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@pitbullruhl impressing once again 😎😎👌🏻👌🏻 .
#amputeeswholift #amputeestrong #amputeeathlete #legsareoverated

Ser UP é ser feliz🤗🏋️‍♀️! @fitnessup_portugal

‪Japonya'ya hoşgeldin!‬
‪Iyi oyuncular!!!‬ ‪日本へようこそ!‬
‪アンプティサッカートルコ代表8番!‬ ‪トルコのエースだおん🇹🇷‬ ‪#アンプティサッカー
#義足 #prosthesis #prosthetic #prostheticleg #amputee #amputeepride #amputeeathlete #amputeeboy #amputeelion
#下腿義足 #ライオンくんと義足のぎそくん #ライオン

Bit of benching here from @e4_0311 👍🏻👍🏻 going to.l be going for the big 140kg on Sunday providing the guys are up for it... fingers crossed 🙈 #goingforgold #tryingapb #amputeeswholift #oneleggone #wheresmyleg #amputeeathlete #pushday

Zumba Choreo by Talita and Samuel Felix.
My friend Samuel is a living example that there are no limits to any of us. Do what you love!! Go after your dreams and live with passion!
Xoxo, Zumba Love!
Talita @eatpraydance_repeat
Samuel @zin_felix
#thickandfit #healthylifestyle #zumba #newchoreo #anitta #essaminaélouca #samba #pagode @anitta @zumbabeto
@zumbavideos #amputee #amputeeathlete #amputeedancers

#transformationtuesday pic. On the left was not long after I started the gym again and as you can see I had started to let myself eat far to much 🐷 cafe breakfasts and take aways 4/5 times a week 🙄 I got up to about 16.5 stone I believe and was not only unfit but also unhealthy so I decided to do some thing about it. You can see the chubby cheeks, red face and the man boobs poking through the vest which my brothers referred to as “bean bags” 😂 fast forward now a few years and Iv just done 22 lengths in the pool and have my push day later, down to 14.9 stone but have a way to go before I’m happy but I feel physically and mentally a million times better. It’s all about taking ownership of your issues and making changes. I couldn’t bare the thought of being like some others I know, a fat mess of an amputee, so I did some thing about it. #amputeeswholift #takingownershipofmyshit #noexcuses🚫 #amputeelife #ptsdawareness #amputeeathlete #amputeeproud #Amplifyyourself #amputeesdoitbetter #amputeestrong #noexcuses #adaptiveathlete #adaptivecrossfit #amputeesunited #progress #inspiration #mentalhealthawareness #inspiringfitness #noexcuses #iamadaptive #progress #progression #Respect #personaltraining #iamadaptive #livewithoutlimbs #disabledstrongmanmotivation

@liliana_costa910 here during her 18.4 CrossFit workout, a surprising number of amputees take part in CrossFit, a lot of followers I have do this. What’s 18.4 out of interest can someone tell me? Anyways it looks hard judging by the look on her face! Open 18.4
Foi lindo... 😍😍😍
Não tenho palavras p expressar meu sentimento.
Foi superação simmmmm!
@camillamaciel @natiperroni e @larifcunha vocês são demais, serei eternamente grata!
@kelschult foi um prazer p mim, ter lhe conhecido, VC é motivação MESMOOOOOO.💪💪
Obrigada família @crown.brazil, pela oportunidade de estar c vcs, por fazer parte dessa família linda e cuidar da gente com td atenção e carinho!
Não seria nada dentro do CrossFit sem vocês!🏋💕👊😍
📸: @kelschult 😍😍 #amputeeswholift @iamadaptive @yoocandoanything #amputeeathlete

@nubbinator 👍🏻👍🏻 good morning all 😎 205x10x5 which is 20 lbs and 2 reps more then I was doing when I first started going to @24hfapopka which you can see in older videos, also couldn’t even deadlift 300 lbs now my max so far is 340. Humbly proud of these gains. 💪 #gainpost #fit #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #motivation #inspiration #different #adaptive @24hourfitness #gym #lifetimefitness #handicap #deadlift @amputeeswholift @iamadaptive #pb #personalbest #follow4follow #followme #followforfollow #amputee #PR #amputeeathlete #amputeeswholift

C’è una forza più potente del vapore e dell’energia elettrica: la volontà.
Grazie @giusy_versace_official ❤️
*************************************************** There is a force more powerful than steam and electricity: the will.
Thank you @giusy_versace_official ❤️

Repost from @before5am
Time to up the game 😎
Stop lying to yourself, it's time to stop playing games and coming up with excuse after excuse.
You know why you're not where you want to be?
You're neglecting to do your part of deal and you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing.
I've been there before, I know what it's like to blame everyone and everything else for my failures, my stuff ups and my life.
But no matter what story you tell yourself and what excuses you come up with, your life isn't going to change until you change! Until you take full responsibility for yourself and your life.
You already know what you should be doing every day, but you're lazy, you're choosing to neglect the things you need to do each day to excel and move forward.
So let's stop playing around and get back in the game and start doing our job!
Set some real goals for yourself. Stop living a life without a sense of direction and purpose.
Get back to work.
Stop taking days and plays off. You don't get paid to chill out. Step up and work. Work around the clock and out perform your competition.
Do what needs to be done.
Face your fears, deal with your challenges and learn to remove the emotion from daily life. You want to get ahead, then go about it without the drama.
Stop whining, crying and complaining. You don't get paid to create problems, you get paid to solve problems and find solutions. The same is true for your work as it is for your relationships and any other part of your life. Yes, I get that you're hard done by, the world is against you... But no one cares, so out work your situation and put yourself in a position to create change.
2018 is the year you return to the hustle.
No more complaining, no more excuses and more performing at level that is less than your best.
You want to be KING.
Then you have earn it.
You want to be the Queen of the kingdom.
Then work. Work on every area of your life and be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams.
Start doing what you're supposed to be doing, so we never have to have this conversation again.
You work as hard as you have to, to master yourself, master your craft and build your empire!
End of

Se não tem pernoca, vai sem pernoca mesmo 👊💪!!! O importante é treinar. Será que eu consigo a barriga de tanquinho? 🙃🙃🙃 @fitnessup_portugal

Well my mention in your story for a shout out proved popular today, Iv found a few new amputees and gained some followers. Here’s a new one In the shape of @kercso 👍🏻 wide arm pull ups... a staple in any back program in view, great for strength building and you can switch the grip up and hit the biceps hard to. .
Meg van az új cél: év végéig képes leszek megcsinálni 5 muscle upot egymás után. ☺👊
I've just set a new goal: by the end of the year I'll be able to do 5 muscle ups in a row. ☺👊
#amputee #amputeefitness #gymgoals @iamadaptive #amputeeathlete #amputeeswholift #widearmpullups #backdayworkout

🔥 Big mention for @nojuicejoe who’s done me an awesome shout out on his story like 3 sections long. He is a single leg amputee which isn’t shown in this picture but his incredible physique is. He’s also set up his own clothing company which is in his bio and I highly recommend checking him out, amputees for his lifts, lady’s for more pics like this and everyone else because he’s a top guy. Go follow @nojuicejoe 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Confidence isn’t walking into the room with your nose in the air, thinking you’re better than everyone else, it’s walking into a room not having to compare yourself to anyone in the first place. .
A little throwback photo to a shoot I did with Les Maness .
Photography: @lesmanessofficial .
#tbt #NoJuiceJoe #throwback #beyourself #unapologetic #confidence #photography #love #inkedandbearded #inked #allnatural #nattynation #amputeeathlete #amputeeswholift

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