All is not well in this world we're living in // but it all seems so right up here in the mountain glen


"Melangkahkan gegas kaki segerombol unggas teratur tergesa-gesa kompak lepas kandang, salut penggembalanya kondang"
📸 Ricoh F-50S
🎞️ Kodak Colorplus 200 Exp.2019
⏱️ 09.07.18

#filmnegatywowy #35mm #ricohf50s #kodakcolorplus200 #filmisnotdead

Habitat, 2018 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
(There's always something crawling, hiding, living behind every photo, both can be seen or not. But sadly, we are in a digital and fastfood world.
I was not intentionally to create this series, it came out smoothly just like a self-reflection of the first half of 2018, or maybe my deepest part of self. I always remember, one told me, you can't expect everyone to stand still outside the window just to look clearly what really happening inside. I do remember.)

Those awesome Fomapan tones! An incredible b&w landscape from @mzgajnar1. Shot on the Canon EOS 30 with Fomapan 100.

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Polaroid no. 366 Kiley at Christmas.🎀 #editorialshoot

White House

Habitat, 2018

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