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STICK 2 IT: On set 2day shooting a cameo 4 a new Horror anthology! #thesundaynightslaughter #anantiheroproduction 4 @an_anti_hero_peoduction #GoodTimes

SkyyHi water bottle commercial I directed starring @arleyryder and @taylorplecity I enjoyed working with these guys.

Commercial I just finished for a power bank featuring @amberplaster @dendshep @arleyryder @burbankcinemaclub @cbakebeauty

A long time ago in Chester New Hampshire I produced a horror film. It was the first project I had ever worked on besides my own horror feature Morbid which was a few days into production. On the first day of shooting a lead actor didn't show up so I had to become a LEAD ACTOR for the entire feature. It was a great experience. The movie holds a special place in my heart because I met lifelong friends and my father got to be a big part of it the Summer before he passed away.

Some clips and pics from my documentary film Unsigned. Free on Amazon Prime.

Using the rig. Not mine but used on my movie.

Just some nerds playing Dungeons and Dragons. #thesundaynightslaughter


Shooting a cooking show for Des Moines Iowa public access 1994.

2009 Michael Berryman helping promote my film Morbid: A Love Story

The Cohasset Squad circa 2012 at the premiere of my film The Cohasset Snuff Film.

Thanks to all who came out to #thesundaynightslaughter wrap party last night. Sorry I know a lot of people didn’t make the pictures including @kevinnatureguy @moviedude18 @marklidikay @willis15 @goodalwayswins

Garm! from my film The Sunday Night Slaughter did his first interview today on #thehorrorgeeks. A heated discussion ensued. @epicspacebattle @thehorrorgeeks @barrydmorgan

an excerpt of the “Top 10 Animal Horror Movies” segment from Episode 10 of our Horror Geeks podcast. You will like my list. what are some of your favorites? Check out the whole list Youtube.com/thehorrorgeeks

Babyfaces 2008 Morbid: A Love Story @whoa_brian with the big rig.

Our Friend Jon the Documentary, my latest documentary out the beginning of 2018. This is @bjoyal14 Brandon Joyal being interviewed for the film. Check out Our Friend Jon on facebook.

Just a typical day on the set of #thesundaynightslaughter Wait and see what happened to @jacquibloom ‘s friend.

From my upcoming Documentary Our Friend Jon. My brother Garrett talks about His friend Jon Hernandez and their tribute to him.

@burbankcinemaclub assistant Director extraordinaire on The Sunday Night Slaughter. He’s also a Horror director. Here he is ADing with @melimenz acting in the scene in the background.

@hyaenagallery ‘s Bill Shafer has a sinister plan in #thesundaynightslaughter my film coming out the beginning of 2018.

From @chadaddison music video Take you Out I directed 5 years ago.

Pumpkin Carving for my favorite holiday of the year.

A still from @thehorrorgeeks episode 12. If you like horror and would like a free Patreon Subscription to get bonus content from the show including our BLOODY BONUS, let me know below!

Shooting 2 More commercials today for #KingEgg with @davidlautman and @stevenkthomas

Just shooting something cool, as usual.

On location shooting a promotional dance video for #kingegg with @chadaddison

Paul Nagi performing at the Cast, Crew and friend’s screening of Unsigned in 2011.

From my first feature Morbid: A Love Story

Throwback to Nazis at the Center of the Earth where I was art director.

New commercial I directed for #kingegg starring @aiden_betesh and @keetinmarchi

It's pretty crazy how crappy Master System artwork was compared to Genesis.

This, a simple cartoon character called My pet Monster was a major reason I came to want to make horror films. Growing up, I had a My Pet Monster Plush that my parents got me for Christmas. I was 6 years old. I had nightmares every night of my childhood between 6-9 years old. I had dreams the monster would come to life at night, sneak about my parents who couldn't see it and drag me out of bed into the Abyss. When I was 9 years old I had my final My pet Monster dream. I was in a house I had never seen before, and there was a man I had never seen before. I walked into the kitchen and went to talk to my mother in the dream. Right before I got to her I I was grabbed and dragged back towards a bedroom. I then woke up and never had a My Pet Monster dream again. Many years later I met the man in the dream for the first time. He ended up becoming my step father. The apartment in the dream was his apartment. Everything from the layout to the furniture to him were exactly the same as the dream 5 years before I ever met him.

