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Unwrap smoother, healthier-looking skin with our powerful #IntensiveRenewingSerum. Now is your chance to share how this amazing product has changed your complexion...with and without makeup! #RodanandFields

TRUE STORY!!!!! 👍👍 Yesterday I was at the retirement home where as I serve as an Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister on Wednesdays. This sweet gentleman came up to me and told me he was a retired dermatologist. 👨‍💼👨‍💼👨‍💼 He got up close to my face and said, “You have BEAUTIFUL skin...keep doing what you’re doing!” Wow! Did that make my day! At the age of 55 and foundation free it meant so much to me! 😃Thank you, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields for creating these amazing products! I love ❤️ that I don’t have to hide behind my foundation anymore! 😃😃😃 In celebration of my 3 year RODANniversary I am reimbursing new Preferred Customer’s enrollment fees and offering cash back for new consultants who join me before the end of the month! With our new SPARK program there’s never been a better time to join me! Message me for details! #lifechangingskincare #redefine #ampmd #lashboost #teamdna

Check out my RF ‘mom’ , mentor and friends awesome results. This is what she had to say: "Alright...this is a vulnerable post. 🙈 Haha! Guys, multi-med therapy works. It's the right ingredients, in the right formulation, used consistently in the right order. Patience. Something I don't have a lot of. I started R+F with Unblemish to get rid of my acne. Looooove my results. Use it every morning. But with 4 kids, and a business- so many nights I would fall into bed without washing my face!!! 😱 (Our Eye Cloths and Night Cream live in my side table beside the bed 🙊) Soooo hypocritical of me right?! So I decided to start using Reverse CONSISTENTLY, with our amp roller and Active Hydration Serum to see if I could get rid of the melasma my five pregnancies graced my skin with. (Not to mention the YEARS of sun tanning, and tanning beds!!!) I'm not at my end results, but after putting the before and after photos side by side, I was blown away at the results after only 2.5 months! 👏🏼”
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I literally can’t live without this serum and roller. This is what we call our “Amp MD” system. You can use it with a couple diff regimens of ours. If you haven’t tried it you need to. It will smooth and refine the texture of your skin. Skin will be firmer, pores smaller and it will increase the specific results of the regimen you are using. GAME CHANGER for your skin! Great Christmas gift for all the skincare lovers out there! 🎄🎁🎄
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Introducing our NEW Intensive Renewing Serum...the yellow one is RetinAl...Yes! RetinAl, with an A. The clear one is our former Night Renewing Serum with RetinOl, with an O.

R+F just replaced RetinOl with RetinAl!!! Why?!...Because it's 20X STRONGER, FASTER & more POTENT therefore making it more EFFECTIVE! It is the closest thing you can get to prescription-grade Vitamin A...the GOLD STANDARD OF SKINCARE.

It works on ALL skin types — even sensitive skin! This proprietary product just launched and you're gonna want it!! No other skincare company offers a product like this! It is EXCLUSIVE to RODAN + FIELDS!

Its power partner is our revamped 💙AMP MD 2.0 roller💙 and provides a smoother, yet equally effective, microexfoliation! See your results just as little as 4 weeks!! The next 3 customers who place an order for one of our AMP MD LAUNCH SPECIAL, will not only get a FREE gorgeous white luxe cosmetic bag but will also get a FREE selfie light! #retinAl #ampmd #rodanandfields #redefine #allskintypes

Leave the Turkey neck for the birds and Say Hello to our new AMP MD 2.0 and Intensive Renewing Serum. ✨Intensive Renewing Serum✨
Powered by RetinAl ~ a next generation Vitamin A that is one step closer to prescription-level Vitamin A
♦️it has 20x the potency of Retinol (w/o a prescription) without the irritation + gentle for everyday use
♦️you’ll notice FASTER + DRAMATIC results within 4 weeks
♦️Best of all, it’s for ALL skin types ✨New AMP MD 2.0 ✨
The AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller is a clinical strength skincare system for revitalized, firmer-looking skin. Amp up your results by incorporating this tool into your daily skincare regimen!

BONUS...this system is still available with a cute bag for FREE!


#nomoreturkeyneck #ampmd #intensiverenewingserum

Say "HELLLOOOO!" to Rodan+Fields AMP MD 2.0 Micro Exfoliating Roller!!! 🔹Laser cut needles 🔹Ergonomic handle
🔹Smoother rolling
🔹More precise and effective 🔹Water tight rolling head
🔹Sleek storage/sanitizing container 🔹Slip on cover for easy storage/travel

Get visibly firmer, smoother skin and increase your regimen results by up to 50%! Add in our NEW Retinal Intensive Renewing Serum and see results in as quickly as 4 weeks...the closest you can get to prescription Vitamin A!!! The AMP MD roller is designed to last effectively for 1 year. So if you've been rolling for a while now, it's time to upgrade!! Message me! #getrolling #ampmd #newandimproved #onlythebest #rodanandfields

