"maiNn Apni Marzi Ka MaliKk HOon SaHiẞ tuMm HaSeen hO !! toH ẞHaad meiNn Jao"

Sometime Craziness makes you more happy 😘😊✌🏼 @amtulbaweja you are amazing girl 👍
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Mr. Lalit Sah, under whose guidance many students have tasted success in life. A man of his words, Mr. Lalit has always been the Hockey star of Nainital. He started his hockey voyage in the early 80s and played for team India in the Junior World Cup(HongKong), 1981 and various other national level tournaments. He was also awarded 'Man of the series' in Europe Tour and played the National Hockey Championship held in New Delhi (1984).
After retiring from hockey, he joined Amtul's Public School, Nainital as a discipline incharge and has been rendering his invaluable services to the school. Every student looks up to him as an inspiration because he believes in inculcating discipline into the blood line from the very scratch. It is known to many that Mr. Lalit is a very determined person and a go getter. During his hockey voyage before taking his shot during penalties he used to confidently point out to the goalkeeper, the area where he would score the goal at and would never miss a chance to score, giving spine-chills to every spectator. Words will never be enough to praise a personality as wise as him. They say it right all heroes don't wear capes.
Sir, here we take the time out to acknowledge your efforts and contribution to the town. Thank you.

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So... it's getting warmer #Amtul #Roomate 🤡🤡

•Amu's birthday! Let's celebrate with this beauty queen• "Zindgi ek kubsurat see kitab hai kolnay waley ko yeh nai pta hota hai kay konsay safey mai usay khushi or konsay safey mai usag gum prnay ko milay" - Wali's lines.

Amu! 'Love' is four seperate words for me it's very short to describe. My love with you can't ranked to this level! First question : why are you so much beautiful inside and outside? Ah! You're seriously so genius! Talented! Wise! and much more!

You better know how to make friends. How to spread happiness. How to involve in them. How to take place in someone's heart. I personally learn so much things from you! From 'A' to 'Z' you taught me alot of things related to life,love and humour. May you have many more.

I just don't know how to merge this very short time period fridndship in one post. It's impossible so let's do some summary of this. Love you so much! To the moon and back! This collage for what i found in "jldi-mai" for collage items and then i'm wishing you!

Amu! Please be forever a very best friend of me. Please never get me wrong or negative against you! See the outside of the window the beautiful shining stars, this makes me remember you and others! What a genius said ; "A person is not beautiful just because of face nor looks, a person is beautiful with a golden and clean mirror heart inside him"

And you have personally one type of it! How lucky and friendly you're that you sweetly made so many friends how quickly on Instagram world? Mashallah! Love the way you talk, love the way you smile on my msgs, love the way you share your happiness and sadness with me, love the way you're so simple queen and love the way your friendship is how straight with up me! Love you so very much! Do remember me in your prayers!

I love your page, your edits and also new vms of yours. How cutely you made them and how nicely you got such a great response! You're came to this world to make a memorable queen in our hearts! 😘

Wishing you a very happy belated birthday! May you have many more! May you'll live long and all your dreams comes true and you'll be successful in your upcoming life! *a big tightly hug from your annu*

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My little angel #Amtul...

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