A commercial I directed a few years ago with @mar19mar

Today's cast, I had a really good time. My set Mom, Dad brother and Director Edward Payton after filming then I had 2 big auditions! #schullertalent #kidsmodel #Graystudio #anantiheroproduction #mavricktalentagency #kids_fashion_blogger #wildwoodcanyonpark

Shot another small commercial for a toy company today with @officialisabellaleon07 @kevincaliber @himynameiscorey @cintiacastelo They all were awesome.

Another shot from The Sunday Night Slaughter featuring @ariellebrachfeld and David Finn

The World's most dangerous man Ken Shamrock wished @gpayson1987 @nicksapo7 and @bjoyal14 luck before they put together Rose Thorn, the film Jon Hernandez, their best friend wrote before he passed away do to #sicklecellanemia this whole film process can be seen in my new documentary film Our Friend Jon

#Repost @thehorrorgeeks (@get_repost)
Jason Voorhees was framed!!!
Help his mother by contributing to the JASON VOORHEES LEGAL DEFENSE FUND at:
@an_anti_hero_production @epicspacebattle #horror #horrorgeek #patreon

The struggle is real. It kind of looks like a Confessional right?

I'm ready for the end of the world, are you? Seriously though, @goodalwayswins is an amazing Cinematographer and Colorist. He was just having some fun here.

Here is another screenshot from my Documentary Our Friend Jon. This film is finally edited and ready for the next step. Many times while editing this I became teary eyed and had to step away. I hope the long lasting love and admiration I have for all the people involved in this film shows through the final edit.

Oldie but goodie. Directed this a little while back. Starring @kevincaliber

Yesterday shoot the @thehorrorgeeks podcast! Yes we have fun. Check out Thehorrorgeeks on youtube and subscribe on Patreon. Episode 7 on Asian horror was just released.

When you shoot a cheesy cop scene you need to have someone take off Sunglasses with @gingerlocksss and @mar19mar

This was an alternate commercial concept I created, they ended up using my footage but going a different direction commercial wise, regardless I like this cut. Starring @taylorplecity and @arleyryder

The most fulfilling project I've ever been a part of. Our Friend Jon is a documentary about a remarkable young man who lost his life too young and his friends who decided to make a film in his honor. Here is a shot from the film. We will be announcing friends and family screenings very shortly.

New episode of @thehorrorgeeks is out today. Check the episode out as in the studio @barrydmorgan @epicspacebattle are joined by Susan Slaughter of Ghosthuntets international and Barry myself discuss horror art, specifically @hyaenagallery link in description.

Shoot the other day with @melimenz got a lot done in a little time for 4 different products!

@andygates in the set! This past Friday.

Did this @slashbackvideo exhibit at @themysticmuseum On my birthday Thursday. It was a great idea with great artwork based on VHS horror tapes.

Release your demons. A shot from my film The Sunday Night Slaughter.

Here is a commercial I did for a glasses company in The Middle East starring @kevincaliber @taylorplecity and sound done by @rojas_out

Preview of 3 commercials for MenSMELL.com I wrote and directed last week.

Behind the scenes from my documentary film "Our a Friend Jon" My brother Garrett payson and fellow producer @bjoyal14 cast for Jon's film Rosethorn.

From my shoot Wednesday with @andygates and @dormansayswhat for a Men's fragrance ad.

From a Men's fragrance ad I wrote and directed on Tuesday! Starring @davidlautman and @madbradpotts

Today I got to do a countdown of my top 10 road horror movies for @thehorrorgeeks podcast, the brain child of my good friend @barrydmorgan check out the podcast on Youtube and Patreon. Catch the past episodes and check out the one I'm in very soon! #filmmaking #commercialdirector #director #filmmaking #commercial #commercials #losangeles #movies #thesundaynightslaughter #ourfriendjon #musicvideos #documentary #filmdirector #writer #producer #filmmaker #setlife #productvideo #anantiheroproduction #film #setlife #actors

Behind the scenes of #TheSundayNightSlaughter with @arleyryder

When I was shooting in Mexico for a Holistic healer in 2012.

Shot a commercial for a candy egg toy with the amazingly talented @aiden__betesh and a bunch of great kids!

I also direct reality show pilots. Literally.

Sometimes I direct small babies.

Product video I made for Bootstrap Farmer.

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