The Sunday Night Slaughter Nerd day throwback!

@gpayson1987 getting a dolly shot for the short film Rose Thorn, featured in my documentary film Our Friend Jon.

Sometimes to direct you need to sit with your cast.

Shooting Our Friend Jon documentary and the short film Rose Thorn at the same time. OFJ Cinematographer @goodalwayswins lines up his shot behind Rose Thorn directorNick Saporito, with Ben Donahue doing sound.

New Commercial I concepted and edited with stock footage.

10 year anniversary of my first feature film Morbid: A Love Story. Los Angeles has brought ups and downs but I have enjoyed the ride so far.

@will.t.green305 as Dragula with his comic sidekick Evan (@instastevogram) in The Sunday Night Slaughter.

Twinsies. @devannypinn acts her face off in my new film The Sunday Night Slaughter.

@cjhazelnut was one of 2 teachers at Waltham High that were huge influences on me pursuing a career in film. I was able to speak to his very talented media students last week.

Behind the scenes of The Sunday Night Slaughter last year with the powerful @tiffanibrookefest Check out the film later this year!

I feel like I could write this into a zombie apocalypse film.

Thanks Corey! That Sunday Night Slaughter hype:

This is from the first day of my first scene in my first feature film in 2007. I’d like to think I learned a lot since then:

From my documentary film Our Friend Jon. The trailer drops this week. Here The guys film a couple who just heard a noise outside their log cabin.

My Three feature films currently out. 2 more coming this year plus a lot of my short films in compilation DVD’s including 2 shorts in the 60 Seconds to Die anthology, My short The Itch in Troma’s Grindsploitation 4: Meltsploitation and Dinner with the Dwyers in the compilation Blood Tales from Vestra Pictures. Stay tuned for the trailers to my new films The Sunday Night Slaughter and Our Friend Jon.

The Sunday Night Slaughter day 1, It’s been a ride. What started as an idea for a web-series has evolved into a feature film anthology. The trailer is finally dropping this week. I am so grateful for all those involved.

Here is another cool theater one of my films played at. My film Unsigned played in the @doc_utah filmfest back in 2011. The awesome@Utah fest didn’t only play my documentary they had all three bands play live after the film. If you want to check out my film Unsigned watch it for free on Amazon Prime.

I like pictures of my movies playing in strange theaters. Here it is playing with Rocky Horror picture show and The Room in San Francisco.

A Dinner with the Dwyers Behind the Scenes pic, directing some great actors.

Myself (Director) @keetinmarchi (actor) and @instastevogram (actor/producer) for The Sunday Night Slaughter. My new film, trailer out later this week.

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