads to good things. Lush rich expression only happens with the nourishing downpour anyway.
Happy June!

Hey you! What you doin’ there? Yeah, I know, that moon is driving me crazy too... And those Gulanganian ancestral spirits or whatever they are... Oh well, welcome to the club. Follow me... #unexpectedmeeting #hello #heyyou #calf #nature #naturewalk #fullmoon #ricefields #galungan #ancestralspirits #followme

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