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Shopping at sam's club getting stuff for our booth at @amputeecoalition national conference. #amputee #prosthetics #adaptive #samsclub #amputeecoalition

From Trevor: "Many conference attendees getting up and making strides with their mobility thanks to the @ossurcorp walking clinic this morning!" #AmputeeCoalition #ACConference2017

I've absolutely loved seeing this gorgeous girl posted all over social media by big names like @losangelesconfidential @xonecole @afropunk it only helps to raise awareness and boost confidence throughout our amputee community. Keep smilin' little one 😁💖☺️ #toocutetuesday #amputee #limbdifferenceawareness #amputeecoalition #kinetickids

A rare group of people all with hip disarticulation, which is my amputation level. I rarely even meet one other person at a time with my amputation, so this was a really a treat.
I spoke on living with this amputation level, and about how to maximize success with and without a prosthesis. What a fun way to spend my amputation anniversary!
#amputeeconference #amputeecoalition #hipdisarticulation #hemipelvectomy

Heading to #ACConference2017 in Louisville this week? Stop by the College Park booth for a chance to win a free waterproof #Soleus foot! #amputee #AmputeeCoalition #prosthetics

My first time at a Nation Convention hosted in Kentucky! Met so many amazing "bionic" people that it was unreal. I've seen and learned so much that it makes you realize that your daily problems aren't as nearly as bad as others. 💪🏻
#acconference2017 #amputeecoalition #amplifyyourself

Travel'n to the 2017 #AmputeeCoalition Conference in Louisville, KY. Always great to be with all the limb loss and limb difference community and friends from around the country.

Repost : @astepaheadprosthetics
What do you get when you have two young rotationplastys in one room? Endless amounts of smiles, giggles, and gymnastics! 🤸‍♀️💕

#rotationplasty #amputee #amputees #pediatrics #cancerawareness #cancerfree #childhoodcancer #amputeelife #gymnastics #girlpower #limbloss #ossur #ottobock #amputeecoalition #astepaheadprosthetics #livelifewithoutlimitations

Amputee coalition - общественная организация, созданная пациентами для пациентов. Ребята проделали громадную работу по созданию информационного поля для людей, перенёсших ампутацию. В России, пока, нет ничего подобного. Надо работать.... #aopa2017 #сколиолоджик #amputeecoalition #добрыедела


Have you been told NO by your insurance provider? Speak up and tell them NO is not an answer! We make it easy for you -> bit.ly/WriteToInsuramce
#AmplifyYourself #AmputeeCoalition #SupportEducateAdvocate

‘In Every Heart, there is a room...and so I️t goes.’ #music #singing #baritone #practice #piano #playing #amputee #amputeecoalition #voice #thevoice #singer

*Support Group Spotlight* The Amp Connection Of Redlands Support Group (Redlands,CA)
Next meeting: Sunday, November 19, 2017
Meeting time: 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Location: Redlands Community Hospital
Address: 350 Terracina Boulevard,Redlands, 92373 .
Phone: 909-335-5500
Email: wildbilln@roadrunner.com
Organizer: Bill Nessel
To see the complete Amputee Coalition Support Group calendar -> http://bit.ly/SupportGroupsCalendar
#AmputeeCoalition #AmputeeSupport #LimbLoss #LimbDifference #Amputee

#GivingTuesday is less than 2 weeks away! Amputee Coalition appreciates your donations, supporting our mission to empower people affected by limb loss and limb difference.
#AmputeeCoalition #SupportEducateAdvocate #LimbLoss #LimbDifference #Amputee

*Webinar TODAY*
Employment, Work and Disabilities
November 15, 2017 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST
Join Matthew McCord from the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) to explore the types of services JAN provides, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) interactive process, and a review of some of the types of accommodations that can be requested under the ADA.
Register now -> bit.ly/AmputeeCoalitionDisabilityEmployment
#AmputeeCoalition #SupportEducateAdvocate #DisabilityEmployment #Webinar #LimbLoss #LimbDifference #Amputee

2018 Camp Dates Set -June 11-16!
Keep an eye out for registration in early January for Youth Campers, Leadership Campers and Counselors. If you have any questions please feel free to call 888/267-5669
#AmputeeCoalitionCamp #AmputeeCoalition #LimbLoss #LimbDifference #Amputee #KidsCamp

5 years ago today I woke up and got ready like every other morning. My two oldest sons and husband were all home sick from school/work with the flu, so I loaded my littlest into the car, strapped him in his booster seat and left the house to run errands. It was a normal day. Nothing was different. Not yet.. I had no idea what was about to happen as I drove down the highway straight into the 10am sunlight.
No idea that my distracted driving would cause me to not see the 18 wheeler stopped in the middle of the highway.
I had no idea that taking my eyes off the road for that split second would cost me years of pain and, eventually, my left leg.
I had no idea our lives were about to change forever. Even though I didn't know it was coming, it still happened. When I said goodbye to my boys that morning it could've been for the last time. When i kissed @josh_cook82 goodbye as I walked out of the house, it might have been the last time I ever saw those beautiful eyes look at me. When I strapped my Judah in, it could have been the last time those little arms wrapped around my neck for a last minute hug.
I thank God every day that this day is now an anniversary of triumph over hardship instead of a day of grief and mourning. No radio station, text, call, or conversation is worth your life or the life of your child. NOTHING is EVER worth that. You NEVER know what a day will bring. You NEVER know when you leave your house if you will make it back safely that evening. We assume we will. We EXPECT to. We take our safety, our very lives, for granted. DON'T. Nothing is certain. Nothing is sure. Hug your kids tight. Kiss your husband longer. Run fast. Play hard. Laugh. LIVE. But while you're on the road, CONCENTRATE. Put down your phones. Stop putting on your makeup. Leave the radio alone. PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD. For your own sake AND for the sake of those driving the road with you. I lost a leg because I was careless. But every day I'm so thankful I didn't lose a life. #DistractedDriving #ItCanWait #DontTextAndDrive #CarWreck #LimbLoss #Amputee #LimbLossAwareness #Wreck #ItHappenedSoFast #LifeChanging #InASplitSecond #AmputeeCoalition #DriveSafe #SafeDriver @ATT

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