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Presenting *Silver Ebony *
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I long to love you... #piecesoflonging

Lovely night in Brooklyn, now tucked up in hotel room in NYC, and off to Brielle, NJ, tomorrow. Night night, all! 😘

Ok guys. So my mind is shitting everywhere lately. Can't stop thinking. Need space. Need time. Need peace.
My friend @juliepvaughn recently posted her milestone of 600 days of consecutive meditation, which is pretty badass.

And it convinced me, finally, that I need to get back to meditation. That I need to train my mind. They say the mind is like a puppy and if you don't train it, it shits everywhere.

So I have decided to train my mind & I bought the Muse headband - which is a brain sensing headband that helps with meditation. And so I am going to commit to a daily meditation practice. No excuses. Because, I want to be at peace again. I want to have a restful nights sleep. I don't want to be exhausted & annoyed. I want to be light & love & compassion & empathy. I want to be free. I want to know peace, again. Forever returning to peace. And love.
One more step in my consistent evolution & growth. Here we go. 🙌
Meditators unite. 🙏🏽

Such a touching story as we wish a belated happy 5 years to you @Mellifit (IG) Melanie! I couldn't of said it better myself so here's what we found dated June 2nd ---->
"Today I have an abundance of gratitude. I am 5 years clean & sober by the grace of God! 🙏 One of my favorite reminders of the importance of my sobriety & the strength God has given me to remain clean & sober one day at a time, is a special bible verse I have tattooed on my arm ❤️Thank you God!!! And I'd like to add a special shout out to my love 😍 my P.I.C., @bdt311 for supporting me in this clean & sober life for the last 5 years, in every single way! I appreciate the greatness of this & my gratitude continues to grow! I love you!!! 😘 Our journey is a very special one ☝️Thank you!
I pray for all alcoholics & addicts still sick & suffering, that they to find acceptance, hope & peace.
For a clean life tee to celebrate your clean time or any recovery on our page like Melanie click the link in our bio to redirect to our site now! SubstanceForYou.com
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I have the best siblings in the world! I've been a bit down on my draft lately--that standard first-draft writing slump where I worry about everything--so my brother and sister surprised me with a delivery of Tiff's Treats cookies and milk! These are so freshly baked they're still warm from the oven! Now I'm going to eat this snickerdoodle deliciousness and get back to my chapter ☺️🍪🥛 #amwriting

Y'all, my life feels like somebody took it, put it in a bag, shook it up, turned it upside down and then poured it out. And here I am, standing in the middle of everything, trying to figure out what the fuck goes where.
I don't always feel like I'm doing a good job of putting all the pieces back in place. I often feel like I'm not getting free fast enough — like my spiritual evolution is taking too long, or I'm not doing it gracefully enough. It's hard not to beat myself up when I recognize I'm still holding on to shit that doesn't serve me.
Yesterday, I saw a sign on a building marquee that read, "Celebrate small victories," and I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. I so deeply needed the reminder that no matter how much I "fail" on my journey towards living a more liberated life, it is my responsibility to joyfully affirm the things I'm doing right. So. Here goes.
Yesterday, I stayed hydrated. I organized the hell out of my mama's kitchen, which has been on my to-do list for months. I took a break when I felt overwhelmed. I communicated honestly about my desires, despite fear. I received critical feedback and didn't feel the need to defend myself. I cried, and didn't apologize for it. I ate fruits and vegetables. I remembered to take deep breaths. I asked for help when I needed it. I wore comfortable shoes. I danced. I told people I love that I love them. I made decisions with my heart and not with my brain.
These small victories are worthy of celebration, because they are just that: victories. Because in the not too distant past, I couldn't claim them as such. Because a past version of myself wouldn't have had the wisdom or courage or presence of mind to do many of those things.
I am reminded that even though I'm not quite where I want to be, I'm doing the things that will help me get there, and that's a victory in and of itself. I am determined to spend less energy being disappointed at where I am, and more celebrating how far I've come.
I'd love to know: What parts of you are you proud of today? What victories are you claiming? What can I celebrate with you? [📸: @ratchetaffirmations]


But oh, when you do find me, I will be new to you, I will be unanticipated enthrallment and that's all I could ask for...

When life gives you goats... My latest Scripture reflection, this time on humility. #goats

Butterflies and Blackberries
Even on the darkest pathways, light appears. In this case carried on the yellow wings of butterflies flirting in the brambles. It's a journey. Keep traveling. ⭐️🌿⭐️ .
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Literary happy hour at @capitolcider . I love this community.

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Why Creatives Need to Leave Their Comfort Zones http://crwd.fr/2rSFzdP #amwriting #amreading #writing #indieauthor #writerslife

I got to chat to Pat Davern, of Aussie grunge legends @grinspoon_band for @ozmusicinsight. Was so much fun chatting to a band from my childhood. Article is now up on Music Insight #grunge #Grinspoon #music #interview #nickwasilievwriter 📸: Hugo Sharp

I use to think I needed to constantly tell someone how I felt about them. For I feared if I didn't, then they would feel unappreciated. But one day I decided that I didn't need to be someone I wasn't comfortable with. I say what feels right when it feels right. There's beauty in silence and the connection of minds through touches, gestures and expressions.

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