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Amy: "Henlo from inside dads shirt "

Amy: "Phone background material"

Amy: "I eat how I wanna, lemme enjoy it"

Bathtub takeover 🛁

Ana: "Now pose like this"
Allie: "C'mon Amy"
Amy: "Not happening"

Amy: "Trouble focusing while studying m'dude? Lemme make it more difficult 😉"

Amy: "I'm precious, I know"

Four anacondas - who's your fave? 😉

Amy: "Golden feeling"

Eunectene mood 🖤

Amy: "Peep"

Oof I am so sick I literally sound like a pacman frog when I try to talk
Amy: "Don't die fam"

Blanket of scales 😴🤗

To give you an idea of how difficult it is to get group pictures these days 😂

Can you tell everyone's almost caught up to Annie? 😁

Amy: "Tongue's up"

Amy: "Stop being so dramatic"
Ana: "With >your< grip, I don't think he is"

Welcome to our eunectene behavioral research lab 😋
⚠speech incoming⚠
The american educational system is a complete and utter failure in every sense of the phrase 😄 For my pals here in the states - if you'd like to learn >and retain< useful information it's up to you to research on your own! Learning is not retained when it's centered around short term intake and regurgitation onto test forms. All useful information I know that has been stored in my long term memory has been a direct result of personal efforts and research. Learning is really only effective when you're having fun and enjoying it after all, so if you're not having fun you probably aren't learning very well 😁

Amy: "Stick with your animals, a connection doesn't build in a day, a month or even a year sometimes. Give it time"

Amy: "Peep my glow m'dudes"

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