#AmpMD with Intensive Renewing Serum is my best friend! 🙌🏻

What's on your holiday wish list? How can I help?⠀

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The only Turkey 🦃 neck we need to be seeing this week is on a 🦃 not our necks 😳. With that being said....... 📢 Introducing Rodan + Fields AMP MD 2.0 Micro Exfoliating Roller!!!😍😍 🔹Laser cut needles 🔹Ergonomic handle
🔹Smoother rolling
🔹More precise and effective 🔹Water tight rolling head
🔹Sleek storage/sanitizing container 🔹Slip on cover for easy storage/travel

Get visibly firmer, smoother skin and increase your regimen results by up to 50%! Add in our New RetinAl Intensive Renewing Serum and see results in as quickly as 4 weeks...the closest you can get to prescription Vitamin A!!! Rollers need to be replaced every year! Are you ready to roll??? Message me TODAY & I will get you rolling!!!😀💁🏻
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One week people! Who’s excited to get some of the BEST and LOWEST ⬇️ prices on R+F products of the entire year?! My team is hosting a #CyberMonday party 🎉 on Facebook! Who wants an exclusive invite?! Great skin makes a wonderful Christmas gift 🎁 for others or you can treat yo self, that’s allowed too 🙌🏼

Roll that neck with @rodanfields AM MD Roller! We do almost every night to keep things tighten up! Microneedling in the privacy of your own home! Makes a wonderful gift for any Mom or sister! #saynotoaging #ampmd #noturkeyneck

What's on your holiday wish list? How can I help?⠀

#rodanandfields #skincare #lashboost #ampmd #hydrationserum

STAY TUNED!!! Are you interested in getting your best glowing skin?? Are you running low on your favourite products? This sale is amazing. For new and current customers, details to come!! .
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There is something about helping people get the best skin (and lashes!) of their life that gives me a sense of satisfaction! It may not be life or death, but R+F is changing lives! I love being your skincare girl who can answer your questions and guide you through the different seasons and changes in your skin! The best part??? 👇🏻 Visible results!! All without harsh and harmful ingredients, no invasive procedures...cheaper and no pain involved!! The beauty is how long the products and tools last, ordering only what and when you need to, and having everything sent directly to your door! Thank you E-Commerce, we'll see more of this on Cyber Monday! Message me to see which products would be best for you and how you can get started based upon your skincare concerns and budget! #wegivepeoplethebestskinoftheirlives #Noturkeyneckforthisgirl #ampmd #retinAl 🙌🏻https://www.rodanandfields.com/US/pws/jjwrinklewarrior/

Do you have a "Turkey Neck"?? Did you ever think "I would love to get rid of this!!" We have a little something to help get rid of it for you!! R+F's AMP MD roller with retinAl serum will help firm up your neck and jaw line, as well as improve skin texture. Our retinAl serum is the highest version of Retin-A you can get without a prescription, and without the harsh side effects of redness and peeling - perfect even for sensitive skin.
Our white luxe bag is still available with the purchase of the AMP roller and Intensive Renewing Serum! While supplies last!! Contact me and let me help you get rid of that "Turkey Neck"!!! Call me, I'm here to help!! www.shellybeauty.myrandf com
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Let’s kick off Black Friday deals early! Buy any regimen and I’ll gift you a free multifunction eye cream! Message me for details!
Not sure which regimen is best for you? Check out my solution tool to get personally tailored skin care from the comfort of your home!

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See why people are going CRAZY for our new AMP MD system!⠀

Experience smoother, firmer-looking skin with visibly refined tone and texture!⠀

"Like" this post and I'll send you a message and show you how!⠀

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It's the most wonderful time of the year 🎄🎅🏽✨
Get a R+F present for everyone on your list this year, everyone has skin 👌🏼🎁💌

By adding our AMP MD System to your Regimen:
💎 You can boost your anti-aging results up to 50%
💎 You can see an increase of firmness and elasticity of your skin 💎 You can see the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles start to diminish

So what's the deal with the NEW PODS?
Our Intensive Renewing Serum--
RetinAl is formulated so even people with the most SENSITIVE skin can use it.

RetinAl works FASTER than retinol. Users should expect to see results in 2 weeks with exponentially more visible results in 4 weeks. What are the benefits of using Vitamin A?
💎It smooths wrinkles by stimulating collagen production
💎It evens skin tone and gives you a glow by stimulating cell turnover
💎It can can clear up acne due to healthy cell turnover, especially when accompanied with an exfoliant to rid the face of dead skin cells and unclog pores 💎It's the gold standard of dermatology for combating the signs of aging.
Everyone’s skin needs this!

Any questions, call me, I'm here to help!


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+ REVERSE AMP It Up Special and REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream +
_ _ _ _ +Here’s what fellow AUS consultant Racquel had to say about her results: +“Um WOW! Turned 40 earlier this year and felt like I woke up with wrinkles upon wrinkles under my eyes!!! The filter apps have been my best friends for quite some time now!! I know we’ve only known each other for a short time, but Reverse and Multi Function Eye Cream you are officially now my new best friends.... Love Racquel”

_ _ _ _ +Racquel’s results came from the REVERSE Amp It Up Special and for a limited time YOU can receive a FREE Multi-Function Eye Cream with this special! +Try it!
#rodanfields #skincare #lifechangingskincare #AMPMD #RFreverse

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