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I missed posting his yesterday as I was writing all day in my cave, but my little man turned 2 months old yesterday! It's flying by! I can't believe it! 💙

Ps. The only pic he'd let me take was of him on his Boppy (his newborn pillow), anything else and he was crying, and they weren't making for good pictures! 🙄

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When NOBODY was talking, this woman was talking. I remember being about 6 months sober, living in another sober living home, trying to understand recovery & loss & loneliness & grief & all those things we want to know, but don't. I found @laura_mckowen. At the time I found her, she was still testing sobriety - making sense of it. But, she was talking - about her ex, about her feelings, about the 3rd door, about career & struggle & motherhood. I found her & she started to save me. Her words removed my shame. Her words led me into compassion & understanding.
She is one of two women who showed me the light from the very beginning and she passed on that torch & showed me what it was like to be honest & true - to tell the truth about things that are ugly & messy - to be open about my recovery.
She has been by my side, almost all of my journey. She's been one of my biggest fans and she roots for me, sincerely and genuinely.
Today, she is 40 years old and it's her birthday and she saved me. So much of me. Maybe not all of me, but a lot of me. So I want to take the time to thank her & to let her know what an impact she has had on my world & the world of thousands of other women (& men - I see you @pete.on.repeat)

Happy birthday Angel. Forever cheering you on. Thank you, bless you. I love you endlessly. You change the world.

Here are some of my favorite reads of 2017 so far! Some have been out for a while, while others are brand new reads. You can check out my reviews for all of these on my blog! I also just finished The Fourth Monkey by @jdbarker_author. I LOVED it, I can't wait for the second one in the series. Now I'm reading The Resurrection of Joan Ashby by Cherise Wolas. I'm only 100 pages in but I already know this is going to be one of my favorites. What are some of your fav reads so far?

© Numbness ¶

"Only your sight
can calm this
restless heart
wandering in the
woods of numbness"

Illustration - @sparksflyidraw 🌹

I find myself coming back to this line from EMBER over and over as I edit REAPER. Elias's story took years to work out, probably because he fights his destiny with such ferocity. But sometimes our fate is written...we just don't know it... #amediting #amwriting #EmberQuartet #EliasVeturius #AReaperAtTheGates #AnEmberInTheAshes

Printed Books VS Ebooks?
What do you prefer? 📖📱

There are small piles like this all over our home. It's like I'm building small fires, small communities of words to return home to. 🌱 .
(Why, yes. That is my husband's catapult behind my book pile 😂).

Working hard to meet my word count goal this week 💪🏼. The jasmine green tea is helping 🍵💕🙂.
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I've finally decided to split my IG accounts (should've done it ages ago really). So, if you're here for Slimming World stuff, please do stick around. This account will now solely be for my weight loss journey.

However, if you're here for writing, parenting, bullet journalling, cats, or anything else, please hop over to @angelineandtheworld and follow me there.

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The selfpublishing business in graphical form. #success takes one strange path. #writerscommunity #writing #amwriting #authorsofinstagram #writersoninstagram #writingtime #writingtips

I've been out of the loop for a little bit with the usual winter illness which I think has pretty much infected almost everyone I know, even those who've had the flu shot! After several days of coughing and spluttering like a germ factory followed by two or three days of doping myself up on some heavy duty medication and a shocking amount of sleeping, I am finally feeling human again, right on time for my birthday at the end of this week so yay!!!
Catching up on some #grimdragon! This one is for Day 22: a book that surprised you. It's been a while since I read Three Parts Dead, Max Gladstone's first book in the Craft Sequence, and I'd almost forgotten how much fun his writing is. Two Serpents Rise is the sequel and again a really fun read with magic-wielding corporations and gods/god-worshippers having showdowns ad skirmishes. In my review of Three Parts Dead, I compared the Craft-working companies to Wolfram & Hart in the Buffyverse and here the resemblance is just as strong and the humour just as awesome. Plus, I love the kind of "modern Aztec" setting in Two Serpents Rise. And the Red King. What a guy.

Your week may not have turned out as you hoped, but it's going to be okay!
Keep your chin up ❤ One step at a time, you will get there!

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"Here’s the truth: I am tired of fighting racism and even as I type that I can hear my own privilege. I am tired of that too." Claire (@clairecolvin) is checking her own heart and sharing the naked truth of fighting racism.

"What I find I’m struggling with the most these days is weariness. I want the fight to be over and the more I learn about how far and how deep racism goes, the more ashamed I am to have to little stamina for the battle. Women and men of colour have been fighting this fight for generation upon generation and I’m tired two years in? Yeah, I have work to do.
It would be easier not to know their story, but finding the easier things does not develop maturity. Staying in the racial conversation feels exhausting but maybe that’s only because it’s new for me. I hope, I pray, that in time I gain some stamina.
It’s hard to know what to say about race. For the most part, I think I need to say less and listen more. I need to seek out the stories that are not like my own and learn a new vocabulary for this fight that has always been there. I need to name the weariness, to see it and then keep going anyway."

What resources are you turning to? What stories are you seeking out to learn new vocabulary in the fight against racism? Direct link in bio. #Weariness #Racism #TheElephantInTheRoom

Weird Girl :-) (I've been enjoying comic toons lately from different artists & got inspired to make my own.) Weird Girl is a bit of a loner, an introvert, a book nerd & can see & talk to the dead. She's never really had any friends until she moved into, what the town calls, "The Murder House" close to the cemetery. She becomes best friends with a ghost named Oliver & tend to get into mischief. #myart #art #weirdgirl #comic #comictoons #drawing #ghosts #cemetery #haunted #introvert #booknerd #story #newart #creatingsomethingnew #inspiredbyothers #spirits #writing #amwriting #thoughtstopaper

Harvest. The garden teaches the writer about patience. Where there is only black soil, the writing gardener waters, waits, waters again. Trusting that harvest will come, not from force but from diligent attentiveness. I'm preparing for the winter season with some tea from echinacea flowers. As I spread them out to dry I feel like I'm at my grandmothers house again and her hands are spreading out the flowers with me and her smile is as warm in the memory as the sun was that day. 🇸🇪 Stora förändringar på gång. För den som går förbi en trädgård kan det verka som att blommorna öppnat sig över natten. Med framgångar i livet är det likadant. Men trädgårdsmästaren vet hur längesen det var det lilla fröet begravdes i varm jord och hur mycket pyssel det tog innan bladen fick sin färg. .
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How we wish we were spending the afternoon! What's everyone working on today? 📸 Image via Tumblr

Visual biblography
"Out camping". Easy reader in the Vigga & Luna series.
Vigga is camping with her class st school but she finds out that an evil sheep owner wants to kill the wolf and its pup. She and Luna has to help.

"She was fire and starlight wielding a blade, cutting down her enemies that dare cross her path. The rightful Queen of these lands, Andromeda fought until her muscles were strained beneath her battle attire." 🌟

A mini excerpt from my novel. The picture itself is old, but I didn't even bother taking a recent one. So far writing has been treating fairly well. I can't complain since I've done more writing in this week than the whole of last month. Tell me your thoughts about this tiny, minuscule excerpt. ✒📖

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New novel in the works! Check out the short story it's based on by going to www.literotica.com/s/lexis-summer-fantasy or by going to literotica.com and finding Lexi's Summer Fantasy on the Summer Lovin Story Contest page.
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