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THE SELF-INFLICTED C-SECTION. A few days ago, I posted a story about a surgeon who removed his own appendix after developing a severe case of appendicitis while stationed in the Antarctica. I didn’t think I could top that story until I came across the case of a woman in Mexico who performed a c-section on herself. Inés Ramírez Pérez was alone with her small children when she went into labor in March 2000. After 12 hours of excruciating pain, she began to fear that the baby would be still-born, as her last one had been. Terrified, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Pérez drank three glasses of hard liquor, took a 6-inch knife from the kitchen, and sliced open her abdomen. She later told the Telegraph: "I put the knife in here, then pulled it up. Once wasn't enough. I did it again. I was crying and screaming, in terrible pain." The cut was deep, measuring nearly 7 inches long, which allowed Pérez to reach into her womb and pull out her baby. She later reported that she cut the umbilical cord before passing out. After she came to, she covered the gaping wound with some clothes and sent one of her children to go get help. A village health assistant eventually came to her aid, sewed up the incision, and took Pérez to the nearest hospital--eight hours away. The poor woman underwent a second surgery to correct some of the damage she had inflicted when she performed her own c-section, but eventually recovered without complications. In these photos, you can see Pérez herself, along with the knife she used to cut into her abdomen. This case was unknown to me as I usually write about the “long ago past,” but it certainly deserves to be documented on this page! If you’re interested in the history of surgery and all the strange and gruesome things that went on before anesthetic or antisepsis, you can now pre-order my book THE BUTCHERING ART in the US (link here & in profile: http://bitly.com/2lhYa0f), as well as in the UK (link here: amzn.to/2r5KN2z). #thebutcheringart #histmed #surgery #undertheknife #csection #pregnancy #TIL #believeitornot #themoreyouknow #wow #mindblowing #FOTD #historyofmedicine #medstudent #nursingstudent #preorder #amwriting #writer

I like being in these mountains, and today I arrived, though half dead after all the travelling in last two days and all the heat getting up to me and all that bad food at Chandigarh bus stand followed by journeys on winding roads.
But I'm back, I'm smiling, I'm looking at people conversing, and the mountains beyond them, eavesdropping onto their conversations in between and then smiling.
It's good to just constantly stare at the scenes here, it's like meditating in between all the chaos, as I shut my mind and let the world pass me by while I just live in moments like these, without any agenda or any thought.
I just admire the blue skies laden with some clouds, eagles flying by and my chamomile tea becoming cold, because I'm just too busy doing nothing, being nothing and exploring nothing.
Because what's more beautiful than this nothingness that gives you the freedom to be anything the next moment.

Ramadan Mubarak you guys 🎉🎉
For the non-Muzzers out there that means happy Ramadan. The month where we don't eat or drink from sun-up to sun-down, which is 18 hours in England FYI! 🙄🙄🙄 (This is not the month to piss off a Muslim)
And every year when it comes around, me and these two women sit and discuss whether we're going to do it. Can we? Do we have the strength?
And yet every year we opt in. ☺️🙋🏽💁🏽 We step up to the challenge and stand with all the Muzzers out there.
And on the very first day of Ramadan, I broke my fast with the two women I've been breaking it with since I was 5 years old.
The balcony door blowing in a balmy summers night as the sounds of London floated through. Good food filling our bellies. Stories stretching smiles upon our faces and fears that made us cry.
Because these women, oh these women, are the reason I stand today. They're the ones who have picked me up off bathroom floors, made me laugh when there was nothing but tears, told me I was great when I felt like nothing and above all, they understand every struggle. Even the ones that don't have names yet.
These women, these women are everything. And every year, I'm thankful to do Ramadan with them.
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I found the one I love. 😍 Kindest. Most loving. Genuine. Caring. Understanding. Thinks I'm funny. He cooks for me. & guess what? He is sober, which is pretty much the best. @soberevolution --------
"But if you find someone that doesn’t try to change you,
If you find someone that doesn’t have to blame you,
If you find someone you don’t need to explain to,
You’ve found the one you love."

Saturday night hot chocolate. Yes that is a chocolate stick melting to make the deliciousness! 💘 #amwriting #noreally #chocolatebreak #chocoholic #hotchocolate #auckland #newzealand

Working on a Sunday afternoon. #amwriting #sanamataposkona #ayokona


The moment you realize, "Shoot, I really need a haircut!" 😂 #hairfail #hair #purple #purplehair #haircolor #longhair

😊 via @nataliedblu 💕📖#TheDangersOfTruffleHunting > bookshops & online > link in profile ⬆️

“The task is...not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees.” ― Erwin Schrödinger #peepekeo #hawaii #amwriting #thatviewtho

I heard these mystic lights cry,
They begged to be seen, to be felt.
They tried to stop so many,
But no one really understood why.
They whispered to me when their voice was torn,
Why no one hears and they sighed.
They asked me why we run towards the dark,
When we can see the light pass by,
I pushed aside all my work,
And with my head on the ground I smiled,
And though I didn't know what to say,
I knew,
What I should be doing before I die.

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Day three of Phoenix Comicon is officially in the bag, burritos have been eaten, a few last flasks have been made and He-Man and Skeletor have merged into a powerful beast capable of wielding the Sword of Power for good and evil! #PHXCC17 #phoenixcomicon #hemanandthemastersoftheuniverse

Hubby set up my new writing nook. No more writing on the couch for me! #hesthebest #amwriting

I'm not going to lie and say that I don't want the HEA. I do. I had a crush on a guy just recently. We had a few things in common, he was great, but for whatever reason, I was in my feelings alone. It's not the first time and probably won't be the last. The fact is, my story is difficult, where I am going in life takes someone of strength to stand beside me, not just romantically but even as friends. I have big goals and plans and they're starting to happen but I also have a difficult past that makes the future possible. Can't have one without the other. The man I end up with-if there is one-will be amazing and lucky. This book is going to tell him why... and scare a lot of others away... and hopefully inspire you to realize that no matter WHAT you endure you have the power to get up, go on, fight, and show others the way through the Fire(you know...when I write it)
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Se il #buongiorno si vede dal mattino..
Colazione nella nostra casetta @airbnb tra buon cibo e ottime letture 😉

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